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Zoom UAC-232
2-input, 2-output audio interface with 32-bit float for recording and streaming. Includes USB 3.0 Cable and Quick Tour ELEVATE YOUR RECORDING EXPERIENCE. The ZOOM UAC-232 USB Audio Converter is the... View more
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$239.99 (Special)

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Zoom H2n
Handy Recorder with five built-in microphones and four different recording modes: X/Y, Mid-Side, 2ch surround and 4ch surround With its multiple microphones and recording modes, the H2n can handle... View more
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$199.99 (Special)

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AKG P170
The AKG P170 is a small-diaphragm condenser microphone for recording of overheads, percussions, acoustic guitars and other strings. Its lightweight 1/2-inch true condenser transducer diaphragm... View more

$145.00 (Special)

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Zoom F1-LP
The F1-LP is a 2-Channel audio recorder with lavalier microphone. Perfect solution for videographers who need to capture the nuance of every word with professional quality audio.
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$189.99 (Special)

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Furman PST-8
The PST-8 is a power station series. For over 30 years, Furman has pioneered the development of AC power products for the most demanding audio, video, and broadcast professionals. Furman's Series... View more

$245.00 (Special)

Save $30.00, Regular $275.00
Pultec MEQM-5
The MEQM-5 is the mastering version of our popular MEQ-5 midrange equalizer. Like our other mastering products, the potentiometers have been replaced with custom taper 21-position precision rotary... View more
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$5377.00 (Special)

Save $598.00, Regular $5975.00
Black Lion Audio Revolution 2x2
Two-channel interface, bus-powered via USB-C, two mic/line/instrument preamps, stereo monitor outs, duplicated on headphones and a monitor, extremely portable Revolution 2x2 is built with the most... View more
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$299.00 (Special)

Save $100.00, Regular $399.00
Austrian Audio Hi-X50
On-ear headphones with High Excursion 44mm drivers, detachable cable, 1/4" adaptor Made in Austria. The engineers at Austrian Audio have designed and produced some of the world's most acclaimed... View more
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$365.00 (Special)

Save $34.99, Regular $399.99
Mesanovic Microphones Model 2A
The Model 2A is an active version of the Model 2 ribbon microphone. The Model 2A utilizes the same design features found in the Model 2 and offers the same unique sonic character. The microphone... View more
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$1713.00 (Special)

Save $189.00, Regular $1902.00
Pultec EQM-1A3
Designed and manufactured to the original specifications, this product has all the mojo of a vintage EQP-1A/EQP-1A3 EQ. Mastering equalizer version. The EQM-1A3 is an EQP-1A3 with the boost/atten... View more
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$5988.00 (Special)

Save $667.00, Regular $6655.00
Izotope RX 10 Standard
RX 10 Advanced is the award-winning audio repair suite trusted by leading postproduction engineers to quickly and reliably prepare recorded audio for professional release Things break. So does audio.... View more
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$271.00 (Special)

Save $271.00, Regular $542.00
Zoom G6
Multi-effects processor with expression pedal for guitar, room for 240 patches including 100 presets, USB audio interface 2-in/2-out, LCD color touchscreen, Bluetooth adapter The versatile all-in-one... View more
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$399.99 (Special)

Save $130.00, Regular $529.99
Furman PL-PRO-C
20A power conditioner with lights, voltmeter The Classic Series features Furman?s revolutionary Series Multi-Stage Protection (SMP), Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT), and Extreme Voltage Shutdown... View more
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$599.00 (Special)

Save $186.00, Regular $785.00
Black Lion Audio B12A MKIII
Classic American 312-Style Mic Pre and DI The most portable 312A American-sound around! The B12A mkIII uses the same Cinemag input and output transformers as our B12A Quad for a whopping 70dB of... View more
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$439.00 (Special)

Save $140.00, Regular $579.00
Sennheiser MKE 200 Mobile Kit
Directional on-camera microphone with Manfrotto PIXI mini tripod and Sennheiser Smartphone Clamp The MKE 200 Mobile Kit combines functionality with efficiency for the ultimate vlogging experience.... View more

$99.00 (Special)

Save $30.00, Regular $129.00
Zoom V3
Whether you're streaming, recording, or collaborating online, the Zoom V3 is packed with effects, harmonizing options, pitch correction and more Your voice will sound instantly amazing - from home,... View more
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$269.99 (Special)

