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Elysia Xfilter 500
The Elysia xfilter 500 is a true linked stereo EQ in the 500 series format that gives you the expensive sound of an all class-A equalizer in a surprisingly affordable package. The xfilter 500 is... View more
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API 550B
Discrete 500 Series 3 band EQ with an additional filter band and several new frequencies Based on API's original 550 from the late '60s, the API 550b is a continuation of the EQ that played a major... View more
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$1495.00 (Special)

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Elysia Xpressor 500
The Elysia xpressor 500 is an extremely versatile stereo compressor available in API's 500 series format. Best of elysia You got it! With its many unique features taken from our flagship products,... View more
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$1071.00 (Special)

Save $264.00, Regular $1335.00
Standard Audio Level-Or MK2
500 series limiter / distortion processor, Silver faceplate After 10 years of production and over 1,000 units sold, Stand Audio have decided that it is time to release a new version of the Level-Or... View more
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$722.00 (Special)

Save $81.00, Regular $803.00
Standard Audio Stretch
500 series, multi-band dynamics unit inspired by classic tape noise reduction circuits Stretch emulates the sound of these classic units in their respective "encode" modes. However, the Stretch adds... View more
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$884.00 (Special)

Save $94.00, Regular $978.00
Spectra 1964 STX 500
The STX 500 is the rebirth of the Model 500 2-band passive equalizer. The STX 500 has four frequency selections per band and up to 12dB of boost/cut in 2dB increments This passive EQ becomes the... View more
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$918.00 (Special)

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Buzz Audio Essence
Essence is an optical compressor for 500 series. A versatile mono compressor for 500 series frames with unique features including our famous opto sound. control genius. The Essence attack & release... View more
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$1045.00 (Special)

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Elysia Xfilter qube
Ultraportable 4-band analog stereo equalizer module A yummy and magically linked stereo equalizer in the box. With our xfilter 500 included, there is no excuse for bad ingredients like lost... View more
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$1285.00 (Special)

Save $345.00, Regular $1630.00
Buzz Audio Tonic
Tonic is a 3 band eq for 500 series. A simple but incredibly useful inductor based Class A equalizer for 500 Series racks. Audio path qualities. As with the other 500 Series modules in this range,... View more
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$925.00 (Special)

Save $40.00, Regular $965.00
Solid State Logic 500 Series G Comp Stereo Bus Compressor
Stereo bus compressor with 6 ratio settings and 5 release settings for 500 series racks Glueing mixes together for 40+ years. The legendary sound of the SSL Stereo Bus Compressor has been glueing... View more
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$1759.00 (Special)

Save $1520.00, Regular $3279.00
Solid State Logic 500-series E-Dyn Dynamics Module
E-Series dynamics module with compressor, limiter, expander, and gate for 500 series racks The E Series Dynamics Module for 500 Series racks reproduces the legendary sonic signature of an early. 80's... View more
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$949.00 (Special)

Save $430.00, Regular $1379.00
Solid State Logic 500-series UltraViolet Fusion Stereo Equaliser
Stereo 4-band equalizer module for 500 series racks Sculpt instruments, enhance busses and fine-tune masters. ULTRAVIOLET Stereo Equaliser (UV EQ) takes the acclaimed minimum phase-shift Violet... View more
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$679.00 (Special)

Save $1200.00, Regular $1879.00
Solid State Logic 500-series E-EQ Equaliser Module
Mono 4-band parametric equalizer module with dual-mode design for 500 series racks Loved by Generations of Professional Producers. The E-Series EQ 500 series module reproduces the legendary sonic... View more
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$949.00 (Special)

Save $430.00, Regular $1379.00
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