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Coleman Audio 7.1SW
For mixing in stereo or surround 7.1, channel mutes, speaker mutes and instant fold-down. The Coleman Audio SR7.1 is a single solution that does it all. With the 7.1SW balanced audio switcher you can... View more
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Coleman Audio CMC4
The Coleman Audio CMC4 is a simple high-quality stereo monitor controller designed to calibrate your sub woofer according to the main speakers. The CMC4 gives you the control of your sub woofer. Once... View more
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Midas DP48
The Midas DP48 is a Dual 48 Channel Personal Monitor Mixer with SD Card Recorder, Stereo Ambience Microphone and Remote Powering DP48 is a dual 48 channel personal monitor mixer that allows 2... View more
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