Save $70.00, Regular $339.99
Zoom ZHA-4
Four channel battery powered headphone amplifier. Four 1/8" headphone outputs, each with dedicated volume control, stereo mini audio cable (1.5m) and battery included The Zoom ZHA-4 Headphone... View more

$59.99 (Special)

Save $40.00, Regular $99.99
Eventide MicroPitch Immersive
Pitch shifter and delay plugin for immersive audio Immersed in Space. We designed MicroPitch Immersive from the ground up for immersive, Dolby Atmos, and surround workflows. With up to 12 channels of... View more
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$271.00 (Special)

Save $346.00, Regular $617.00
Mesanovic Microphones RTM10 (Pair)
3-Way DSP Active Studio Monitor with True Ribbon Tweeter - Pair The RTM10 is a 3-way active DSP studio monitor. It features a frequency response ranging from 28Hz to 20kHz with incredibly low... View more
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$9666.00 (Special)

Save $1072.00, Regular $10738.00
Vicoustic Multifuser Wood MKII 36 - Black
Two-dimensional diffuser, dimensions: 595 x 595 x 96mm, Black matte color Made from solid wood, the Multifuser collection is perfect for use in venues such as concert halls, hi-fi rooms and recording... View more

$583.00 (Special)

Save $146.00, Regular $729.00
Zoom R20
16-track, multi track recorder with touchscreen editing. Includes ZAD-1220 AC adapter, Steinberg Cubase LE recording software The R20 has the best preamps and noise floor of any multi track recorder... View more
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$459.99 (Special)

Save $130.00, Regular $589.99
Izotope iZotope Everything Bundle
Every product made by Izotope for creative production, mixing, mastering and repair The Everything Bundle contains every flagship product iZotope makes"including the new RX 10 Advanced and Ozone 10... View more
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$2548.00 (Special)

Save $849.00, Regular $3397.00
Izotope Mix & Master Bundle Advanced
Mix & Master Bundle Advanced streamlines your mixing and mastering into one, fluid, interconnected workflow using the most advanced tools that talk to each other. Intelligent technology for faster... View more
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$509.00 (Special)

Save $169.00, Regular $678.00
Izotope Neutron 4
Mix smarter and faster with iZotope?s Neutron 4, your complete suite for craftinga professional mix ?Mix smarter and faster with Neutron 4 from iZotope, your complete suite for crafting a... View more
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$169.00 (Special)

Save $373.00, Regular $542.00
Zoom R12
8-track, multi track recorder with touchscreenediting. Includes AD-17 AC adapter and USB cable LIVE TO MAKE MUSIC . The R12 is made for musicians who live to make music. And they want the freedom to... View more
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$329.99 (Special)

Save $70.00, Regular $399.99
RDE Streamer X
All-in-one audio interface, video capture card, and control surface with microphone input, HDMI in and pass-through, and dual USB-C The Streamer X is a professional video capture card, audio... View more
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$449.00 (Special)

Save $100.00, Regular $549.00
Zoom M2 MicTrak
Handheld stereo/mono recorder with built-in XY microphones, 32-bit float recording technology. Includes Windscreen and Quick Tour Guide AUDIO RESULTS GUARANTEED . The M2 MicTrak is Zoom?s latest... View more
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$199.99 (Special)

Save $70.00, Regular $269.99
USB-C Dynamic microphone with advanced DSP for streamers and gamers. PSM1 Shockmount included. Free access to Unify Software. The XDM-100 is a professional dynamic USB microphone optimised for... View more
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$279.00 (Special)

Save $60.00, Regular $339.00
Black Lion Audio Eighteen Channel Strip
Mic preamp with Cinemag transformers and two BLA1831 discrete op-amps, as well as a passive program EQ with a custom Cinemag inductor Black Lion Audio's Eighteen starts with a vintage-inspired... View more
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$1049.00 (Special)

Save $200.00, Regular $1249.00
Black Lion Audio Auteur DT
Versatile single channel Preamp/DI Box Console vibe for your desktop.. The Auteur DT is a versatile preamp/DI box ready to suit all of your single-channel recording needs. Thanks to 60 dB of Chicago... View more
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$319.00 (Special)

Save $40.00, Regular $359.00
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