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The 73EQL delivers impressive tonal shaping options into a diminutive size, making it the ultimate accompaniment to a BAE 1073MPL 500 series preamplifier or as a stand-alone EQ to complement just any... View more
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WesAudio _Titan
10 slots rack for 500-Series or ng500-Series modules _TITAN is complete recall system designed to provide total integration with your beloved analogue equipment. It extends 500 series connector with... View more
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API 550A
Discrete 500 Series 3 band EQ Few equalizers enjoy the respect and admiration of the coveted API 550A. Designed by the now-legendary Saul Walker in the late '60s, the discrete 550A was first used as... View more
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Crane Song Falcon
The Crane Song Falcon is a fully featured classic sounding tube compressor in a 500 series package. FALCON features 3 attack and 3 release time settings, hard and soft knee choices for compression or... View more
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Solid State Logic 500-series UltraViolet Fusion Stereo Equaliser
Stereo 4-band equalizer module for 500 series racks The SSL UltraViolet 500-Series Stereo EQ takes the acclaimed minimum phase-shift Violet stereo EQ section from Fusion and puts it into the... View more
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Save 26.1%, MSRP $2029.99
API 529
500 Series stereo compressor based on the 2500 bus compressor The new 529 Stereo Compressor combines the unmistakable sound of API's compression technology with the convenience and popularity of the... View more
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Save 5%, MSRP $3192.00
Rupert Neve Designs 542
The ultimate "color box". As a 500-series follow-up to the Portico 5042, the 542 delivers the same thick, musical simulation of tape while drastically enhancing creative control. In addition to the... View more
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Save 14.1%, MSRP $1279.00
Rupert Neve Designs 511
With a big, bold preamp and the flexibility of variable Silk/Texture, Rupert Neve designed the 511 to combine classic sonics with 500-series value. Incorporating the 517's powerful preamp, the 5012's... View more
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Save 14.2%, MSRP $989.00
H2 Audio 5011
EQ section from the 0011 in a 500 series package featuring an electronically balanced input and transformer balanced output with amp circuit, inductor based LF/MF EQ section with selectable LF and MF... View more
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Save 6%, MSRP $1491.00
IGS Audio RB 500 ME
Rubber Bands, passive stereo Pultec style EQ in your 500 series rack Mastering Edition!. RB500ME is a stereo passive equalizer packed into a double 500-series module. This beast is equipped with... View more
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Retro Instruments Doublewide
Single-channel tube compression amplifier for API 500 Series Single-channel tube compression amplifier for 500 Series. The Retro Doublewide is a true variable-mu tube compressor module designed from... View more
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Save 13.4%, MSRP $1913.00
Serpent Audio SB4001
The SB4001 is a Quad VCA based compressor, and can be used for either stereo or mono applications. The VCA is used for the gain reduction and is a very accurate and powerful design, perfect for a... View more
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Save 7.2%, MSRP $1790.00
Rupert Neve Designs R10
With abundant power and versatile connections, the R10 delivers peace of mind for engineers who demand a higher degree of confidence in their 500 series racks Power You Can Trust. Power-wise, the R10... View more
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Save 14%, MSRP $1499.00
Electrodyne 501
The Electrodyne 501 is a two stage discrete transistor, transformer coupled preamp with active DI, using classic (1969 / 1970) design technology. Each amp stage is individually optimized for peak... View more
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Chandler TG2-500
Mono microphone preamplifier, 500 Series, EMI/Abbey Road Studios The Chandler Limited TG2-500 pre-amp is a recreation of the rare EMI TG12428 pre amp used in EMI/Abbey Road Studios recording and... View more
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Save 6.1%, MSRP $1356.00
BAE 1073 - MPL
The BAE 1073MPL 500 series is a mic pre-amp version to fit in any lunchbox. It is a coloured and versatile mic-pre, the 1073MPL maintains its sonic signature. This is the 500 Series version of the... View more
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Avedis Audio MA5
The Avedis Audio MA5 have a full and open sound is due to a rich harmonic content, particularly in the very low frequencies- even down to, and below, 10Hz. The MA5 was created to fill the need for a... View more
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Standard Audio Level-Or MK2
500 series limiter / distortion processor, Silver faceplate After 10 years of production and over 1,000 units sold, Stand Audio have decided that it is time to release a new version of the Level-Or... View more
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Save 16.8%, MSRP $921.00
Rupert Neve Designs 551 EQ
The 551 Inductor EQ is the only equalizer for the 500 Series actually designed by Rupert Neve. Featuring 3 bands of EQ inspired by Mr. Neve's most prized vintage designs, along with custom-wound... View more
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Save 14.1%, MSRP $1349.00
WesAudio _Hyperion
NG500/500 Series parametric EQ with digital recall and 100% analog signal path HYPERION is fully analog parametric EQ with +24dBu of headroom. It features a lot of innovative improvements that no... View more
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Smart Research C1LA
The Smart Research C1LA is a two channel compressor/limiter, released to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the original C1 Stereo/Dual Mono unit The 50th anniversary of North American distributor,... View more
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Great River 32EQ
Harrison 32EQ - classic Harrison console specs in a single '500' series rack space This 500 series module also includes the parametric, second order high-pass and low-pass filters made famous in the... View more
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Save 23.2%, MSRP $1292.00
The AEA RPQ500 preamp and EQ provides high-quality, high-gain, low-noise preamplification with a rich and musical sound that complements the natural tonality of your microphones. ENHANCE YOUR... View more
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Radial Engineering Workhorse - SixPack
6 slot power-rack, desktop format,1600mA power supply The design begins with a heavy 14 gauge steel construction and baked enamel finish. This provides extra durability when moving the SixPack around... View more
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Save 16.7%, MSRP $720.00
API 5B1 with Studio Economik
Single slot blank panel, used in the API lunchbox, 500V Rack and expansion slots for the 1608. 500 Series, 1 slot Blank Panel with Studio Economik logo.


Heritage Audio MCM-8 MKII
8-slot 500 Series rack, 10-Channel Summing Mixer, On Slot Technology In 2015, Heritage Audio set a new standard in 500 Series enclosures with the addition of the OST technology. Further, we... View more
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Save 19.8%, MSRP $2679.00
IGS Audio Panzer 500
10-slot enclosure for 500-series modules, external power supply unit, up to 420 mA per slot, The centerpiece of your studio gear.. Industry standard. The IGS Panzer 500 is a 10-slot enclosure for... View more
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API 560
Discrete 500 Seires 10 band graphic equalizer Originally conceived for use in API consoles of the '60s and '70s, the 560 is a unique device designed to accomplish tasks that no other EQ can.... View more
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Save 17.6%, MSRP $1273.00
Elysia Mpressor 500
Mono compressor with auto fast attack, 'Anti Log' release, negative ratios, gain reduction limiter and THD Boost Harmonic Enhancement The Mpressor 500 brings the heritage of our extremely powerful... View more
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Save 7%, MSRP $1030.00
IGS Audio RB 500
Pultec style EQ in a 500-series module, Carnhill transformer balancing on input and output, passive filtering section Rubber Bands 500 is a passive equalizer absurdly reduced in size. This tiny... View more
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