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Warm Audio WA76
The WA76 Discrete Compressor is a modern reproduction of the Classic '76 Revision D. The WA76 has a fully discrete signal path and uses the original Reichenbach Engineering's (now CineMag)... View more
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Retro Instruments 176 Tube Limiting Amplifier
The Retro Instruments 176 Limiting Amplifier has the largest feature set in any variable-mu design. Its design is based on a Bill Putnam classic, the UA 176. The Retro 176 faithfully reproduces the... View more
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API 527
The API 527 compressor/limiter takes it's place alongside the family of API VCA based compressors, the 225L and the 2500 Stereo Bus Compressor. Anyone familiar with those units will immediately be at... View more
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SPL TDx 500
With the Transient Designer TDx the level-independent processing of signal paths is making headway into the world of 500 series rack modules. Working with the Transient Designer is very simple:... View more
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SPL DeS 500
Dual-Band De-Esser 500 Series module. Back in the 1990's, we developed an alternative way to process signals based on phase cancellation in order to reduce sibilance. Unlike traditional compression... View more
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Thermionic Culture Phoenix Compressor High Gain 15
The Phoenix HG 15 as the same gentle "variable mu" type compression curve, though it becomes near to a limiter at high compression levels. The gain has been boosted to suit mic inputs, particularly... View more
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Summit TLA-100A
The Summit Audio TLA-100A Tube Leveling Amplifier is a classic design with a technological hybrid of vacuum tube and solid state devices. The harmonious blend of old and new technologies produces the... View more
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