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Mic stand kit with a micKing 1100 boom stand, three 24" Xtra Booms, a Spin Grip Mic mount adapter and a set of handy Jam Nuts to help lock and position your mics in place. Black

Seasoned audio engineers and rookies alike appreciate the versatility and utility of the MK1113BK. Whether you are supplementing your equipment locker with convenient miking solutions, or getting a head start on curating your home studio, the MK1113BK Pro Pack 1 expands your horizons to stronger stands and faster workflows.

It's truly the "package that does it all" when it comes to strength, dependability, maneuverability, and endless options for a fully customizable micing experience.
  • Includes the micKing 1000 boom microphone stand, one Spin Grip adapter, and three 24" Xtra Booms
  • micKing 1100 boom stand supports even the heaviest and largest mics
  • Boom clutch for easy adjustment
  • Lever locks allow for precise positioning
  • Innovative base provides stability while allowing cables to run underneath
  • Spin Grip adapter with thread extender unlocks full mic rotation
  • 24" Xtra Booms (3x) let you mic an entire drum kit from the same stand
  • Jam Nuts stand collars further lock in mic positions
  • Pro Pack 1 Components
  • micKing 1100
  • Xtra Boom
  • Spin Grip Adapter
  • Jam Nuts
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