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Weiss DS1-MK3
Weiss DS1-MK3, the reference when it comes to digital mastering Compressors and De-Essers. A versatile single band limiter/compressor with M/S mode and Parallel Compression. The Weiss 102 Series... View more
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DBX 560A
Load up your 500 Series rack with some dbx 560A Compressor/Limiters and go to work! The dbx 560A Compressor/Limiter offers legendary VCA-based compression in the increasingly popular 500 Series... View more
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Save 18%, MSRP $409.50
Vertigo Sound VSC-3 Compressor
The VSC-3 is the legal successor of the VSC-2, which now is a modern classic and can be found in many top class studios around the world. VSC-3 QUAD DISCRETE COMPRESSOR. Combine the best of modern... View more
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Avedis Audio E27
The Avedis Audio E27 EQ fits in all 500 series major brand racks, lunchboxes, consoles, and rackmounts. The E27 is not a clone or a reproduction of anything else. The E27 was created for the need of... View more
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API 565
500 Series discrete filter set The 565 Filter Bank module has circuits that are true to the musical filters of the famed 215 module found in large format API consoles.
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Save 4.9%, MSRP $753.00
Crane Song IBIS
IBIS is an analog equalizer that boldly takes equalization to a new level of musicality. Each of its four bands features switch-selectable frequencies centered on and covering musical-step intervals... View more
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Overstayer Saturator NT-02A
The Overstayer Saturator is a 100% analog dual channel harmonics and distortion processor, with tone shaping filters and multiple amplifiers for a wide of array of character. The Overstayer Saturator... View more
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Save 16.6%, MSRP $2330.00
SPL Phonos (Black)
The Phonos is a preamplifier for record players using either moving magnet or moving coil cartridges. The equalization curve is according to RIAA and suitable for all vinyl since 1954. The RIAA... View more
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Bricasti Design M7M Reverb
The Bricasti M7M Reverb Processor Mainframe is an exact duplicate of the M7 Stereo Reverb Processor with reduced front panel controls, it is necessary to have an M10 for control. The new Bricasti... View more
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Overstayer Stereo Voltage Control
The Overstayer Stereo Voltage Control Model 3722 is like having and entire mixing signal chain in a single rack space. It goes beyond the capabilities of a typical compressor/limiter and enables new... View more
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Save 16.7%, MSRP $3001.00
Thermionic Culture The Swift
THE SWIFT is a 2 channel equalizer has been designed to be as much at home in tracking individual instruments or sitting across a stereo mix buss to equalise the final mix As with other units of... View more
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AMS Neve 8803 Dual Channel EQ & Filter Module
Acclaimed 88 Series Equalization in a USB-compatible rack unit Part of the exclusive 88 Series, the 8803 is a dual channel equalizer and filter. Like the other units in the 88 series collection, the... View more
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Daking Fet III
Daking FET III is a dual channel limiter from Geoff Daking, built in the US with the same audio path and detector circuits as our successful single channel Daking FET II Limiter The FET III... View more
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Save 9.8%, MSRP $2594.00
Tube-Tech HLT2A
The TUBE-TECH HLT 2A is a stereo unit, featuring active low and high shelving EQ and a passive T-filter plus passive Hi/Lo cut filters The midrange T-Filter "tilts" the entire spectrum around a... View more
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Radial Engineering Workhorse - Cube 500
3 slot power-rack, desktop format, 500mA power supply The Cube is a three module desktop power rack designed to bring the fun and excitement of 500 series modular audio to everyone!. Unlike other 500... View more
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Save 12.7%, MSRP $480.00
Empirical Labs EL7X Fatso
The Fatso EL7x is a full analog tape simulator and optimizer with classic knee compression. Analog warmth for a digital world. THE FATSO GOES TO ELEVEN. ELEVEN is a new compressor for the Fatso,... View more
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Save 9.3%, MSRP $3418.00
Tube-Tech SMC2BM
The TUBE-TECH SMC 2BM Stereo Multiband Compressor is an all tube-based compressor that adds the warmth of vintage quality masters to your mix. TUBE-TECH SMC2BM is the mastering version of the famous... View more
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Serpent Audio Splice MKII
The Splice MKII is a single channel FET based compressor, and can be used for mono applications, or can be paired with a second SPLICE MKII for stereo applications. Splice MKII FET COMPRESSOR. The... View more
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Save 5%, MSRP $2531.00
TK Audio BC501
The TK Audio BC501 is the 500 series equivalent of the popular BC1 stereo bus compressor with some features borrowed from the BC2-ME mastering compressor. TK Audio's newest 500 series module, BC501... View more
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Save 5.7%, MSRP $1341.00
Buzz Audio REQ-2.2 - Mastering
REQ-2.2 - Mastering is a resonance mastering equalizer. A stereo inductor based recording and mastering parametric equalizer, that operates and sounds like no other! The resonance factor. Instead of... View more
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Save 6.5%, MSRP $9990.00
Maselec MLA-4
Based around the MLA-3 multiband compressor, the MLA-4 offers expansion on all bands too, with ratios from 6:1 compression to 1:2 expansion. The link circuits are separate, which means that you can... View more
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Dangerous Music Master
The Dangerous Music Master is a very transparent mastering console with 2 stereo inputs, 3 stereo outputs (one for monitoring). The Deep Legacy of Dangerous Mastering Equipment. Before co-founding... View more
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Save 16.7%, MSRP $7595.00
Purple Audio Sweet Ten
The Purple Audio Sweet Ten Rack is powerful 10 slot 500 series chassis. The Sweet Ten offers 2 inputs and 2 outputs per slot. Many manufacturers, including past Purple Audio prototypes, use linear... View more
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Millennia NSEQ-4
The Millenia NSEQ-4 is a Two Channel Class A Discrete Solid State Parametric Equalizer. A great sounding EQ! I had the NSEQ-2 which I Liked a lot. I used the solid state mode on most of the tracks I... View more
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Save 10%, MSRP $5830.00
Chandler TG Opto
Mono compressor, 500 Series, non-linkable / matching by vendor request, EMI/Abbey Road Studios The TG Opto for 500 Series is a relative of the TG1 Opto, found in Chandler Limited's TG Microphone... View more
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Elysia Nvelope 500
The Nvelope 500 is a powerful dual slot audio processor capable of making subtle or drastic changes to a sound by providing control over its attack and sustain characteristics. This is extremely... View more
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Pete's Place Audio BAC-500
The Pete's Place Audio BAC-500 is a feedback-style FET compressor built around two discrete op amps and a custom wound output transformer. From the top down, the BAC's faceplate features a large... View more
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Standard Audio Level-Or MK2
500 series limiter / distortion processor, Silver faceplate After 10 years of production and over 1,000 units sold, Stand Audio have decided that it is time to release a new version of the Level-Or... View more
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Save 16.9%, MSRP $912.00
Tree Audio TreeQ 4
500 Series 4-band parametric equalizer utilizing Inward Connection's VF600 discrete amp blocks, fully fonctional
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Crane Song Insigna
The Cranesong Insigna is a 500-series module tube EQ designed by Dave Hill and comes from a long line of industry standard, high quality audio hardware. The unit is based around a dual triode circuit... View more
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