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Pultec EQM-1A3
Designed and manufactured to the original specifications, this product has all the mojo of a vintage EQP-1A/EQP-1A3 EQ. Mastering equalizer version. The EQM-1A3 is an EQP-1A3 with the boost/atten... View more
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Warm Audio EQP-WA
The EQP-WA is a re-creation of the most renown tube Equalizer in studio history, the "Pultec EQP-1A". Not only does the look and feel of the EQP-WA match the classic Pultec units, but the sonic... View more
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Save 20%, MSRP $1249.00
Manley Labs Massive Passive EQ
Colossal, timbre-twisting passive equalization using metal-film resistors, film capacitors, and hand-wound inductors to organically sculpt the tone from subtle to vivid. A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND... View more
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Save 14%, MSRP $8549.00
A-Designs HAMMER 2
A-Designs' world-class HAMMER 2 is one of a very select few audio tools that enhances sound simply by running signal through it. With an overall frequency range covering 30Hz to 40kHz, the HAMMER 2... View more
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Save 10.7%, MSRP $3660.00
Manley Labs Massive Passive EQ Mastering
This is the Mastering Version of the Massive Passive with innovative repeatable, mechanically detented knobs of our own design. Range is clamped down for focus where mastering engineers live and... View more
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Save 14.4%, MSRP $10099.00
Thermionic Culture The Swift
THE SWIFT is a 2 channel equalizer has been designed to be as much at home in tracking individual instruments or sitting across a stereo mix buss to equalise the final mix As with other units of... View more
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A-Designs EM-EQ2
The A-Designs Audio EM-EQ2 is the answer for those who want the stellar sound of a Pultec equalizer plus the added benefit of modern performance and reliability. Many engineers and musicians would... View more
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Save 13.3%, MSRP $3660.00
Tube-Tech ME1B
The TUBE-TECH ME 1B is a passive, all-tube midrange EQ based on the legendary Pultech MEQ5, featuring two boost and one dip section The bandwidth of the ME1B sections is designed broader than in the... View more
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Tube-Tech PE1C
The PE 1C is a passive, all-tube EQ, based on the classic PULTEC EQP 1A design and featuring a passive EQ section and a high quality op amp. With the original Pultec out of production for decades and... View more
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Millennia NSEQ-2
The NSEQ-2 is a two channel, four band parametric equalizer offering fully Class-A operation via discrete J-FET transistors or all triode vacuum tubes selectable with a button. The NSEQ-2 stereo... View more
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Save 10%, MSRP $6030.00
Summit EQP-200B
The EQP-200B is an indispensable component to many key task's in the studio. From tracking to final touches and audio sweetening, the EQP-200B is the goto EQ! The EQP-200B combines the best of solid... View more
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Summit FeQ-50
The FeQ-50 is a four-band passive equalizer covering the entire audible frequency spectrum, so it can be used on any audio source material. Unique passive design. The Summit Audio FeQ-50 draws from... View more
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D.W. Fearn VT-4
VT-4 Vacuum Tube Equalizer. It's smooth and sweet, and can be very subtle at mild settings, but quite strong with aggressive use of the controls. The D.W. Fearn VT-4 Vacuum Tube Equalizer will change... View more
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