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Heritage Audio FRAME 8
Our Frame 8 rack is handmade in the EU employing the same exact ISEP mechanical components used in the Series 80 consoles. Aluminium rails, guides, etc. This will ensure your vintage modules, as well... View more
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$2495.00 (Special)

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Optional expansion board for HDSPe MADI FX The RME AI4S-192 AIO and AO4S-192 AIO add additional analog inputs and outputs of true studio quality to the HDSP 9632 and the HDSPe AIO. The Word Clock... View more
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$549.00 (Special)

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Grado GR10e
A higher level of precision and new materials allows for the performance of the GR10e to add frequency extension in both the high and low ranges as well as reducing distortion. Learning never ends... View more
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$449.00 (Special)

* Limited quantity
Sennheiser SKM 2000XP BK-AW
High-quality handheld transmitter. Compatible with all ew capsules. Up to 6 x 64 user-programmable channels. User-friendly menu operation with backlit graphic display. It's all in the design. The... View more
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$679.00 (Special)

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Manhasset M8101 Harmony Stand
The Harmony Stand is designed for impressive functionality and, with its floor stacking base, amazingly convenient storage. The Harmony Stands' "V-shaped" bases conveniently stack in an incredibly... View more

$65.00 (Demo)

Save $45.00, New $110.00
MOTU Track16
Simple operation. Clean design. Studio-grade sound quality. Track16 exhibits these design principles through and through. And don't let its compact size deceive you. There's plenty of I/O available... View more
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$678.00 (Special)

Save $86.00, Regular $764.00
Izotope Stutter Edit
It's an effect. It's an instrument. It's Stutter Edit-an innovative tool for bothstudio and stage, designed by BT and developed by iZotope. Tear up your tracks in real time, building thrilling fills,... View more
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$134.00 (Special)

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Novation Launchkey 25 MK3
The Novation Launchkey 25 MK3 is an upgraded 25 Key Midi Keyboard with arpeggiator, key scaling, chord mode larger pads and screen Launchkey is our intuitive and fully integrated MIDI keyboard... View more
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$179.00 (Special)

Save $50.00, Regular $229.00
Shure KSM44A/SL
The KSM44A is a Multi-Pattern Dual Diaphragm Microphone. Premium microphone with three polar pattern options (cardioid, omnidirectional, bidirectional). The KSM44A is a premium, large-diaphragm,... View more
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$1079.00 (Special)

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Radial Engineering JDX

$165.00 (Special)

* Limited quantity
Shure KSM42/SG
THE KSM42/SG is a Large Dual-Diaphragm Vocal Microphone. Premium cardioid condenser microphone with capsule ideal for world-class vocal recording. This premium side-address, cardioid condenser... View more
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$919.00 (Special)

Save $230.00, Regular $1149.00
Shure KSM32/SL
The KSM32 is an Embossed Single-Diaphragm Microphone. Embossed single-diaphragm, side-address microphone for highly critical studio and live sound productions. An embossed single-diaphragm,... View more
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$703.00 (Special)

Save $176.00, Regular $879.00
Shure BETA 27
Precision-engineered, large-diaphragm side-address microphone for professional live and studio applications. The BETA 27 side-address condenser microphone is precision engineered for professional... View more
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$455.00 (Special)

Save $114.00, Regular $569.00
Tascam DP-03SD
8-Track Digital Portastudio, Built-in Stereo Condenser Microphone, Two XLR MIC/LINE Inputs, EQ & Reverb, 2GB SD Card Included & USB 2.0 Connection to Computer The DP-03SD is an affordable way to get... View more
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$399.00 (Special)

Save $100.00, Regular $499.00
Roland P-20HD
Video Instant Replayer is an affordable and easy-to-use solution that lets you bring pro replay capabilities to any production setup. Until now, creating slow-motion instant replays in live sports... View more
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$3499.99 (Special)

Save $890.00, Regular $4389.99
Novation Launchpad X
USB MIDI Controller for Ableton Live with 64 Velocity, Pressure-sensitive Pads, Scale and Dynamic Note Modes, Ableton Live Lite Software Launchpad X is our essential 64-pad MIDI grid controller for... View more
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$239.00 (Special)

