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Stedman Proscreen PS101
The Stedman PS101 Proscreen is a popular pop filter design that has a 4.6 inch diameter metal screen used to eliminate bursts on vocal recordings. The PS101 Proscreen has a 13 inch long heavy duty... View more


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Telefunken PL05
PL05 Pop Filter (TF11, TF29, TF39, TF47, TF51, C12, ELA M 251E, and more) with a diameter body of 1.65" to 2.36" (42mm to 60mm). A pop filter is a must-have accessory for every recordist, regardless... View more


Save 10.5%, MSRP $38.00
Stedman Proscreen XL
The Proscreen XL is an advanced patented pop filter design that offers a large 6 inch diameter screen with an ultra-fine rubber surround that does not interfere with sound quality. Setup is easier... View more


K&M 23956 Popkiller
The K&M Popkiller - a world-wide classic. For stands with diameter of up to 30 mm. Double nylon screen for superior performance. Unobtrusive black round filter frame. Non-marring locking screw... View more


Save 11.3%, MSRP $53.00
Shure PS-6 Popper Stopper
The Shure PS-6 Popper Stopper is widely recognized throughout the recording and post-production communities as the leading tool in pop elimination technology. With a 6 inch (7.62cm) diameter, the... View more


K&M 23966 Popkiller
The large Popkiller for modern studio engineering. The large 200 mm nylon screen guarantees optimum sound filtering during studio recording. The Popkiller with flexible gooseneck can be screwed to... View more


Save 10.8%, MSRP $74.00
Golden Age Project P2 Metal Pop Filter
Circular steel-mesh pop filter with integrated gooseneck and clamp The Golden Age Project P2 is a steel-net pop filter with integrated gooseneck and clamp for easy and flexible microphone stand... View more


SE Dual Pop Shield Pro
Dual metal and fabric pop filter The Dual Pro Pop uses a rock-solid gooseneck with both a standard fabric membrane and our professional metal pop shield on a hinged mechanism. You can use either... View more


Save 13.6%, MSRP $65.99
Austrian Audio OCP8
Pop Filter (blister packed)


Shure A42PF Popper Stopper
Shure A42PF PopperStopper Magnetic Pop Filter. Attenuates unwanted breath noise and plosives. Works with KSM42.


Stedman PureConnect Level 2 Kit
Replacement tips, pads and cleaner fluid for all Stedman PureConnect kits The PureConnect LEVEL 2 Kit is recommended for the maintenance of any studio or live equipment based on moderate needs.


Save 20.4%, MSRP $54.00
Stedman DT101 Desktop Pop Filter
Free standing desktop pop filter The DT101 Desktop Pop Filter is the world?s first free-standing pop filter made to sit upon a desktop without the use of a microphone stand or boom arm. The DT101... View more
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Save 19.6%, MSRP $102.00
Stedman Pureconnect PK-3 Pro Kit
Complete professional portable cleaning kit for 1/4" and XLR male and female connectors The PK-3 connector cleaning kit is the professional way to keep all studio and stage connectors reliable and... View more


Save 31.4%, MSRP $258.00
Stedman PureConnect Level 3 Kit
Replacement tips, pads and cleaner fluid for all Stedman PureConnect kits The PureConnect LEVEL 3 Kit is our most complete Refill Kit packaged to assist professional recording studios, live sound... View more


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