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Radial Engineering X-Amp 500
The Radial X-Amp is a 500 series class-A active Reamper with isolated outputs that lets you send a pre-recorded track to two amps and re-record the new sound. The Radial Engineerin X-Amp is a 500... View more
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$229.00 (Special)

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Radial Engineering LX8
The Radial LX8 is an 8-channel rack mounted line level splitter that lets you feed two audio systems without signal degradation or noise caused by ground loops. The Radial LX8 is an eight channel... View more
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$999.00 (Special)

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Radial Engineering JDX 500
The Radial JDX Reactor is 500 series guitar amplifier interface that lets you capture the tone of a guitar amp and cabinet without a microphone. The Radial JDX™ Reactor™ is a unique guitar amplifier... View more
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$285.00 (Special)

Save $44.00, Regular $329.00
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