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Avid Pro Tools HDX TB3 MTRX Studio System Rackmount

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Avid HDX bundle with Thunderbolt 3 Desktop HDX Chassis with MTRX Studio, an HDX Card and Pro Tools | Ultimate Perpetual license with one year support and upgrades

Introducing the Avid Pro Tools HDX Bundles
The new Avid Pro Tools HDX bundles provide all the power you need to run even the most demanding sessions. They combine Avid's industry-leading Pro Tools | Ultimate software with your choice of their powerful HD | Omni or MTRX Studio interfaces. The included Pro Tools HDX card and your choice in Desktop or Rackmount Thunderbolt 3 HDX Chassis create a super-charged system that's ready for just about any audio job imaginable.

Pro Tools | Ultimate
The most powerful version of the audio industry's leading DAW continually evolves with advanced workflow and creative innovations.
Stability above all, followed by user-requested features is the reason that Pro Tools | Ultimate remains the dominant DAW for music and post-production since its introduction to the audio industry. With the latest version of Pro Tools | Ultimate, you can expand your creative horizons from traditionally linear-based music production to powerful loop-based music creation, and experiment freely with the ability to go back to where you started via Revision History. To accommodate the ever-growing size of music and video post-production in the face of looming deadlines, Pro Tools | Ultimate features time-saving features for most-used functions to simplify editing and streamline workflow. It's no secret that Pro Tools | Ultimate is the first choice of top artists, audio professionals, recording studios, and post facilities, and with the lower price of Pro Tools HDX systems, indie pros and boutique studios can sonically compete in with the majors.

Avid HD | Omni
Avid HD | Omni is a "one box to rule them all" audio interface that lets you track, mix, and monitor in a single rack space unit with superb-sounding AD/DA, two digitally controlled, transparent preamps, and enough I/O to rule the rest of your gear

Avid's Pro Tools HD | Omni is for the small studio owner, composer suite, or video edit suite. It's also great for the home recording enthusiast who builds tracks one at a time and wants to step up from Pro Tools | Mbox and Pro Tools Express software to the power of Pro Tools | HD. Pro Tools HD | Omni is the perfect starting point to build a professional Pro Tools system. It gives you a broad range of comprehensive I/O-the bane choosing any interface-enabling you to connect to a wide variety of gear, plus HD | Omni's Loop Sync I/O lets it work in conjunction with any of the Pro Tools HD family of interfaces so your studio can grow with you. It also features two digitally controlled, studio-quality preamps on top of world-class converters. Thanks to its ultra-low latency (1.7ms), Avid Pro Tools HD | Omni also solves the problem of DAW monitoring delay, which otherwise disconnects musicians from their performance, resulting in poorly timed, uninspired tracks. If you're looking for a budget-friendly means to build a Pro Tools-enabled, professional, project, or home studio, Avid Pro Tools HD | Omni is where you begin.

Avid HDX Thunderbolt 3 Rackmount Chassis
Pro Tools is more than just software-it's a complete hardware, software, and control surface solution. And Pro Tools | HDX makes this fully optimized system a reality. As the DSP nerve center of Pro Tools | Ultimate software, it delivers the lowest latency, the utmost reliability, and a premium tracking and mixing experience that is unmatched in the industry. Integrate modular, pristine-sounding Pro Tools hardware interfaces to meet any I/O need. And bring the power of HDX to your desktop or studio rack with the Pro Tools | HDX Thunderbolt 3 Chassis, built in partnership with Sonnet.

Avid HDX Card
When going native gets tough, the pros go HDX-Pro Tools | HDX, that is. While native systems get more powerful in every new release, software developers take advantage of the added processing power, which results in more code-heavy plug-ins. A net effect is a form of stasis in terms of your ability to handle the ever-increasing track and plug-in counts. To get out in front of the race for computer space, Avid engineers give you Pro Tools | HDX, with five times the power of Pro Tools | Ultimate.
  • Track and mix the largest sessions with the most powerful DSP audio workstation
  • Get the lowest latency in the industry-only 0.7 ms Capture and monitor pristine-quality sound with premium Pro Tools hardware I/O interfaces Record, edit, and mix with award-winning Pro Tools | Ultimate software
  • Toggle easily between DSP and native processing for greater workflow flexibility
  • Create fluidly with the expansive and growing AAX DSP plugin platform
  • Integrate outboard gear as easily as inserting plugins with automatic input delay compensation
  • Scale your DSP, voice count, and I/O capacity for any workflow
  • Accelerate Dolby Atmos workflows with all the I/O channels you need
  • Get the utmost reliability and peace of mind that comes with guaranteed voice counts and performance
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