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Solid State Logic XLogic X-Rack EQ Module
The X-Rack Stereo EQ Module (XR625) is a stereo version of SSL's console Channel EQ featuring four-band parametric EQ for an all round frequency adjustment. It is a classic SSL four-band parametric... View more
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Avedis Audio MD7
The Avedis MD7 is 500 series preamp with 64 dB of gain in 4dB step increments and input trim control. It also features a Send/Return for outboard insert capability. Gain range from 0dB - 64dB in 4dB... View more
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Sennheiser EW 112 G3
Flexible ENG set for indoors and outdoors: EM 100 G3 adaptive diversity receiver, SK 100 G3 bodypack transmitter, ME 2 clip-on microphone, and the SKP 100 G3 plug-on transmitter. Make your... View more
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AKG K 371 BT
AKG K361BT Professional Studio Headphones with Bluetooth K361-BTs are precision-engineered to reproduce natural, balanced audio in exceptional detail, so you can make more confident decisions when... View more
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Electro Voice ZXA1
Electro-Voice ZXA1 is a self-powered version of the best-selling ZX1 compact two-way loudspeaker. ZXA1 is powered by an 800 watt amplifier module derived from EV's world-tour-class Tour Grade series... View more

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Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite USB OCTO Custom
UAD-2 Satellite USB DSP Accelerator. Serious analog sound for Macs and PCs. With Analog Classic Plus bundle and 3 custom plugin bundles of your choice. The UAD-2 Satellite USB DSP Accelerator is a... View more
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Phoenix Audio N90-DRC/500
The N90-DRC/500 compressor also known as the David Rees Compressor is an API 500 format series compressor & gate. This product was originally conceived 20 years ago by David Rees but was never fully... View more
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$695.00 (Special)

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Grace Design m501
The Grace Design m501 is our 500 series module version of the venerable m101 mic preamplifier. The signature transparency and detail of our circuit designs in 500 series. While the 500 series market... View more
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Gefell M297
The Gefell M297 is a wide cardioid condenser microphone with a -10 dB attenuation switch, and a sensitivity reduction switch for low frequencies. Studio Condenser Microphone Wide Cardioid. lt is... View more
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$1695.00 (Special)

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Avid HD I/O 16X16 Digital
HD I/O is a high-performance Pro Tools | HD Series audio interface that's designed to completely integrate with Pro Tools | HD systems. 16 Ins, 16 Outs Version. 16Ins/16Outs AES Get the absolute... View more
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$1549.00 (Special)

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Tube-Tech CL2A
The TUBE-TECH CL 2A is an all-tube optical compressor with two independent, linkable channels. CL 2A is a two channel all-tube opto compressor, featuring two independent channels. The optical gain... View more
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Optional expansion board for HDSPe MADI FX The RME AI4S-192 AIO and AO4S-192 AIO add additional analog inputs and outputs of true studio quality to the HDSP 9632 and the HDSPe AIO. The Word Clock... View more
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$549.00 (Special)

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Shure QLXD2/SM58
The QLXD2/SM58 Handheld Wireless Microphone Transmitter works with QLX-D Digital Wireless Systems. With an interchangeable SM58 microphone cartridge, the QLXD2/SM58 Handheld Wireless Microphone... View more
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$429.00 (Special)

Save $60.00, Regular $489.00
ProAc Response ER-One Active Sub
This first ProAc Response ER One Active Subwoofer is an active unit with its own filters and internal amplification. For ProAc, the development of a sub-woofer has only recently become a priority. In... View more
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$1495.00 (Demo)

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Heritage Audio FRAME 8
Our Frame 8 rack is handmade in the EU employing the same exact ISEP mechanical components used in the Series 80 consoles. Aluminium rails, guides, etc. This will ensure your vintage modules, as well... View more
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$2495.00 (Special)

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Coleman Audio CMC4
The Coleman Audio CMC4 is a simple high-quality stereo monitor controller designed to calibrate your sub woofer according to the main speakers. The CMC4 gives you the control of your sub woofer. Once... View more
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$637.00 (Open Box)

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Cymatic Audio LR-16 Live Recorder
The LR-16's inputs record directly to their respective tracks, so there is never the need to arm tracks, or assign any channels. 16-Track Recorder / 16 x 2 Interface Record your live show with... View more
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$299.00 (Special)

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Mackie SRM1850
The Mackie SRM1850 18" Powered Subwoofer is delivering 1600W of chest-pounding low end performance in a professional-grade, all-wood design that delivers the power and durability. Built to be worked,... View more

$1099.00 (Special)

Save $115.99, Regular $1214.99
MOTU Track16
Simple operation. Clean design. Studio-grade sound quality. Track16 exhibits these design principles through and through. And don't let its compact size deceive you. There's plenty of I/O available... View more
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$678.00 (Special)

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SM Pro Audio OC8E
The OC8E is a 2U standard 19" rack-mount multi-channel optical compressor. Built on the success of the original OC8, the OC8E adds 8 VU meters and more detailed compression controls to an already... View more
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$495.00 (Special)

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Fostex 6301ND
The Tascam 6301NE is simple active monitor featuring a newly designed 4" full range driver in a die cast aluminum enclosure. Digital Version. With AES/EBU digital input. Model 6301-series have been... View more
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$329.00 (Open Box)

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PRX412M is a portable, twelve-inch, two-way speaker system designed for either main sound reinforcement or monitoring applications. Perfect for Speech reinforcement, Live performance stage... View more

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15" Two-Way Sound Reinforcement Loudspeaker System

$369.99 (Special)

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Gefell MK 221 with MV225
The condenser microphone M 221 unifies universal small diaphragm capsule technology with a metal diaphragm and a modular preamplifier. Microtech Gefell M 221. The use of a certificated measurement... View more
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$1795.00 (Special)

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Universal Audio Apollo Twin MkII | Heritage Edition
A Special Edition of UA's Acclaimed Desktop 10 x 6 Thunderbolt Audio Interface w/ Realtime UAD DUO Core Processing for Mac and Windows A Special Edition of Universal Audio's Acclaimed Apollo Twin... View more
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$1249.00 (Special)

* Limited quantity
Unity Audio Mini Rock
The Mini Rock is the smallest in the Unity Audio family, tightly and accurately reproucing bass while using the same tweeter as in the larger Rock and Boulder models. The Mini Rock. Unity Audio... View more
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Universal Audio Apollo Solo USB | Heritage Edition
Special Edition of UA's popular desktop 2 x 4 USB 3 audio interface w/ realtime UAD SOLO Core processing for Windows A Special Edition of Universal Audio's Popular Apollo Solo USB Interface, with a... View more
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$879.00 (Special)

* Limited quantity
Universal Audio Apollo Twin USB | Heritage Edition
Desktop 2x6 USB 3 audio interface with world-class 24-bit/192 kHz audio conversion including the Heritage Edition plug-ins This 2x6 USB 3 audio interface allows you to record with near-zero latency... View more
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$1379.00 (Special)

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Gator G-PROR-4U-19
Pro-Series molded mil-grade PE rack case, 4U, 19in deep, with handle & wheels

$349.00 (Open Box)

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SPL SMC 7.1 - Silver
The SPL Surround Monitor Controller SMC 7.1 is an analog studio monitor controller for 7.1 and stereo sources Each of the two balanced 7.1 inputs and the two balanced stereo inputs can be routed to... View more
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$1995.00 (Open Box)

Save $734.00, New $2729.00
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