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Rycote Windshield BBG 21mm 011007
Windshield designed to offer the maximum wind-noise protection in a compact spherical package. Suitable for microphones with 21mm shank diameter Made to offer the wind attenuation properties of a... View more


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The IDX JL-2PLUS will sequentially charge Li-ion, Ni-Cd and Ni-Mh NP-style batteries It will charge the first battery connected to either channel, automatically charging the second battery after the... View more
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Rycote InVision Studio USM-L 044903
Universal microphone shock-mount ideal for microphones weighing 400 grammes or less (will hold up to 750 grammes in a vertical position) & between 18mm and 55mm in diameter. For several years, Rycote... View more


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Ursa Straps Waist Belt - Small w/ Big Pouch (Black)
The Ursa Body Worn Straps - Small waist with a big pouch that fits all industry standard transmitters. For sizes: 61-84cm (24-32) In order to make the most comfortable low-profile straps we developed... View more


Cinela COSI-L-19
Cinela COSI windshield, long cage, for 19mm diameter microphones, with long cable The Cinela COSI is a compact and lightweight windshield, specially designed for smaller microphones. This system is... View more
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Ursa Straps Foamies - 12 Pack (Black)
The Foamies are soft foam mounts for your COS11s, DPAs & B3s. Designed with flat sides so they can be stuck directly to skin or costume. The foam provides a soft, quiet buffer to reduce clothing... View more


Ursa Straps Mini Mounts 6060 (Black)
Slim line, low-profile mount designed to be rigged where larger mounts cannot go. For DPA 6060, Black colour They are made from a hardened plastic which does not deform or snap under pressure. Each... View more


K-Tek KSTGJXP - Jet-X Bag Purple
Stingray Jet-X, with purple interior compact bag for Zaxcom Nova The Stingray Jet X Purple is the limited edition 25th anniversary version of the KSTGJX bag; the Stingray Jet X Purple is an all new... View more
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Swit S-3602F
The Swit S-3602F is a 2-ch SONY NP-F charger and adaptor Dual Channel Simultaneous Charging. S-3602F has 2 charging channels, with DC 8.4V, 2A charging output for each channel, and can charge 2... View more
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Orca Bags OR-272
The Orca OR-272 is a basic, lightweight bag, ideal for recording jobs that don't require a lot of wireless system or accessories. The bag has front and back pockets to hold a small battery or a few... View more


Neumann KMR 81i MT
Short version of the classic shotgun mic, with switchable filter and pre-attenuation functions. Excellent off-axis (lateral and rear) attenuation. Free of coloration. The Neumann KMR 81 is a shotgun... View more
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K-Tek KSTGJRX - Stingray Junior X
Designed to work with Sound Devices 833, 888 & 633, Zaxcom NOVA (more spacious option), Maxx, Zoom F4 & F8, Tascam 680 MKII, SD MixPre-10 series & similar sized mixer recorders The Junior is an... View more
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Cable Techniques CT-LP-PYF-18
CT-LP-PYF-18 XLR-5F to (2) Low-Profile XLR-3M "Y" Cable, Black shells, gold pins Perfect for XLR inputs of field gear like Sound Devices 633, 688, 788T, 302, 552, Zaxcom, Zoom and many others..... View more


Rycote Windjammer BBG 021801
Windjammer Baby Ball Gag suitable for use with the Windshield 4 and Ext 3 The Windjammer, first introduced by Rycote in 1987, is a high quality synthetic fur-cover, which provides the highest... View more


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Sanken CS-1e
Short shotgun microphone for boompole and camera mount The CS-1e is Sanken?s solution to a large demand from many engineers in the video and film Industries. This shotgun mic is easily hidden from... View more
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K-Tek ABP1 - Airo Boom Pole 1
4-section, uncabled, anodized aluminum, non-rotational Boompole; extends from 3'2.5" to 10'10" (98 cm - 330 cm)


iPowerUS 9 volt Battery Fast Smart Charger
Charges the iPOWER 9V Lithium Polymer 9V Rechargeable Batteries, in addition to all 9V NiMH & NiCD rechargeable batteries also. A 9 Volt rechargeable battery charger that is small, powerful, fast and... View more


RDE BoomPole
The RØDE Boompole is a precision-balanced, professional boom pole for location recording, machined from high grade & lightweight aluminium. 3m The Boompole allows you to mount your microphone... View more


Save 20.1%, MSRP $249.00
Ursa Straps Thigh Side Strap (Black)
The Ursa Body Thigh Side Strap with an universal pouch for Radio Transmitter sitting sidewards URSA Straps are not made from Neoprene or Elastic. We have developed a brand new bonded fabric... View more


Sound Devices MX-8AA
The MX-8AA is an optional battery sled for the Sound Devices MixPre-3 and MixPre-6 audio recorders. This sled holds eight AA batteries. Rechargeable NiMH batteries are recommended.


Ursa Straps Waist Belt - Large w/ Big Pouch (Beige)
The Ursa Body Worn Straps - small waist with a big pouch that fits all industry standard transmitters. For sizes: 95-128cm (37-50) In order to make the most comfortable low-profile straps we... View more


Zoom H2N
Handy Recorder with five built-in microphones and four different recording modes: X/Y, Mid-Side, 2ch surround and 4ch surround With its multiple microphones and recording modes, the H2n can handle... View more
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Rycote Audio Kit - Zoom H6 046023
Accessories kit containing everything needed to protect a handheld digital recorder from outdoor wind noise and also to isolate it from unwanted vibrations It is aimed at journalists, film-makers, or... View more
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Save 8%, MSRP $249.00
Rycote Baseball Windscreen & Baseball Windjammer Combo 21-22mm 039711
Baseball felt-covered windscreen and Baseball windjammer for 21-22mm diameter microphones The kit is designed to fit over a shotgun or similarly shaped microphone and greatly reduce unwanted... View more


Save 9.2%, MSRP $109.00
Rycote InVision Studio USM-VB 044912
Universal microphone shock-mount for microphones weighing up to 900 grammes & between 55mm and 68mm in diameter For several years, Rycote InVision mounts have been available for narrow-barrelled... View more


Save 8.4%, MSRP $119.00
K-Tek KE79CCR - Avalon Aluminium Boom Pole
The KE79CCR Traveler Boom Pole has a collapsed length of 1'8 | 51cm and an extended length of 6'7 | 201cm and only weighs 1.45lbs | 658g. Internal coiled cable side exit This KE79CCR Avalon Aluminum... View more
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Save 4.9%, MSRP $390.00
Ursa Straps Thigh Strap (Black)
The Ursa Body Thigh strap with a big pouch fits all industry standard transmitters. For sizes: 37-67cm (14-26) In order to make the most comfortable low-profile straps we developed a brand new bonded... View more


Rycote Classic-Softie 18cm Standard Hole 033052
Slip-on open-cell foam windscreen, with integral fur cover. The Softie will reduce wind-noise, protect your mic and is the standard world wide in TV. The Softie Windshield provides a quick, simple,... View more


Save 6.7%, MSRP $149.00
Bubblebee Industries The Twin Windbubbles - LAV Size 2 (Black)
The Twin Windbubbles - LAV Size 2 consists of two miniature imitation-fur windscreens of one size The Bubblebee Windbubbles consist of an outer shell of the finest imitation fur (we do like them... View more


Cable Techniques CT-LPS33-18
18" LPS Low-Profile TA3F to TA3F cable Perfect for Lectrosonics SR Receivers with SREXT bottom or SRBATTSLED into Sound Devices 633, 688, 664 [CL-6], 788T TA3M Line inputs and other compatible gear.... View more


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