Save $40.00, Regular $279.00
Novation LaunchPad Pro Mk3
The Launchpad Pro MK3 is Novation's most powerful grid controller for making music in Ableton Live. It's the most customizable grid instrument for playing and sequencing MIDI-compatible hardware and... View more
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$449.00 (Special)

Save $50.00, Regular $499.00
Universal Audio UAD API 2500 Bus Compressor
API 2500 Bus Compressor - UADx and UAD-2 Plug-Ins (Mac/Windows) The API 2500 Bus Compressor is a permanent fixture on the stereo bus of many of the world's top engineers and producers. Considered the... View more
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$199.00 (Special)

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DPA 4015-TL
The 4015-TL wide cardioid microphone is an upgraded version of the original DPA 4015. The wide cardioid polar pattern (also known as hemisphere) is the perfect fill-in between an omni and a more... View more
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$2595.00 (Special)

Save $551.00, Regular $3146.00
Roland V-8HD
Portable, Powerful, and Professional: New Roland V-8HD is a 8-Channel HD Video Switcher Versatile, portable, and reliable, the Roland V-8HD brings a world of creative options to live event switching.... View more
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$1695.00 (Special)

Save $434.99, Regular $2129.99
Roland VC-100UHD
The Roland VC-100UHD is a 4K Video Scaler, a next-generation A/V signal management solution for live events, fixed installations and streaming applications Equipped with Roland's acclaimed Ultra... View more
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$4599.99 (Special)

* Limited quantity
Universal Audio UAD Custom 6 Bundle
Your Pick of 6 x UAD Plug-ins (Mac/Windows) Build your own Custom Bundle of any 6 UAD plug-ins for one low price and save up to 60%! Just pick your bundle option below and then select your plug'ins,... View more
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$949.00 (Special)

Save $400.00, Regular $1349.00
Roland VC-1 DL
The Roland VC-1-DL is a Video Converter. BI-DIRECTIONAL SDI/HDMI With DELAY and FRAME SYNC Roland's new video converters address the demand for high-quality, lossless video and audio converters for... View more
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$899.99 (Special)

Save $187.01, Regular $1087.00
PMC result6 (single)
Active 2-way monitors with 6.5" woofer. Sold as single unit This active two-way reference monitor offers all the attributes for which PMC is world-renowned: high resolution and detail, accurate,... View more
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$1775.00 (Open Box)

Save $250.00, New $2025.00
Sennheiser E 935 Bundle
The Sennheiser E 935 bundle with 1x K&M 210/6 Black and 1x Digiflex NXX15 Excellent sound results guaranteed, day to day, 365 days a year. First choice for rental companies.
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$329.00 (Special)

Save $34.90, Regular $363.90
Roland VR-50HD MKII
The Roland VR-50HD MK II is a Multi-Format AV Mixer, all-in-one AV switcher with USB 3.0 streaming. Easily operated by a single person, the VR-50HD MK II continues to deliver best-in-class... View more

$7950.00 (Special)

Save $649.99, Regular $8599.99
Roland V-02HD
The Roland V-02 HD is a Multi-format Video Mixer. Switcher, scaler, expander with audio processing and video effects Events or productions often bring serious challenges that are easily solved - if... View more
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$799.00 (Special)

Save $60.00, Regular $859.00
Propellerheads Reason 11 - Boxed Edition
The Reason Rack Plugin: Powerful Collection Of Virtual Instruments Bring Reason's synths, instruments, effects and sounds anywhere you want with the Reason Rack Plugin. Your favorite Reason... View more
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$449.00 (Special)

Save $110.00, Regular $559.00
Roland VC-1 HS
The Roland VC-1-HS is a HDMI to SDI Video Converter. Conversion of video and audio signals from HDMI input to SDI output Roland's new video converters address the demand for high-quality, lossless... View more
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$899.99 (Special)

Save $57.01, Regular $957.00
Roland V-600UHD
The Roland V-600UHD is a 4K HDR Multi-format Video Switcher High Dynamic Range [HDR]. The V-600UHD uses High Dynamic Range [HDR] so your events look amazing. You don't just see more pixels, you see... View more
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$16499.99 (Special)

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