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TK Audio TK-lizer 500
TK-lizer 500 features all the power of TK's flagship TK-lizer dual mono EQ, including the M/S functionality that has made it such a staple in studios all over the world. A few minor additions include... View more
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Trident A-Range 500 EQ
Faithful recreation of the original four band Trident A-Range EQ in a 500 Series module The legendary A-Range equaliser holds a unique place in audio history, with a stunningly musical sound that... View more
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Avedis Audio MD7
The Avedis MD7 is 500 series preamp with 64 dB of gain in 4dB step increments and input trim control. It also features a Send/Return for outboard insert capability. Gain range from 0dB - 64dB in 4dB... View more
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Burl Audio B1D Mic Pre
The Burl B1D is the same as the B1 except that it has an all iron BX4 output transformer giving it a more terrifying rock tone. Single channel mic pre for 500-series. An all discrete transistor,... View more
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A-Designs P1
The A-Designs P-1 has the highest fidelity of Audio 500 preamps, capturing the mojo of its older and larger sibling, the extremely popular Pacifica. It has a big low end, slightly forward midrange... View more
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Elysia Nvelope qube
Ultraportable stereo transient shaper A box of Trix in dynamic processing and the wizard of transient shaping. With the nvelope 500 installed You will have more instant mojo on your drums,... View more
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Looptrotter Emperor 500
EMPEROR 500 is an analog dynamics processor, which depending on the settings, can work as a compressor, limiter or harmonics distortion generator. It was designed for creating the original, vivid,... View more
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API 535-LA
500 Series line amplifier Modeled after API's highly prized console-based 325 booster cards, the 535 can both amplify and attenuate incoming and outgoing signals for ultimate flexibility-all while... View more
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Grace Design m501
Single channel preamp for 500 series racks While the 500 series market has plenty of colored mic preamplifier options, the natural, musical clarity of the m501 makes it a welcome addition to the... View more
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Save 7%, MSRP $1113.00
JDK Audio V14
The JDK Audio V14 is an extremely high quality,; single channel 4-Band Equalizer designed for the popular API VPR500 Rack format. The eq features continuously variable adjustment of frequency and... View more
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Lindell Audio 7X500VIN
The Seven X Vintage 500-Series Fet Compressor "Vintage Edition" one channel compressor/limiter The 7X-500VIN "Vintage Edition" compressor packages the sound of one of the most popular compressors... View more
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Save 20%, MSRP $599.00
Elysia Karacter qube
Ultraportable saturator/distortion A delicious sound-shaper and saturation qube which includes our beloved karacter 500 - a nice audio processor that gives you a wide variety of distortion and... View more
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Rupert Neve Designs 545
The 545 is a 500 series Primary Source Enhancer Delivering the world's most natural feedback reduction and adding focus to your primary sources, the 545 is a truly unique tool for improving your live... View more
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Burl Audio B4
4-channel mic/line ADC card for B80 with BX6 input transformer, Burl NextGen BOPA14 op-amp The B4 boasts the new BX6 input transformer designed for true MIC/LINE input impedance. The B4 maintains a... View more
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Lindell Audio PEX-500
The PEX Five Hundred is a one channel transformer coupled Passive Pultec inspired Equalizer. It's an all discrete design based upon our hybrid amplifier. The Equalizer is our take on the magical... View more
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Save 19.8%, MSRP $510.00
Chandler Germ 500 MKII
Mono microphone preamplifier, 500 Series CHANDLER LIMITED furiously enters the 500 race with its new line of 500 Series Modules for your favorite lunch box! Using all discrete circuits that combine... View more
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Heritage Audio 2264jr
2 slot 500 series microphone preamplifier and compressor Its compression features , key components and schematics are the same found on the Heritage Audio classic 2264E compressor.A fully featured... View more
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Save 20%, MSRP $2199.00
Q2 Audio Compex F765 500
Manufactured by Q2 Audio in close collaboration with Audio & Design, the F765 is a remake of the F760-N module and has now been adapted to the 500 series modular rack system It is authentic in every... View more
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Save 9.1%, MSRP $1781.00
IGS Audio 572 Red Stripe
Pure tube preamp in a 500-series module, transformer input and output using Sowter and Edcor transformers, -20 dB interstage Pad, Hi-Z input, low-cut filter, polarity control In short. 572 Red Stripe... View more
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Burl Audio B1 Mic Pre
The Burl B1 gets the best out of any microphone, whether it be dynamic, condenser or ribbon. The B1 come complete with both Gain and Level controls. Based on the API 500 series.
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SPL DeS 500
Dual-Band De-Esser 500 Series module. Back in the 1990's, we developed an alternative way to process signals based on phase cancellation in order to reduce sibilance. Unlike traditional compression... View more
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API 505-DI
500 Series discrete direct input with gain control Like the console-based API 205L, the 505-DI is specifically designed to accept a guitar, bass or keyboard direct input while minimizing any loading... View more
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DBX 520
The dbx 520 will help you expertly tame the excessive sibilance often found in vocals and other high frequency dense material. Based upon the legendary dbx 902, the dbx 520's unique features make it... View more
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Save 14.6%, MSRP $363.00
Chandler Little Devil Preamp
Mono microphone preamplifier, 500 Series The Chandler Little Devil Preamp has a transformer balanced line in for using the Devil as a color box on mixes or tracks, low cut; bright switch and more!.... View more
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Chandler Little Devil Equalizer
Mono EQ, 500 Series The Little Devil EQ is a small package with a huge sound. It is a Chandlerized British console sound in a 500 package. It will take your lunchbox or rack system to the next... View more
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Empirical Labs ELDS-H DerrEsser
Desser / Dynamic Section from the Lil FrEQ as a module for API 500 Series, with Horizontal faceplate for use with the EL500 rack The first entry by ELI into the 500 series format, the DerrEsser is a... View more
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Save 9.5%, MSRP $708.00
Spectra 1964 STX 100 Mk1
The STX 100 is a 500 Series version of the classic Spectra Sonics 101 amplifier circuit with a high-bandwidth mic preamp with 64dB of gain and a 10Hz to 50KHz frequency response A 10dB input pad and... View more
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Single slot blank panel, used in the API lunchbox, 500V Rack and expansion slots for the 1608. 500 Series, 1 slot Blank Panel


Save 10%, MSRP $30.00
Radial Engineering Komit 500
Single knob compressor w/ bridge diode distortion limiter & brick wall The Radial Komit is a feature-rich compressor-limiter that simplifies the process of dynamic manipulation while expanding upon... View more
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Save 16.7%, MSRP $936.00
DBX 580
Add warmth and definition to your microphones with the dbx 580 Microphone Preamp! The dbx 580 Microphone Preamp is the perfect partner to your microphones, providing sonically-transparent gain that... View more
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Save 14.2%, MSRP $559.61
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