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Buzz Audio Elixir
Elixir is a mic preamp for 500 series. Standing out from the crowd, the elixir offers exciting and vibrant tones in the 500 Series format. audio path quality. All discrete signal path using our... View more
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Save 1.5%, MSRP $1000.00
BAE 312A - Module
The BAE 312A module is a single channel mic preamp made using Avedis 1122 opamps for 500 series racks. Supplied with Jensen input and output transformers. Because there are no capacitors in the audio... View more
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Save 12.2%, MSRP $1187.00
DBX 510
The dbx 510 answers the call of audio professionals everywhere delivering Subharmonic Synthesis in the convenient design of a 500 Series module. For decades, dbx's patented Subharmonic Synthesis has... View more
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Save 16.1%, MSRP $310.00
Empirical Labs EL/Rx-V DocDerr
The Empirical Labs DocDerr is a 500 series multi-purpose tone module. Vertical oriented front panel. One of the newer members of the Empirical Labs family is the DocDerr, a 500 series multi-purpose... View more
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Save 11.1%, MSRP $1318.00
Single slot blank panel, used in the API lunchbox, 500V Rack and expansion slots for the 1608. 500 Series, 1 slot Blank Panel


Save 10.3%, MSRP $29.00
Wunder Audio Cobalt Pre
Wunder Audio has entered the 500 Series arena! Introducing the Wunder Cobalt Pre - the 500 Series-ported mic pre taken directly from Wunder's acclaimed PEQ2 module. The sound and quality you love... View more
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Save 26.5%, MSRP $1576.00
Roll Music Systems RMS5A7 Tubule
The RMS5A7 Tubule from Roll Music Systems is a real, transformer-coupled tube microphone preamplifier in the convenient package you never thought possible. At long last, all the warm sweet... View more
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Phoenix Audio N90-DRC/500
The N90-DRC/500 compressor also known as the David Rees Compressor is an API 500 format series compressor & gate. This product was originally conceived 20 years ago by David Rees but was never fully... View more
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Save 11.1%, MSRP $1186.00
Heritage Audio BT-500 Streaming Module
The BT-500 streams audio from your mobile device over Bluetooth and delivers a fully balanced, +22dBu stereo output. Employing last generation audio specific Bluetooth technology, the best Codecs... View more
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Save 14.3%, MSRP $419.00
A-Designs EM-Gold Module
The A-Designs EM-Gold's combination of EM-Silver and EM-Red transformers make for the perfect sounding floor tom. It is also the preamp you should reach for heavy guitars. The EM-Gold is ideal for... View more
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The BAE 3LB is a 3 channel lunchbox with built in psu that will house 3 modules. The 3LB incorporates 3 slots for 500 series modules or the 1073D in a lunchbox.
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Radial Engineering PowerPre 500
The Radial PowerPre is a 500 series 100% discrete mic preamp with Accustate input control for low noise and transformer coupled output for added warmth. The Radial PowerPre™ is a high performance... View more
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Save 14.2%, MSRP $675.00
A-Designs EM-Blue Module
Equipped with a nickel custom-wound output transformer for accentuated highs, the A-Designs EM-Blue is the brightest sounding of the EM Series It produces an airier, more top-end oriented tone than... View more
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Save 24.6%, MSRP $1180.00
BAE DLB - Desktop Lunchbox
The BAE DLB incorporates 2 slots for 500 series modules. Same hand-wired modular construction that BAE is known for. Desktop lunchbox:. 2x 500 series slotsOver built power supply (built in) for 3rd... View more
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Purple Audio Tav Inductor EQ
The Purple Audio Tav Inductor EQ is a ten-band inductor-based graphic EQ. Designed to work in standard "500" racks. A new take on the console graphic, with ten easy to use bands. Each band uses a... View more
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A-Designs EM-Red Module
The A-Designs EM-Red is the "mid-forward" preamp of the EM family. It derives its tone from input transformer featuring a unique winding, and a custom output transformer. The A-Designs EM-Red has the... View more
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LaChapell Audio 503 EQ
The LaChapell 503 EQ like its counterpart found on the 583e, offers up very low distortion signature and minimal phase deviation; it is an extremely clear and transparent EQ design Additionally,... View more
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Save 21.8%, MSRP $1180.00
Purple Audio Biz Mk Mic Preamp
The Purple Audio Biz is a unique sounding, three amplifier, discrete microphone preamp module in 500 series. Designed to work in standard "500" racks.. The smooth Gain control helps you dial in the... View more
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Burl Audio B4
The B4 is a 4-channel MIC/LINE input daughter card for the B80 and B16 MOTHERSHIPs The B4 boasts the new BX6 input transformer designed for true MIC/LINE input impedance. The B4 maintains a no... View more
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Gyraf Audio Gyratec XXIV
The G24 is an entirely new type of stereo compressor - aimed at mix and mastering functions. "Passive/Aggressive" Compressor Like it's sister and predecessor, the G23 EQ, it's for those situations... View more
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Chandler TG12345 MKIV EQ
The TG12345 MKIV equalizer is a handmade, fully discrete, mono, single space module, designed for the 500 Series format The TG12345 MKIV EQ for 500 Series, inherits from Chandler Limited's TG... View more
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Great River PWM-501
The Great River PWM-501 is a One-slot, single channel compressor for 500-series format. It uses a unique Pulse Width Modulator as the gain control element. The Great River PWM-501 uses a unique Pulse... View more
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Save 23.4%, MSRP $1438.00
A-Designs EM-Silver Module
If you like the vintage Neve sound, you'll love A-Designs EM-Silver. It has a darker tone than the P-1, EM-Red, and EM-Blue. Outstanding preamp for bass guitar and keyboards. Its sound is based on a... View more
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Schertler Yellow Mic 500 TO
The Schertler YELLOW MIC500 is a single channel, full Class A, 500 series microphone preamp specially designed for user installation in an 500 series Lunchbox rack Available in three models,... View more
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Save 24.8%, MSRP $1277.00
TK Audio SP501
The SP501 is a single slot 500-series class-A unit with a unique hybrid design including both vintage and modern circuits derived from TK's flagship DP1 stereo preamp The midrange crunch of the... View more
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Save 6.2%, MSRP $1180.00
Lindell Audio WL-3
The WL-3 Channel Strip is wonderful channel strip, all in one box. Featuring a transfomer-coupled mic/ line input, a transformer coupled output, compressor, 3-band EQ, and fader. A 60 m.m fader for... View more
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Save 19.5%, MSRP $2373.00
TK Audio T-KOMP500
The T-Komp has a unique design which offers a modern take on the old vari-mu ratio curve. The ratio is level dependent and increases with the signal level, a feature that will give you numerous... View more
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BAE 6 Module Rackmount - With PSU and 48v
BAE 6 Module Rackmount w/ psu and 48v Phantom for 500 series modules. You need to be sure that you have the best vehicle for the module. IS IT HANDWIRED DOES IT HAVE A REMOTE PSU . The benefit of... View more
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Purple Audio LILPEQr 2 Band Program EQ
The LILPEQr is a two-band program EQ designed to work in standard "500" racks, designed by Eisen Audio for Purple Audio. The LILPEQr is our take on the classic program (aka final mix) equalizer. It... View more
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Tree Audio 3 in the Tree - Dual
Tree Audio's 3 in the Tree lets you configure your ultimate channel strip, all in a compact design
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