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Triad-Orbit SM-KP8
Precision Kali Audio IN-8 Adapter Bracket SM-KP8 is an adapter plate for Kali Audio and IN-8 speakers. Easily installed by removing the 4 side screws from the back panel of the IN-8 and attaching the... View more
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Genelec 8000-202B
Short ceiling mount with a ball joint. Black color A short and versatile ceiling mount with a ball joint enabling 360-degree rotation and maximum 90-degree tilt, depending on the loudspeaker model... View more
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Latch Lake micKing 3300 Straight - Black
10 foot upright, 16 inch, 29lb Latch Lake base. Black model A compact, durable, and quality crafted boom stand, the micKing 3300 lets you position large mics at practically any angle, and a Spin Grip... View more


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Yellowtec YT3105 On-Air Mic Arm - XS
Yellowtec m!ka YT3105 On-Air Mic Arm - XS. It's the little things that matter...On-Air indicator makes your broadcast run smoother.
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Grace Design SB-30
Stereo Microphone Positioning System with a 30 cm bar for SpaceBar Modular System The Spacebar microphone positioner allows for precise and repeatable setting of microphone capsule spacing, angle of... View more
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K&M 26085
With the unique »Soft-Touch« one-hand clutch the height can be adjusted with a quick squeeze to easily raise and lower the mic. Sleek, flat, cast-iron base is very stable and durable. Quality black... View more


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K&M 19753
Universal smartphone holder, ajustable & tiltable - W:55-85mm - Black With this universal holder your smartphone is always within reach. The holder is suitable for all flat devices with a width of 55... View more


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Triad-Orbit IO-EXT4
IO-Equipped 4? Extension iO-EXT4 is a 4" rigid extension for applications that require extra reach to provide the user more flexibility to place the audio/video/lighting device in the desired... View more


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K&M 115/2 Black
Steel sheet music and document holder with angle & depth adjustments - Black Attaches to stands with tubing diameter up to 0.91". Steel clamping mechanism. Metal music desk is adjustable for angle... View more


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Triad-Orbit IO-R38
IO Retrofit Quick-Change Coupler, 3/8? Male to IO Female IO-R38 adds additional device mounting points to IO-Desk and IO-Vector for cameras, lights, and microphones. Every IO-R38 is loaded with an... View more


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Triad-Orbit T3C
Tall Tripod Stand with Casters Triad Series T3C is a surprisingly stable rolling support platform for music, A/V, photography, lighting, computing, industrial and medical applications.. Triad Series... View more
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K&M 21411
Extremely sturdy overhead mic stand for studio and broadcast applications. Extendible up to 2 m. Black Locking height-adjustment mechanism for added safety. 1/2" thread for use with 21231 boom arm.... View more
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K&M 16085
Steel, rotatable headphone holder with table clamp for up to two standard and two in-ear headphones - black The headphone holder including an innovative table clamp is a guaranteed secure and... View more


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Atlas Sound MS25E
The AtlasIED MS25E heavy-duty studio recording stand features an integral air suspension system to protect sensitive microphones. Ebony Color. Height extension up to 62" is achieved by an oversized... View more


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K&M 23230
Steel table microphone stand with a new attractive triangular base - black. Circular, non-slip, vibration free rubber insert ring filters foot step sounds and reduces the transmission of unwanted... View more


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K&M 26145
The 26145 is a microphone stand - Black. The larger tubing reaches a height of 1.7 m and as such is well suited for taller individuals. Significant Stand Point! The sleek clutch provides for user... View more


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K&M 20811
3-piece, folding, steel overhead microphone stand with double cross-braced tube legs and 1/2" threaded connector - black. Includes additional safety rings. A microphone stand in a two-piece folding... View more


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K&M 223 Black
K&M 223, gooseneck with 3/8" to 3/8" threads. Length: 40cm. Colour: Black.


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Atlas Sound MS25
The Atlas Sound MS25 heavy-duty studio recording stand features an integral air suspension system to protect sensitive microphones. Height extension up to 62" is achieved by an oversized 7/8" and... View more


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RCA 1/2"M pipe thread to US 5/8"-27F mic stand adapter.


Latch Lake iOxboom
In partnership with iOmounts, the iOxboom is a flexible and secure way to magnetically hold your phone or tablet on your microphone stand. Compatible with most portable devices of today and more... View more


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Sennheiser MZW-1
The Sennheiser MZW-1 is a windscreen for evolution wireless SKM 100, SKM 300 and SKM 500 handheld transmitters.


K&M 19791
Plastic, easy-to-clip, tablet PC holder with ergonomic clamp screw and individually adjustable support arms - black Universal Tablet Holder for different models. The Universal Tablet Holder can be... View more


Save 17.5%, MSRP $120.00
Triad-Orbit IO-H2
IO Quick-Change Coupler Head The iO-H2 is built with the industry-standard 5/8-inch male mounting thread and a notched stainless steel hex for added weight handling capability. iO-H2 is the optimal... View more


Save 14.3%, MSRP $21.00
K&M 19695
Steel universal joint - black. 3/8" with 1/4" threaded adapter female to male thread The flexible universal joint can be used on practically any microphone stand and gives you more freedom than ever... View more


Save 9.3%, MSRP $43.00
Triad-Orbit O2XY
Dual Arm Orbital Boom (Body only) Orbit Series O2XY dual orbital boom system with two connections via iO Quick'Change Couplers.. Perfect the if you already own an O2x or have extra iO-A1A or iO-A2A... View more
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K&M 19790
Plastic, easy-to-clip, tablet PC stand holder to be screwed onto 5/8" threaded bolt with individually adjustable support arms - black Give your Tablet devices a safe and secure hold: The Universal... View more


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K&M 18819
Controller Keyboard Tray for 18810, Black The sturdy aluminium tray offers new uses for the Omega keyboard stand. The rest on the upper tray arms of the stacker 18811 provide space for small... View more


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Golden Age Project P2 Metal Pop Filter
Circular steel-mesh pop filter with integrated gooseneck and clamp The Golden Age Project P2 is a steel-net pop filter with integrated gooseneck and clamp for easy and flexible microphone stand... View more


Neumann LH 45 - Wall Bracket
L' shaped adapter to mount a loudspeaker onto a wall, black (RAL 9005)
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