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A-Designs Pacifica
A-Designs Pacifica takes its sonic signature and name from the revered Quad Eight mixing console. The Pacifica has a unique sound and character of its own. The 1970s was a time of great change in pro... View more
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Phoenix Audio DRS-Q4 mk2
The Phoenix Audio DRS-Q4 is a 4 Band Gyratory-based Eq with 11 selectable frequencies, and Dual Mono Mic Pre, Line, and DI inputs. We know you will be as pleased with it's sonic qualities as we are..... View more
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A-Designs MP-2A
The A-Designs MP-2A is a true tube-in, tube-out stereo microphone Pre-amplifier based on the celebrated MP-2 from A-Designs Audio. The new "A" series has many modifications incorporated from the... View more
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LaChapell Audio 983S MK2
The 983s MK2 is a two channel tube mic preamp with True48 dynamic phantom power Featuring the same great tube sound that LaChapell is known for, the new 983S MK2 also features True48, a dynamic... View more
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LaChapell Audio 992EG
The LaChapell Audio Model 992EG is a two channel fully balanced all-tube preamplifier and instrument input amplifier. Meticulously hand assembled, every aspect of the 992EG speaks of our dedication... View more
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JDK Audio R20
The JDK Audio R20 is a dual channel, high quality microphone preamp, designed from the ground up by API's design team to offer a versatile high quality input for microphones. Each channel features... View more
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Audient Sono
The Sono is the ultimate audio interface for guitarists and musicians, combining Audient's award winning analogue recording technology with the world's best speaker-cab simulation from Two notes Dial... View more
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Tube-Tech MP1A
The TUBE-TECH MP 1A is a combined dual Microphone Preamplifier and Direct Instrument amplifier for microphones or instruments.. The microphone inputs and outputs are balanced as well as fully... View more
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