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32 in-line channel analog console with two independent signal paths per channel, 16 buses with centralized bus switching and advanced communications controls

Origin combines classic Solid State Logic components like the legendary E Series EQ circuits and Bus Compressor with innovative new features like a fully customizable center section and an all-new transistor-based PURE DRIVE preamp design to deliver unparalleled sound quality and versatility.

Equipped with an all-new PURE DRIVE preamp design, SSL Origin delivers pristine sound and astonishingly low noise. Inspired by the iconic E and G Series consoles, PURE DRIVE preamps utilize a fully discrete transistor-based design and modern FET components for a classic analog sound. The built-in Drive circuit is perfect for warming up sterile digital signals with musical-sounding harmonics.

Engineers all over the world still rely on their trusty E Series EQs to this day. That's why Origin is equipped with a versatile four-band EQ adapted from the original 424 "Black Knob" circuit of the E series signature channel. This renowned EQ circuit is full of growl and crunch and packs a powerful bottom-end, making it versatile enough to use in almost any situation.

The new sweepable high-pass filter offers fully variable frequency selection from 10 to 400 Hz. Those who have worked on a 4K console will instantly recognize the familiar controls. The high and low filters can be switched from bell to shelf, while the two mid bands are fully parametric. Both the high-pass filter and EQ circuit can be independently inserted into the channel and/or monitor paths as needed.

Origin offers two independent signal paths and two faders per channel strip for true old-school inline tracking. However, unlike traditional console which features a massive matrix of routing switches, Origin uses an innovative new centralized bussing technique to speed up your workflow and minimize fragile moving parts. Simply hold the route button on the channel and press the route button on one of the 16 dedicated busses for quick and easy routing.

In addition to robust routing options, Origin also offers a plethora of mix options. Two dedicated Cue Sends make it easy to create quick mixes, while four Aux Sends can be used for effects sends or additional headphone mixes.

Every studio is unique; that's why Origin features a fully configurable Center section. The Center panel houses everything you need to take control of your session including controls for 16 busses, four stereo returns cue mixes, external inputs, talkback and listen mics, a robust communications and output select panel-and of course, the legendary SSL bus compressor.

The two additional rack spaces in the center section can be configured to suit your specific needs. Insert your favorite external signal processors, a small control surface, or even mount a monitor directly into the console.
  • 32-channel analogue in-line design
  • High quality 100mm large and 60mm small fader on every channel
  • 16+2 buses
  • 4x Monitor outputs
  • 3x Foldback outputs
  • Acclaimed SSL E-Series four band parametric channel EQ
  • Sweepable HPF on every channel
  • Classic SSL Bus Compressor with side-chain access, HP filter and insert point
  • Dedicated channel direct outputs
  • New PureDrive Mic pre & drive circuit
  • New mix bus and mix amp architecture - delivers ultra-low noise floor and huge headroom
  • Balanced Insert Point per Large Fader and Small Fader Channel Paths.
  • Stem-ready 0dB fader bypass switch
  • Unique power management tools deliver ultimate reliability and low running costs
  • Freelance engineer friendly

  • Adjustable centre section features 12U of rack space for:
  • Software controllers
  • Computer keyboard and accessories
  • Additional hardware processing
  • Drop down meter bridge
  • 5.0
    Vancouver, BC
    March 5, 2021
    An absolutely great console
    I upgraded the console in my studio to the SSL Origin, and I couldn't be happier. The preamps have tons of headroom, and the drive option is really great - especially on drums. The EQ is classic SSL, and it sounds phenomenal. The bus compressor is, of course, one of the highlights of the board. Read more
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