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Audix Dvice
The Audix Dvice is a flexible mini-gooseneck with rim mounted drum clamp and shockmount ring. Spring loaded DVICE rim mount clip designed specifically for the MicroD and the Micros (12mm body). The... View more


Latch Lake Xtra Boom 12
The Xtra Boom is Latch Lake's go-to product for mic arrays and tricky mic placement. 12" lengthh in Black. It's an accessory boom that enables you to hang multiple microphones from one stand... View more
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Nord Keyboard Stand EX is a light-weight, adjustable and designed to give you maximum stability and comfort while playing. The legs are mounted on the bottom plate of your instrument, preventing it... View more
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RDE Pivot Adaptor
The Rode Pivot Adapter is a 3/8 in pivoting boom adapter. The RØDE Pivot Adaptor is a durable machined-aluminium, brass and high-grade polymer adaptor for mounting on boom stands and boompoles,... View more


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Latch Lake Xtra Boom 18
The Xtra Boom is Latch Lake's go-to product for mic arrays and tricky mic placement. 18" length in Chrome. It's an accessory boom that enables you to hang multiple microphones from one stand... View more
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K&M 15043
Universal carrying bag for multiple applications The case comes with padded handles and an adjustable shoulder strap. Plastic rubber feet protect the bottom of the case. Separate internal... View more


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K&M 225 Black
The K&M 225-Black is a gooseneck, 5/8" female and male thread. Length: 200 mm, diameter: 15 mm, color: black.


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Triad-Orbit TDS
Triad Desktop Stand Triad Desk Stand small portable desk stand with iO connectivity. TDS has a small footprint (10.25?) with a surprisingly low center of gravity, and weighs in at 1.4 lbs. With a max... View more


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Latch Lake RetroBoom 2200 - Black
7ft boom add-on to 5/8?-27 threads. Black model Introducing the Latch Lake RetroBoom and RetroBoom-SG. With hundreds of thousands of broken or barely working classic boom stands in studios throughout... View more


Save 9.8%, MSRP $553.00
Electro Voice ZLX - BRKT
The ZLX - BRKT wall mount bracket from Electro-Voice is designed to mount the ZLX Series 2-way Passive or Powered Loudspeakers on the wall


Save 32.6%, MSRP $215.00
Orca Bags OR-155
The OR-155 Mounting System was designed to mount mobile devices and audio monitors on any orca sound bag special frame. The Or -155 can be easily mount any mobile phones and up to 7 monitors simply... View more


Rycote PCS-Boom Connector - Cyclone Adaptor 185808
The Cyclone Adaptor for PCS-Boom Connector is the neatest, lightest and simplest way to integrate the Rycote Professional Connection System into your existing Rycote Cyclone Replacing your kit's... View more


Save 7.9%, MSRP $75.99
AEA SMS Stereo Bar
The SMS Stereo Bar is a stereo microphone bar that allows numerous stereo configurations for any microphone on the market. With the SMS bar, you can configure your mics in ORTF (90-degree... View more
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K&M 16310
Steel headphone wall holder for up to two standard and two in-ear headphones - black This attractive headphone holder keeps the headphones tidy and close to hand. The soft rubber support can easily... View more


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Audio Technica AT8459
Audio Technica AT8459 Swivel-mount Microphone Clamp Adapter Dual swivels provide unlimited number of positions for exact microphone placementCompatible with 5/8"-27 threaded standsFor use with any... View more


Hosa MHR-425
Hosa MHR-425 is a microphone clip designed to hold a dynamic microphone. It is ideal for use in touring and other live-sound applications. For dynamic micorphones with an outer diameter of 25mm


Primacoustic TriPad
The Primacoustic TriPad is a modestly priced yet highly effective tripod mic stand isolator that will quietly go about improving the sound of your recording every day! The TriPad (set of three) is a... View more


AEA 4038SA
Coles 4038 Stand Adapter, fits 5/8"-27 and 3/8"-16 stands, and AEA SMT1. Mic Stand Adapter for 4038 microphone to US mic stand.


The Rode PG2-R is a Pistol Grip Shock Mount designed to reduce handling noise when recording with shotgun microphones in hand held or boompole mounted applications. The PG2-R is equipped with dual... View more


Save 21.6%, MSRP $139.00
Triad-Orbit IO-H4
1/4?-20 Quick-Change Coupler Head iO-H4 has 1/4?-20 male mounting thread and a brass hex especially for consumer and prosumer photo and video cameras. The brass hex operates smoothly and reliably... View more


Save 10%, MSRP $20.00
Atlas Sound LO-2B
The Atlas Sound LO-2B (Lock-On) accessory allow fasts connection and disconnection of mic clamp holders and boom attachments with 5/8 " - 27 threads for safe transportation. Chrome finish.


Save 4.3%, MSRP $47.00
Latch Lake micKing 2200 Straight - Chrome
7 foot upright, 16 inch, 29lb Latch Lake base. Chrome Latch Lake MicKing 2200 Studio Boom Mic Stand is a premium commercial studio quality microphone stand designed to suspend even the heaviest of... View more


Save 11.1%, MSRP $560.00
Stedman PC1
The PC1 is a high quality professional way to hold sheet music, lyrics and notes for viewing while sitting or standing. The clamp attaches to any microphone stand or boom and provides ideal placement... View more


Save 24.7%, MSRP $81.00
K&M 226 Black
The K&M 226-Black is a gooseneck, 5/8" female and male thread. Length: 200 mm, diameter: 11 mm, color: black.


Save 11.5%, MSRP $26.00
K&M 18953
Professional, heavy-duty steel stand for stage pianos, supports a maximum of 80 kg Features an individual height-adjustment system for each leg. Cable clips are included. Folds for easy transport.... View more


Save 10.1%, MSRP $415.00
K&M 211 Chrome
1-piece, steel boom arm with T-bar locking screw clamp. Chrome Classic one-piece boom arm with 3/8" thread, and sliding adjustment through non-scratching swivel joint. Easy tightening with T-bar... View more


Save 11.8%, MSRP $51.00
Hide-a-mic re:pose acoustic noise reducer (24 Yellow)
Accoustic noise reducer. Hide-a-mic Re:pose medium for rigs from 600 grams up to 1 kg The Hide-a-mic Re:pose creates an acoustic barrier and reduces the amount of low frequencies traveling from your... View more


The perfect suspension shock mount for the Procaster or Podcaster, the PSM1 provides isolation from external vibrations. The PSM1 gives you confidence when using your microphone in environments where... View more


Save 19.7%, MSRP $65.99
K&M 231/1
The K&M 231/1 is a small, lightweight stand with a plastic base, folding legs and a 3/8" thread. Black


Save 11.1%, MSRP $18.00
K&M 224 Black
The K&M 224-Black is a gooseneck, 5/8" female and male thread. Length: 300 mm, diameter: 15 mm, color: black.


Save 11.6%, MSRP $43.00
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