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Middle Atlantic HW - 50pc
The Middle Atlantic HS Rackscrews, 10-32, Classic Trim-Head, 50 pieces Standard 3/4" long rack screws with 10-32 threads feature self-guiding pilot points. HW Series trim-head screws feature a... View more


Furman SS-6B-PRO
The SS-6B-PRO is a 6-outlet power block with standard level surge suppression protection, EMI/RFI filtration, Extreme Voltage Shudown (EVS) with heavy duty steel construction The EVS provides... View more


Save 25.6%, MSRP $125.00
Furman P1800-AR
The Furman P-1800-AR is a voltage regulator/power conditioner. The 15 Amp P-1800 AR delivers a stable 120 volts of AC power to protect equipment. Solve problems from problems caused by AC line... View more
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Save 2.9%, MSRP $2080.00
Primacoustic MaxTrap Broadband Absorber and Corner Bass Trap
The Primacoustic MaxTrap is a combination full range absorber and diaphragmatic resonator designed to control all frequencies right down to the deepest bass. The Primacoustic MaxTrap is a highly... View more


Argosy Halo Plus
Control surfaces are getting more compact, but studios still need an ergonomic and client-impressive place to house their gear. Includes Halo, 2 Rack Shelves & Speaker platforms. The industrial... View more


Vicoustic Multifuser DC3 - Black
Updated version of the iconic Multifuser DC2. Pack of 4 pieces, black finish color Multifuser DC3 is a bi-dimensional diffusion panel upgraded from famed DC2 with built-in holder rips so it can be... View more
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Furman SS-6B
The Furman SS-6B is a pro surge supressor with 6 outlets and 15 foot cord.


Save 25.6%, MSRP $86.00
Vicoustic Flexi Wave Ultra 1190 - White
Absorption Panel, Box of 6 , white matte The revolutionary Flexi Wave acoustic panel brings performance and design to our homes. This hybrid acoustic panel acts as an absorber and diffuser... View more


Furman M-8LX
The Furman M-8L is the perfect low-cost AC power solution for many rack mount systems. Install an M-8 in the top slot of your rack, and the eight switched AC outlets in the rear panel will power up... View more


Save 4.1%, MSRP $245.00
SE Space
Specialized portable acoustic control environment filter With a larger surface area, enhancement of sE's patented multi-layer technology, deeper air gaps, and more efficient materials, the SPACE... View more
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Save 19.8%, MSRP $399.00
Furman F1000-UPS
Uninterruptible power supply with 8 outlets, 1000VA - 600W, battery backup / power conditioner. AVR, RS-232 & USB interface, no fan, 2RU The Furman F1000-UPS: battery backup is designed exclusively... View more
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Save 12%, MSRP $1620.00
Primacoustic Stratus Modular Acoustic Cloud
The Primacoustic Stratus is an acoustic cloud system designed to create large acoustic ceilings by linking multiple units together with a rigid frame.


Primacoustic GoTrap Studio Gobo
Combination of studio gobo and bass trap that is designed to enhance the recording process by controlling spill between instruments, while passively removing excessive bass from the room. It features... View more


Vicoustic Super Bass Extreme Ultra
Super Bass Extreme Ultra's elegant wooden front is based on Vicoustic's flagship Wavewood panel Appropriate for corner mounting, it provides effective low frequency absorption between 60-125 Hz, and... View more


JamRacks 12POD (Bamboo)
The 12POD Carbonized Bamboo color is 10-spaces up and 2-spaces down. Comes with heavy duty casters or adjustable feet. High Quality - 100% Solid Bamboo


Vicoustic Super Bass Extreme Ultra VMT
Optimized for corner mounting, Super Bass Extreme VMT is allowing a neutral aspect that can be used in a greater variety of interior spaces Designed to provide effective low frequency absorption... View more
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Primacoustic London 10 Room Kit
The Broadway London 10 room kit is designed for rooms up to 120 ft2 (12m2), or can be combined with other products to treat larger spaces. Whether you are building a recording studio, home theatre,... View more


Vicoustic Multifuser Wood MKII 64 - White
Two-dimensional diffuser, dimensions: 595 x 595 x 143mm, White matte color Made from solid wood, the Multifuser collection is perfect for use in venues such as concert halls, hi-fi rooms and... View more


Radial Engineering Power-1
Surge suppressor & power conditioner, high rejection RF interference filter, front panel USB charging port The Radial Engineering Power-1 is clean power filtering unit in a rugged rackmount... View more


Save 16.7%, MSRP $156.00
Primacoustic Impaler Push On
Primacoustic Push-On Impaler has been developed to increase the speed of installation for commercial contractors. This employs a series of sharp, protruding darts that allow the acoustic panel to be... View more


Primacoustic Impaler Surface
Primacoustic surface-mount impalers are designed to hang Broadway acoustic panels directly onto the wall surface like a picture. The simple installation process makes them quick & easy to use and... View more


Gator Content Creator 12U Rack
Content Creator Furniture Series 12U studio rack table in black finish


Save 13.8%, MSRP $370.00
Sterling Modular Plan B - SSL Matrix
Mixer Conversion, SSL Matrix, No Side Trim (Choose a Side Trim option.) This SSL Matrix Mixer Conversion is designed with your comfort in mind, as well as your workflow. It has a recessed top shelf... View more


Argosy Halo-G Ultimate XC
Halo.G gives you complete control and access with a perfectly sized desktop in an ideal format. It's angled design is perfect for placing you in the center of the creative sphere with a full length... View more


Furman M-8DX
15A standard power conditioner with lights and digital meter The M-8Dx features two slide out, swiveling light fixtures to provide discreet illumination of your equipment on stages, in studios, and... View more
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Save 7.8%, MSRP $320.00
Primacoustic PrimaBlock
Loaded vinyl barrier, 1lb/sq ft, 54"x30' roll PrimaBlock loaded vinyl barrier is a flexible, 1lb per square foot (4.9kg/m²) mass loaded vinyl that is used in construction to reduce sound transmission... View more


Vicoustic VicBooth Ultra Pack 1
2 Cinema Round Premium, 595 - 595 - 75 + 2 VicFix Base, Black
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Argosy Spire 7142-B
The Argosy Spire 7142-B, 2 bay rack enclosures feature unique frame panel construction utilizing 19mm thermo-fused Melamine MDF for density and stability. The Argosy Spire 7142-B dual side-by-side... View more


Argosy G Series for GV30 Universal Desk w/56
Universal with 2 Racks Once you seat yourself at the controls, you'll realize the G-Series is the console you've always wanted. You'll never have to settle for prosaic or pedestrian - the Argosy... View more


Primacoustic Cumulus Tri-Corner Bass Trap
The Cumulus is a high-performance tri-corner bass trap that is designed to seamlessly integrate into most rooms without interfering with the natural room décor. 2 Units/pack Given the choice,... View more


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