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Ambient ACN-LP-E Lockit+
provides all timecode and Sync formats and full ACN compatibility and so much more
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Ambient ACN-CL Lockit
"The Lockit" Timecode Synchronizer for cameras and audio recorders, Timecode and Genlock, ACN compatible Since its first appearance in 1993 the ACL "Lockit" has become synonymous for reliable on-set... View more
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Deity Microphones TC-1 Wireless Timecode Box
Wireless timecode generator with locking 3.5mm timecode port, Bluetooth 5.0, and support for all SMPTE timecode format The TC-1 takes the best parts of timecode box units from the past and brings... View more
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Ambient ACN-LS2 LockitSlate Take 2
Modular timecode slate with TC generate/read, ACN compatibility, POM clapsticks, includes ACN-LSB Bag and LS-HG1 handle The LockitSlate Take 2 (ACN-LS2) is a highly accurate smart-slate system... View more
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