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Coleman Audio MBP2
The Coleman Audio is a Dual VU Meter Module with XLR inputs that allows you to quickly meter the peak level of your mix. Two operating levels can be set with one push of a button. The standard of... View more
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Dorrough 280-A
The 280-A Analog Loudness Meter from Dorrough is a loudness meter that offers a dual-channel horizontal linear display. The meter allows you to monitor multiple analog channels in a limited space,... View more
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Dorrough 40-D
The 40-D is a rack adapter for One-AES Meter


Dorrough 10-A's Triple Meter with rack
The model 10-A is a triple rack allows for a center channel sum meter when wired for both left and right. The 10-A is a smaller version of the standard 40-A with an external power supply, Phase and... View more
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Dorrough 12-A, double meters in a dual rack
Two Model 12-A's mount into a standard rack adapter for a total of four metering channels. Small curved dual channel with 14dB of headroom.
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Dorrough 400-C
The Dorrough 400-C Analog Loudness Meter +20dB is a jumbo version of the Dorrough 40 series professional analog loudness meter, visible from distances of over 50 feet. The 400-C has simultaneous... View more
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Dorrough 240-A2 & 340-A2 Surround Sound Meters (Rack Only)
The Model 240-A and 340-A are single channel straight line loudness meters ideal for applications where serveral meters are required, such as Surround Sound. The Model 240-A is designed for... View more
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Dorrough 380-A
The Dorrough 380-A Vertical Loudness Meter +14dB is a professional analog loudness meter with a dual-channel vertical linear display. The close side-by-side positioning of the two monitored channels... View more
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