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SPL Transient Designer 4
The Transient Designer is a whole new dynamic tool. It allows you to re-shape the transient response and the envelope curve of any audio signal with just 2 knobs: Attack & Sustain. With no effort you... View more
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AMS Neve 33609/N
The AMS Neve 33609/N Stereo Compressor offers comprehensive limiting and compression facilities for music recording, mastering, post production and broadcast applications. The Neve 33609 Stereo... View more
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Chandler TG12413 Zener Limiter
The EMI TG12413 Zener Limiter is the ultimate TG Limiter issued in celebration of the 75th birthday of Abbey Road Studios. It offers one limiter, one fast & slow compressor circuit The EMI TG12413... View more
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Solid State Logic XLogic X-Rack fitted with 8 Dynamics Modules
SSL's innovative X-Rack Dynamics comes pre-loaded with eight dynamics sections of a classic SSL XL 9000 K. It is part of the SuperAnalogue design and delivers the big SSL sound. The Stereo Dynamics... View more
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Drawmer DL441
The DL441 Quad Auto Compressor/Limiter captures four channels of Drawmer's innovative DL241 'Auto Compressor' in only 1U of rack space. The inclusion of new sophisticated 'automated' circuitry allows... View more
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AMS Neve 8051
Made by hand, the AMS Neve 8051 is an analogue compressor with six transformer balanced audio paths. The Essential Tool for Surround mixing. Based on six 2254 compression circuits - using the same... View more
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Gyraf Audio Gyratec XXII
Gyraf Audio G22 is an elaborated and dual'ified version of our venerable G10 vari-mu compressor This incarnation allows it to be dual-mono, while still keeping a backwards-compatibility "G10 mode"... View more
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