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Primacoustic Radiator Open Grid Diffuser
A natural laminated wood finish and great looking dove-tail joints make the Radiator the perfect centerpiece to add spice to any room decor. The Radiator is a multi-faceted device that is used to... View more


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Argosy Aura 260 Personal Workstation w/ Two Racks
The Argosy Aura 260 personal workstation has redefined and raised expectations for personal workstations. Puts everything at your fingertips in one sleek. Escape the complexity with an Aura - the... View more


Argosy Halo-K Plus
The HALO-K Plus transforms your keyboard set-up into a clean, streamlined, high powered creative suite. Includes Halo-K, 2 rack shelves, & Set of Speaker Platforms Control surfaces are getting more... View more


Sound Momentum Infinity Pro Studio (Pair)
The Sound Momentums Infinity Pro Studio are cost effective sound diffusers acting on mid and high frequencies, while enhancing presence. Sold in Pairs. These acoustic sound diffusing panels are... View more


Primacoustic Broadway Control Cubes Beveled 24
Broadway Control Columns present an attractive, 'easy to install' solution for acoustic treatment where you want to control primary reflections and eliminate flutter echo. 12 Units Made from high... View more


Primacoustic Recoil Stabilizer RX5-HF
The Primacoustic Recoil Stabilizer is a unique speaker mounting device that eliminates disruptive resonant coupling from the loudspeaker to the stand. 7.5"X9.5" Horizontal Designed for nearfield... View more


Save 12%, MSRP $125.00
Primacoustic London 8 Room Kit
The Broadway London 8 room kit is designed for rooms up to 100 sq ft (9.3 sq m), or can be combined with other products to treat larger spaces. Ideally suited for home theaters and studios, these... View more


Zaor Marea X32 - Black
In the light of the runaway success of Presonus Live series, Behringer's X32 series and others, ZAOR created a home for this type of desk in form of the MAREA desk! Black & Cherry. In the light of... View more
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Primacoustic FullTrap Broadband Absorber and Bass Trap
The Primacoustic FullTrap is a highly effective bass trap that combines a diaphragmatic resonator, a full-size acoustic panel, and a sealed enclosure to provide 3-way absorption. This unique design... View more


Primacoustic Broadway Broadband Panels Beveled 24
The Broadway Broadband Absorber presents an attractive, 'easy-to-install' solution for acoustic treatment where maximum control over primary reflections is required. 4 Units. Made from high density... View more


Zaor Miza Desktop Rack 2 RU - Black/Cherry
ZAOR MIZA Desktop Racks come in three sizes (2, 4 or 6 rack units) as well and complement the series with some further rackspace for 19 rack-able gear. Admittedly, the amount of outboard is... View more
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Argosy 70-V3R Universal Workstation
The Argosy 70 V series Workstation it's a modular design allow you to mix the best of both rack mount and desk top components. 70V Series consoles ship disassembled for easy installation. Chassis... View more


Sterling Modular Face-Up Rack Raised - Basic Black
Designed for the musician and sound engineer who wants his processing gear close at hand and able to be rolled away or stowed under a work surface. The "Raised Leg Option" raises the height of our... View more


Sound Construction & Supply ISOBOX Post ISOBPOST18-38
IsoBox sound isolation racks are instrumental in pioneering the digital revolution by virtually silencing computer fan noise inherent with Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) The IsoBox Post 18RUx38... View more


Bryston BIT-15
The BIT15 provides true isolation, along with low source impedance, and large enough instantaneous current for today's most sophisticated and powerful audio amplifiers. The Bryston BIT15 Power... View more
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Furman F1500-UPS
The Furman F1500-UPS is an uninterruptible power supply battery backup, and power conditioner. Furman proudly introduces the F1500-UPS: battery backup designed exclusively for audio/video... View more
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Zaor Miza Rack 16RU - Titan Grey/Wengé
MIZA RACKS come in two sizes as well and complement the series with some further rackspace for 19" rack-able gear. 16 RU in Titanium and Wengé. ZAOR MIZA RACKS come in two sizes (12 or 16 rack units)... View more
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Sound Anchors DAW w/ One Redmount
The DAW1X Digital Audio Workstation Stand is a highly specialized stand that has been designed to support a flat screen monitor, keyboard and mouse in the recording studio. When we went to work... View more


Raxxess RKRL-3 (Pair)
Raxxess RKRL-3 are a pair of 3U rack rails. 3U steel rack rail with holes tapped for 10-32 screws. E-Coat finish ensures threads are never clogged.


SKB Cases Roto Rack 1SKB-R8U
The re-designed Roto-molded Rack Cases meet the needs of musicians and pro audio engineers. The Roto Racks include a gasketed full front and rear covers for easy access. 8 Rack U. These re-designed... View more


Save 9.8%, MSRP $368.00
Gator GR-6L
Molded Deluxe Polyethylene Rack Case with Front and Rear Rails. 6U Standard 19" Width, 19" Rackable Depth with locking covers. 18.75" rackable depthLightweight polyethylene constructionFront & rear... View more


Save 8%, MSRP $325.00
Zaor Miza Jr. Titan Grey/Wengé
First and foremost the MIZA Jr. is a compact desk for musicians and all professions spending a large part of their work life on a computer. Below the whole width of the tabletop is an extractable... View more
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Littlite LW-18-HI
Littlite LW-18-HI Desk Light Littlite LW Series Desk Light. 18" gooseneck with 5-Watt halogen bulbBuilt in dimmer. Enclosed bottom plate. Power Supply includedNo Assembly require


Save 19.3%, MSRP $135.00
Sterling Modular Versa II 2 Bay Rack - Basic Black
The "Versa II" two bay rack is as versatile and adaptable as the one bay. You decide the configuration that suits your studio and your needs. The "Versa II" is packaged with everything you will... View more


Sterling Modular Plan F - Audio Mastering Console - Center Rack
The Sterling Modular Plan F Console is the largest console of the group. Designed for the emerging ''Dual Function'' studios, that utilize the room for both Tracking and Mastering. Designed for... View more


Primacoustic London Bass Trap Kit
The London Bass Trap kit consists of two 24"x48" (61 x 122cm) Broadband 2" (5cm) thick absorption panels along with Corner-Mount Impalers, sheetrock anchors and screws. 2 Units The Primacoustic... View more


Zaor Onda Mack 12 - Black
Mastering and mixing desk for essential outboard, screens and keyboard/mouse. 12 rack units at a low angle. Black. * 18 rack units illustrated in the picture.
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Sound Momentum Infinity Mini
The Infinity Mini is a high quality cherry wood diffuser for mid to high frequencies. Its small format 14.5" X 14.5" makes it easy to install in any room to any wall surface. Very efficient acoustic... View more
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Primacoustic Impaler Corner
Corners are the acoustician's best friend. Walls and ceiling act as wave guides that drive energy into the corner where maximum pressure is created. Corners are the acoustician's best friend. Walls... View more


Primacoustic IsoPlane
The IsoPlane is a monitor isolation pad designed to decouple the sound from the loudspeaker so that it will not resonate with the desk or shelf. This helps reduce an effect called comb-filtering that... View more


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