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The Opticom Model XLA-500 is a 500 Series tube-driven optical compressor. It brings a whole new palette of colors to the world of 500.

The XLA-500 is a tube optical audio limiter designed to produce a full range of non-linear, dynamic audio effects. The heart of the XLA-500 is a unique triple optoelectronic circuit that combines the best characteristics of three separate compression curves into a single unit. Combined with Cinemag input and output transformer and a Class-A gain stage, the result is a high-speed optical limiter with tones that range from 'clean' to 'harmonically rich' to 'dirty'; and compression curves that range from subtle and slow to very fast and aggressive.

The Opticom XLA-500 is the most versatile 500 series optical limiter on the market. Whether trying to gently control dynamic range on vocals, adding weight to a bass track, or even crushing a drum track - the XLA-500 can perform all of these tasks effortlessly and with great satisfaction to the user and, ultimately, the listener.
  • Tube-driven optical compression
  • 3 separate opto elements - Fast, Normal, Slow
  • Cinemag transformer-coupled input and output
  • Vintage-style VU meter
  • Sturdy metalwork
  • Made in USA
  • 5.0
    Matt Stephanson
    North Vancouver
    January 2, 2018
    Great, now I want another!
    Seriously smooth compression, especially vocals. I love the bit of sheen it puts on the voice, and how easy it is to get an amazing tone almost immediately. I opted for this over the other 500 series boxes available because it has just a bit more flexibility with the 3 opto circuits (fast, normal, slow). Read more
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