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Shure PS-6 Popper Stopper
The Shure PS-6 Popper Stopper is widely recognized throughout the recording and post-production communities as the leading tool in pop elimination technology. With a 6 inch (7.62cm) diameter, the... View more


Latch Lake micKing 2200 Straight - Black
7 foot upright, 16 inch, 29lb Latch Lake base. Black Latch Lake MicKing 2200 Studio Boom Mic Stand is a premium commercial studio quality microphone stand designed to suspend even the heaviest of... View more


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Neumann LH 47 - Wall Bracket
The Neumann LH 47 is mounting adaptor plate to fit the LH 43, LH 45 or LH 46 with LH 12, LH 15, LH 25, LH 26, LH 28, LH 29, LH 38, LH 45, LH 61 and LH 80.

$59.00 (Open Box)

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Grace Design SB-DT
Decca Tree - Standard 3 microphone tree, 2m x 1m for SpaceBar Modular System Spacebar modular microphone positioners are designed to make any multi-microphone setup simple and precise. Clearly... View more
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K&M 24630-Black
2-piece, folding, steel lighting stand with three cross-braced tube legs - black The standard lighting stand constructed from steel tubing has been significantly improved. The new legs with tubing... View more


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Triad-Orbit IO-EXT8
IO-Equipped 8? Extension iO-EXT8 is a 8? rigid extension for applications that require extra reach to provide the user more flexibility to place the audio/video/lighting device in the desired... View more


Save 5.4%, MSRP $74.00
Triad-Orbit IO-GCM
Synergy Series IO-Equipped Mini Grip Clamp Synergy Series? I/O-Equipped Mini Grip Clamp is Capable of exerting very strong clamping force, iO-GCM has jaws that open up to 1.18? to hold gear weighing... View more


Save 15.1%, MSRP $152.00
Sound Anchors DAW w/ One Redmount
The DAW1X Digital Audio Workstation Stand is a highly specialized stand that has been designed to support a flat screen monitor, keyboard and mouse in the recording studio.


Triad-Orbit IO-RA
IO Retrofit Quick-Change Coupler iO-RA (Retrofit) couplers are designed to add iO quick-change innovation to your existing stands. With iO-RA, ?on the fly? hardware swaps are now a reality, replacing... View more


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K&M 24471
The 24471 is a multi-purpose wall mount for speakers. The mounted speaker can be swiveled to the sides & tilted up to 30°. Easy mounting by convenient hooking in and screw locking


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K&M 238-Black
Attaches to stands with diameter up to 30 mm. 3/8" threaded bolt for attaching goosenecks and mic clips. Black


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Grace Design SB-SUR
Surround Tree that holds 5 microphones in a standard surround array, 1m x 1m x .5m Spacebar modular microphone positioners are designed to make any multi-microphone setup simple and precise. Clearly... View more
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K&M 23966 Popkiller
The large Popkiller for modern studio engineering. The large 200 mm nylon screen guarantees optimum sound filtering during studio recording. The Popkiller with flexible gooseneck can be screwed to... View more


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K&M 21449 Black
2-piece, folding, aluminum speaker stand with three cross-braced tube legs and patented height adjustment system - black. Includes two stands and one carrying case. Two easy-to-carry speaker stands... View more


Save 10.1%, MSRP $365.00
K&M 24030-Black
Unique, compact holder to attach microphones to drums. Easy to mount and remove. Rubber inserts absorb noise and shock. No parts to lose. Tightens securely. With 3/8" thread.


Save 11.1%, MSRP $36.00
K&M 233-Black
Combination floor and table stand. Heavy black cast-iron base with sound absorbing rubber insert. Height-adjustable 2-piece tubing. Black.


Save 10.9%, MSRP $92.00
Ultimate Support MS-100B
MS Series Professional Column Studio Monitor Stand with Adjustable Angle and Axis, Acoustic Foam Platform, and Three Internal Channels - Black The MS Series studio reference monitor stands from... View more


Save 4%, MSRP $749.99
K&M 25960-Black
Low profile round-base mic stand with telescopic boom arm, designed for bass drums and acoustic instruments. Heavy cast-iron round base, with anti-vibration rubber insert for noise filtration.


Save 10.3%, MSRP $145.00
K&M 210/2 Chrome
2-piece, folding, steel microphone stand (201A/2) with zinc die-cast base and one-piece boom arm (211). Chrome The industry standard for a mic stand and boom arm combination. Package consists of the... View more


Save 10.3%, MSRP $145.00
Triad-Orbit IO-Desk
Secure support platform for creative and industrial devices, including laptops, tablets, projectors, media players, hard drives and more iO-Desk is a secure support platform for laptops and power... View more
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Save 5.6%, MSRP $303.00
Manhasset M4801 Student Model
This is one of the longest lasting, most durable music stand made. Rugged, all-aluminum,lightweight desks are ribbed for extra strength. Its powder coated, glare-free, black textured finish resists... View more


Save 21.7%, MSRP $120.00
Triad-Orbit ISO12
Silicone Isolation Rings - 12 Pack ISO Rings " New silicon isolation washers for use between I/O joints to minimize floor vibrations, vibration between adapters, or gap-rocking between male I/O hex... View more


Save 14.3%, MSRP $21.00
Latch Lake Xtra Boom 24
The Xtra Boom is Latch Lake's go-to product for mic arrays and tricky mic placement. 24" length in Chrome. It's an accessory boom that enables you to hang multiple microphones from one stand... View more
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Save 10.5%, MSRP $152.00
K&M 211-Black
Classic one-piece boom arm with 3/8" thread, and sliding adjustment through non-scratching swivel joint. Black Easy tightening with T-bar locking screw. Complete with locking washer and plastic... View more


Save 10.2%, MSRP $49.00
K&M 260-Chrome
2-piece, folding, steel microphone stand with heavy, round cast iron base and anti-vibration rubber insert for noise filtration. Chrome Heavy cast-iron round base, with anti-vibration rubber insert... View more


Save 10%, MSRP $130.00
Rycote XLR Holder MK II 048493
XLR holder for 3/8" male threaded boom pole or mic stand The XLR Holder Mk II fits between any 3/8" male threaded boom pole or mic stand and any 3/8" female microphone shock-mount or windshield... View more


Save 9.1%, MSRP $21.99
K&M 16090
Headphone holder covered in soft rubber for two standard headphones - black. Grooves on the front of the support arm allow for two in-ear- headphones to be hung. Protective and stable holder covered... View more


Save 11.8%, MSRP $34.00
Triad-Orbit T-ES
Elevator Shaft Extension for Triad Stands T-ES is a 33-in. extension for TRIAD stands. Equipped with iO Quick-change Couplers, the T-ES is designed to elevate microphones for choral and orchestral... View more


Save 6.6%, MSRP $76.00
K&M 236
Connects to top of mic stands for holding 4 microphones or boom arms. 3/8" locking screws. Black


Save 9.6%, MSRP $52.00
Triad-Orbit O2
Dual Arm Orbital Boom Dual boom arms are only part of the ORBIT 2 story. Anchoring ORBIT 2 is a novel center swivel that provides an additional 145° of left-right motion to the boom arms. The COMPASS... View more
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Save 5.5%, MSRP $455.00
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