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Millennia NSEQ-HF
High frequency peaking/shelving section of the industry-standard NSEQ-4 in a 500 Series module Thousands upon thousands of professional engineers use the discrete JFET Class A NSEQ parametric EQ in... View more
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Golden Age Project Comp-3A
1-channel Solid-state Electro-optical Compressor with Program-dependent Attack and Release Times, XLR and TRS I/O and External Power Supply The LA-2A (tube version) and LA-3A (solid state version)... View more
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Black Lion Audio Bluey 500 Fet Limiting Amplifier
500-Series Modified "Blue Stripe" FET Limiter / Compressor True Blue - without 2U.. Bluey 500 is the 500-series version of the lauded Black Lion Audio Bluey. The original ?Bluey? is Chris Lord-Alge?s... View more
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Dangerous Music Master
The Dangerous Music Master is a very transparent mastering console with 2 stereo inputs, 3 stereo outputs (one for monitoring). The Deep Legacy of Dangerous Mastering Equipment. Before co-founding... View more
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API 525
Classic 500 Series peak detecting "feedback" compressor/limiter with variable threshold and output levels Originally released in the 70's, the API 525 is a "feedback" type compressor. An input... View more
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IGS Audio S-Type 500 VU
Stereo buss compressor in your 500 series rack The S-Type 500 is best known for its ability to replicate the buss compressor of the legendary British large format console. The heart of the compressor... View more
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Rupert Neve Designs R6
With abundant power and versatile connections, the R6 delivers peace of mind for engineers who demand a higher degree of confidence in their 500 series racks. Power You Can Trust. Power-wise, the R6... View more
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Save 20.9%, MSRP $1099.00
Drawmer 1974
The vintage-style fully stereo 1974 four band Parametric Equaliser provides exceptional analogue musicality and sonic clarity, taking it's inspiration from 1970's-era gear It has the ability to... View more
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Save 11.1%, MSRP $1826.00
Standard Audio Level-Or MK2
500 series limiter / distortion processor, Silver faceplate After 10 years of production and over 1,000 units sold, Stand Audio have decided that it is time to release a new version of the Level-Or... View more
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Save 16.8%, MSRP $975.00
Drawmer 1978
The 1978 is a Stereo Tone Shaping FET Compressor with four character settings that interact with the compressor settings, it can be engaged alone or in combinations The award winning Drawmer 1978... View more
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IGS Audio RB 500
Pultec style EQ in a 500-series module, Carnhill transformer balancing on input and output, passive filtering section
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Overstayer Stereo Voltage Control
The Overstayer Stereo Voltage Control Model 3722 is like having and entire mixing signal chain in a single rack space. It goes beyond the capabilities of a typical compressor/limiter and enables new... View more
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Save 16.7%, MSRP $3330.00
Weiss DS1-MK3
Weiss DS1-MK3, the reference when it comes to digital mastering Compressors and De-Essers. A versatile single band limiter/compressor with M/S mode and Parallel Compression. The Weiss 102 Series... View more
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Pultec MEQ-5-SS
In addition to our faithful recreation of the original vacuum tube make-up gain MEQ-5, we have also recreated the MEQ-5 version based on the legendary API 2520 op-amp.
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Heritage Audio HA73EQ JR
The Heritage Audio HA73EQ JR is a fully featured Line Input module for the 500 Series. It not only shares the 3-band Equalizer with his big brother, the 1073, but also shares the same transformer... View more
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Save 20%, MSRP $2099.00
Crane Song IBIS
IBIS is an analog equalizer that boldly takes equalization to a new level of musicality. Each of its four bands features switch-selectable frequencies centered on and covering musical-step intervals... View more
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BAE 1073 - Mic Pre/EQ 19'' Rackmount Single with PSU
BAE 1073 Preamp/EQ made from an authentic reproduction of a Neve 1073 featuring the same St Ives (Carnhill) transformers as the vintage modules. Includes power supply. The 1073 preamp yields a really... View more
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Pete's Place Audio BAC-500
The Pete's Place Audio BAC-500 is a feedback-style FET compressor built around two discrete op amps and a custom wound output transformer. From the top down, the BAC's faceplate features a large... View more
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SPL PQ Mastering EQ (Red)
PQ is a fully parametric, dual-channel five-band equalizer. The PQ Mastering Equalizer - Model 1540/1544 is a new revised edition of the well-known SPL PQ Mastering Equalizer. Both units are based on... View more
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Heritage Audio Motor City EQ
Analog passive EQ with seven frequency controlled with stepped rotary switches capable of a boost or cut of 8db in 1dB increments, or a flat response The MOTORCITY EQualizer is a completely analog,... View more
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Save 19.8%, MSRP $3490.00
Analog compressor with the original ATI Paragon Console compressor circuit re-engineered for the 500 series format with variable Threshold, Ratio, and Make-up Gain controls The API Select SV12... View more
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Save 5%, MSRP $805.00
Manley Labs ELOP+
Stereo electro-optical limiter Well, for starters, we have now added a 3:1 compression ratio feature which opens up the doors to greater versatility, especially for 2-buss applications. The 2016... View more
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Save 9.3%, MSRP $4519.00
The BC1-THD provides smooth bus compression that applies for both mixing and tracking. Engineers call it "The Magic Glue" when the BC1-THD's transparent compression strengthens mixes without... View more
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Chandler Germanium Compressor
Mono compressor, 1 space 19" rackmount The Germanium series continues with the GERMANIUM Compressor. The GERM Comp starts with the same all class A amp found in the GERM Pre and Tone Control and is... View more
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IGS Audio ONE LA 500
Classic LA2A in your 500 series rack Two knobs of happiness. The IGS ONE LA 500 is an opto-compressor built for the 500 series format. This is the first high voltage vacuum tube 500 series module... View more
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Pultec MEQ-5
The MEQ-5 Midrange Equalizer provides exacting control of the "power region" in program material (300 - 5000 cps) in which most of the sound energy is typically concentrated.
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AMS Neve Empty 1073/1084 Rack 5U 8 ch.
Empty rack, no modules fitted. Fits up to eight (8) 1073 Classic, 1073N, 1084 Classic and/or 2264A classic modules vertically
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Elysia Nvelope 500
The Nvelope 500 is a powerful dual slot audio processor capable of making subtle or drastic changes to a sound by providing control over its attack and sustain characteristics. This is extremely... View more
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Avedis Audio E27
The Avedis Audio E27 EQ fits in all 500 series major brand racks, lunchboxes, consoles, and rackmounts. The E27 is not a clone or a reproduction of anything else. The E27 was created for the need of... View more
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Heritage Audio OST-10 v2.O
10 slot, professional, rack-mountable 500 series powered enclosure featuring Heritage Audio's On Slot Technology for maximum protection, filtering, and isolation to each channel While most 500-series... View more
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