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Shure PS-6 Popper Stopper
The Shure PS-6 Popper Stopper is widely recognized throughout the recording and post-production communities as the leading tool in pop elimination technology. With a 6 inch (7.62cm) diameter, the... View more


Triad-Orbit IO-SS1-G
String swing guitar hanger for Triad-Orbit stands or wall mounts - Long size Designed for deeper body acoustic instruments when mounted on stands*, or when extra reach is needed such as mounting on... View more


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Zaor Croce 42
Fixed height: 42"Solid-wood, sleek design, Aerstop pad on top platform, larger bottom plate, support up to 40 kg, cherry black finish Putting sounds in the right places is one of the main aspects of... View more
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Rycote Audio Kit - Zoom H5 046025
The Audio Kit - Zoom H5 contains everything needed to protect a handheld digital recorder from outdoor wind noise and also to isolate it from unwanted vibrations whether from handling or stand-borne... View more


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Aviom MT-1a
The MT-1a is used to mount an A360 Personal Mixer, A320 Personal Mixer, A-16II Personal Mixer, or the A-16CS Control Surface on a standard mic stand (locking nut included). The MT-1a attaches with... View more


Grace Design SB-SUR
The Grace Design SB-SUR is a Surround Tree that holds 5 microphones in a standard surround array. Spacebar modular microphone positioners are designed to make any multi-microphone setup simple and... View more
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Triad-Orbit M2-R
The Triad-Orbit M2-R Mic Adaptors features the exclusive Compass Point ball swivel housing that solidly secures mics in any position and reduces setup time. MICRO Orbital Mic Adaptors are miniature... View more


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K&M 23966 Popkiller
The large Popkiller for modern studio engineering. The large 200 mm nylon screen guarantees optimum sound filtering during studio recording. The Popkiller with flexible gooseneck can be screwed to... View more


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Latch Lake Spin Grip - Black
The Spin Grip Mic Mount, one of the final tweaks to the original micKing3300, single-handedly fixed the long standing joke of "positionable" microphone mounts. Black Due to its high popularity within... View more


Rycote InVision USM-L Studio Kit 045003
The InVision Studio Kit is a complete suspension and pop filter system, which combines the Universal Studio Mount (USM) with a new Universal Pop Filter to make a complete vocal microphone suspension... View more


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Rycote Windshield BBG 25mm 011003
The Windshield BBG 25 mm 011003 is designed to offer the maximum wind-noise protection in a compact spherical package. Suitable for microphones with a 25 mm shank diameter Made to offer the wind... View more


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Rycote Full Windshield 4 Kit 086001
The Modular Windshield 4 Kit is suitable for shotgun microphones from 211mm up to 280mm in length and 19-34mm diameter with a 3-pin XLR connector. The Modular Windshield Kit is the professionals'... View more
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Rycote Baseball Windscreen 21-22mm 039705
The Baseball Windscreen 21-22mm is fitted with a soft yet durable end-cap. Made of thermoplastic elastomer - a unique plastic and rubber mix The end-cap helps secure the mic and provides an effective... View more


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Triad-Orbit OM Orbit Mini
The Triad-Orbit ORBIT Mini is the little brother of Orbit 1 and the companion boom arm for the Triad Mini Stand. Awesome in tight spaces and backline applications. The ORBIT 1 Boom has an... View more


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Rycote Pop Filter + USMVB 045005
The Rycote InVision USM-VB Studio Kit includes a Universal Pop Filter & a USM-VB shockmount. The InVision Studio Kit is a complete suspension and pop filter system, which combines the Universal... View more


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Zaor Miza V 42
ZAOR MIZA V-Stands were designed with two main criteria in mind: They should be affordable and yet designed to the best standards of technical performance and design. We chose the same materials as... View more
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Rycote InVision INV-7 041107
A suspension mount for small diaphragm condensers such as the Schoeps CMC series and shotgun mics like the Sennheiser MKH416 when used indoors with a foam. Part of the larger InVision range of... View more


Save 8.9%, MSRP $89.99
Zaor Croce 36
Fixed height: 36"Solid-wood, sleek design, Aerstop pad on top platform, larger bottom plate, support up to 40 kg, white gloss finish Putting sounds in the right places is one of the main aspects of... View more
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Rycote Cyclone Windjammer Medium 029102
The Windjammer first introduced by Rycote is a high quality synthetic fur-cover, which provides the highest possible protection against extreme wind-noise. The Windjammer first introduced by Rycote... View more
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Triad-Orbit T-ES
The T-ES is a 3-foot or 33 inches extension for TRIAD stands. Equipped with IO Quick-change couplers. The Triad-Orbit T-ES is an extension for TRIAD stands designed to elevate microphones for choral... View more


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Rycote Stereo Windshield Kit AF 080204
Stereo Windshield AF MS Kit is suitable for a pair of microphones in MS stereo configuration where the longest mic is 190mm in length. The Stereo Windshield WS AF MS Kit is suitable for microphones... View more
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K&M 238-Black
Attaches to stands with diameter up to 30 mm. 3/8" threaded bolt for attaching goosenecks and mic clips. Black


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Triad-Orbit IO-Desk
The Triad-Orbit IO-Desk is a secure support platform for creative and industrial devices, including laptops, tablets, projectors, media players, hard drives and more IODesk features a sturdy 2 mm... View more


Save 10.4%, MSRP $241.00
K&M 18822
3rd tier stacker for Omega keyboard stand Stacker for the 3rd level of the keyboard stands Omega-E 18800, Omega 18810 and Omega Pro 18820. The stacker is easily and quickly positioned to the desired... View more


Latch Lake MicKing 2200 Straight - Black
Proven to be the industry's most trusted stands, the entire micKing product line is truly built to last and, most importantly, keep your most valuable microphones safe. Black Latch Lake MicKing 2200... View more


Save 10%, MSRP $379.00
Triad-Orbit IO-EXT4
IO-EXT8 is a 8" rigid extension for applications that require extra reach to provide the user more flexibility to place the audio/video/lighting device in the desired location. Ideal for supporting... View more


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K&M 233-Black
Combination floor and table stand. Heavy black cast-iron base with sound absorbing rubber insert. Height-adjustable 2-piece tubing. Black.


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Triad-Orbit T2/O1-L/M2
The T2/O1-L/M2 is a medium height single boom stand system Stand Systems Builder's GuideTriad-Orbit is the most comprehensive and versatile stand system ever made. The modular design of Triad-Orbit... View more
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Rycote Boom Adaptor w/Lever & XLR Holder MkIII 042276
The Rycote 042276 is a Boom Adaptor with Lever & XLR Holder MKIII Includes a 048402 boompole adapter and 048493 XLR holder. The boompole adapter can be used to mount modular suspensions, S-Series... View more


Rycote Baseball Windjammer 055345
The Baseball Windjammer is an incredibly useful little add-on product for the Baseball, allowing for even faster/deeper boom swings indoors Importantly, with the Windjammer fitted, the Baseball can... View more


Save 7.7%, MSRP $51.99
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