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Latch Lake micKing 1100 - Black
5 foot upright, 5 foot boom, 10lb Folding Tripod Base. Black Version Only Continuing with the use of the world's strongest boom clutch and innovative lever lock systems, this stand maintains the... View more
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K&M 210/9-Black
2-piece, folding, steel microphone stand with zinc die-cast base and 2-piece telescopic boom arm. Black A more compact version of the classic 210/2. The combination of the long-legged 201A/2 mic... View more
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Latch Lake micKing 2200 - Black
7 foot upright, 7 foot boom, Spin Grip Mic Mount, 16 inch, 29lb Latch Lake base The micKing 2200 boom stand is our most recommended stand. It features all of the outstanding original patented... View more
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K&M 259-Black
Low-level, telescopic stand with foldable legs. Comes with 2-piece boom arm. Black
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K&M 210/6-Black
Modern update of the classic 210/2. Zinc die-cast base with long folding legs. Special height-adjustment mechanism. Black.


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Triad-Orbit SM-KP5
Precision Kali Audio IN-5 Adapter Bracket SM-KP5 is an adapter plate for Kali Audio IN 5 speakers. Easily installed by removing the 4 side screws from the back panel of the IN 5 and attaching the... View more
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Premium professional studio boom arm for podcasters, streamers, broadcasters, and creators The PSA1+ is a professional studio arm for mounting microphones to a desk or table, providing full 360... View more


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Yellowtec YT3701 Mic Arm - XL
YellowTec YT3701 M!ka Microphone Arm XL - Black
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Latch Lake micKing 2200 - Chrome
The Latch Lake micKing 2200 microphone stand is an incredibly stable and reliable platform for mounting your priceless studio mics. Utilizes the larger base The micKing 2200 boom stand is our most... View more


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K&M 210/2 Black
2-piece, folding, steel microphone stand (201A/2) with zinc die-cast base and one-piece boom arm (211). Black The industry standard for a mic stand and boom arm combination. Package consists of the... View more


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Triad-Orbit SM-FP
Precision Alpha and Shape mounting plate Focal speaker plate is "T" shaped to allow the SM-SW1 to avoid the speaker's I/O, switches and knobs. It has 2, slots for Focal two hole speakers that range... View more
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Stedman Proscreen PS101
The Stedman PS101 Proscreen is a popular pop filter design that has a 4.6 inch diameter metal screen used to eliminate bursts on vocal recordings. The PS101 Proscreen has a 13 inch long heavy duty... View more


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Triad-Orbit SM-SW1
Precision swivel can accommodate the various speaker mounting plates or can connect directly to speakers that have a dual hole pattern (50mm-80mm). The patented SM-SW1 is the main pan and tilt swivel... View more
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Latch Lake MK1113BK Pro Pack1
Mic stand kit with a micKing 1100 boom stand, three 24" Xtra Booms, a Spin Grip Mic mount adapter and a set of handy Jam Nuts to help lock and position your mics in place. Black Seasoned audio... View more


Save 25%, MSRP $1363.00
The PSA1 is a studio boom arm for radio, broadcast, studio and home use. The PSA1 offers a horizontal reach of 820mm, a vertical reach of 840mm and full 360 degree rotation. It is supplied with... View more


Save 17.8%, MSRP $169.00
Triad-Orbit SM-UM1
Precision SM-UM1 Speaker Mount System The Precision SM-UM1 is designed to accommodate a smaller, lighter range of speakers than the larger SM-1.. As Immersive sound grows, smaller Atmos mix rooms are... View more


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Neumann LH 32 - Wall Bracket
Wall bracket for Neumann KH120, can be tilted horizontally and vertically, tightens with bolts.


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K&M 25950-Black
Extra low design for bass drums or special use. Very short and heavy legs provide maximum stability. Legs are foldable for easy transport. Comes with two-piece boom arm 21140.


Save 10%, MSRP $130.00
Ultimate Support MC-125
Ultimate Support MC-125 Studio Series Professional Microphone Boom Stand with Adjustable Counter Weight, Quarter-turn Clutch and Rollerblade-style Caster Wheels The MC-125 professional studio boom... View more


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K&M 232-Black
Sound-absorbing cast-iron base with black powder-coated screw-in rod, 3/8" thread. Black


Save 10%, MSRP $60.00
Rycote PCS-Boom Connector 185801
Professional quick attachment & quick release connection system for Mic Boom Poles Attach the Connector to any 3/8 threaded boom pole, and affix the included 3/8 male 'tip' to your mic's shock-mount... View more


Save 6.3%, MSRP $159.00
Stedman Proscreen XL
The Proscreen XL is an advanced patented pop filter design that offers a large 6 inch diameter screen with an ultra-fine rubber surround that does not interfere with sound quality. Setup is easier... View more


K&M 259/1-Black
Extra low design for bass drums or special use. Die-cast base with folding legs. Comes complete with boom arm. Black


Save 17.5%, MSRP $120.00
K&M 23325
The 23325 is table-floor microphone stand in black color. Short stand with small cast iron base Well suited for microphoning amps, percussion, etc.... The circular rubber insert ring filters foot... View more


Save 11%, MSRP $82.00
Telefunken PL05
PL05 Pop Filter (TF11, TF29, TF39, TF47, TF51, C12, ELA M 251E, and more) with a diameter body of 1.65" to 2.36" (42mm to 60mm). A pop filter is a must-have accessory for every recordist, regardless... View more


Save 10.5%, MSRP $38.00
Triad-Orbit IO-GC
Synergy Series IO-Equipped Grip Clamp Synergy Series IO-Equipped Grip Clamp is a patented, powerful, versatile, articulating jaw clamp fitted with our IO receiver,which will securely lock down on any... View more


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K&M 23956 Popkiller
The K&M Popkiller - a world-wide classic. For stands with diameter of up to 30 mm. Double nylon screen for superior performance. Unobtrusive black round filter frame. Non-marring locking screw... View more


Save 9.3%, MSRP $54.00
K&M 21430
Mobile heavy steel microphone stand for studio or stage. 10 kg cast metal base, low centre of gravity for high level safety with 3 lockable castor wheels. Rod combination extends to over 2 m with... View more


Save 10.1%, MSRP $665.00
Triad-Orbit IO-WSP
IO-Equipped Wall Stud Mount iO-WSP stud plate is similar to our popular iO-W wall/desk/ceiling mount with a shape designed for stud wall installation and a 360 degree rotational iO connection to... View more


Save 10.4%, MSRP $96.00
Triad-Orbit SB-1 Starbird
Starbird Super Boom Stand by Triad-Orbit Those versed in the golden age of audio recording know George Starbird's legendary Model No.180 studio boom stand has earned a place alongside the most... View more


Save 7.6%, MSRP $2497.00
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