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Bongo Ties Blue -10 pack
BongoTies are professional quality all purpose 5" tie-wraps made of bamboo and natural rubber, with HUNDREDS of handy uses. Pack of 10 units, all blue color. BongoTies are Earth friendly, and... View more


Ursa Straps Foamies - 12 Pack (Black)
The Foamies are soft foam mounts for your COS11s, DPAs & B3s. Designed with flat sides so they can be stuck directly to skin or costume. The foam provides a soft, quiet buffer to reduce clothing... View more


Cinela Cosi L-19
New concept, technique and design from Cinela For microphones shorter than 15cm, especially with a shorter body end like Schoeps MiniCMIT, Sennheiser MKH8000, DPA4017C & 4018C, Sanken CS-M1 and many... View more
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Cable Techniques CT-LPXR-10
10" LPXLR-3F to LPXLR-3M Adjustable Angle Low-Profile XLR 3-pin cable. 10" LPXLR-3F to LPXLR-3M Adjustable Angle Low-Profile XLR 3-pin cable. The XLR side-exit cable outlet orientation is user... View more


Rycote Classic-Softie 18cm Standard Hole 033052
The Softie Windshield is a slip-on open-cell foam, with integral fur cover. The Softie will reduce wind-noise, protect your mic and is the standard world wide in TV. The Softie Windshield provides a... View more


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Rycote Audio Kit - Zoom H6 046023
The Audio Kit - Zoom H6 contains everything needed to protect a handheld digital recorder from outdoor wind noise, and also to isolate it from unwanted vibrations It is aimed at journalists,... View more
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Ursa Straps Waist Belt - Small w/ Big Pouch (Beige)
The Ursa Body Worn Straps - Small waist with a big pouch that fits all industry standard transmitters. For sizes: 61-84cm (24-32) In order to make the most comfortable low-profile straps we developed... View more


Swit S-3602F
The Swit S-3602F is a 2-ch SONY NP-F charger and adaptor Dual Channel Simultaneous Charging. S-3602F has 2 charging channels, with DC 8.4V, 2A charging output for each channel, and can charge 2... View more
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Sennheiser CL2
The CL2 is a mic cable 3.5 mm lockable jack - XLR-3F (1,5 m). Cable for SK100/300/500 bodypack transmitters


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Schoeps MiniCMIT
The shotgun microphone MiniCMIT offers the characteristics of a CMIT 5 in more compact form. The MiniCMIT, CMIT 5 and SuperCMIT (ch2) have identical frequency response curves Furthermore, the... View more
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The RØDE NTG3 super-cardioid shotgun mic is designed for professional use on film, television, electronic news gathering and wherever high-resolution broadcast audio is required. As RØDE's premier... View more
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Remote Audio Hi-QCH2
The Remote Audio Hi-QCH2 is a battery dual bay charger with calibrator for Hi-Q batteries The Hi-Q batteries are smart. This means they have sophisticated circuitry that balances the charging and... View more
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Ursa Straps Tape Soft Strips - Large (Beige)
URSA Tape - Soft strips of moleskin applied to hypoallergenic tape. Pack of 8 Large Strips Great for reducing clothing rustle and camouflaging microphones.


Sennheiser CL100
The CL100 is an 1/8"-Male Mini Jack to XLR-Male Connector Cable for Sennheiser EK100 Receiver


Betso SBOX-2RF
Time code and word clock generator with RF transmission The SBOX-2RF is an extremely accurate, very compact and affordable time code and word clock generator with RF transmission of time code and... View more
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Ursa Straps WIRE RIG
1x Black WireRig with 20x Stickies


Beaux Sons Productions JERO microphone
The JERO microphone enables high-quality immersive 360º sound field recording. The JERO microphone is an immersive microphone. It enables the recording of multichannel audio in 360º on a horizontal... View more
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Cable Techniques CT-MIN-LPTIN-18
The Cable Techniques CT-MIN-LPTIN-18 is a LoPro TA3F to Mini TRS Sennheiser SK 100 G4/G3 Line Input cable 18" Low-Profile TA3F to 3.5mm TRS Mini Moulded Locking Right Angle Low-Profile Sennheiser SK... View more


MAHA Energy Powerex MH-C9000PRO WizardOne Charger-Analyzer for 4 AA/AAA NiMH/NiCD
Professional Charger-Analyzer charges 1 to 4 AA and AAA NiMH/NiCD rechargeable batteries via 4 independent charging slots in about 1 hour The charger is compact sized, measuring at 4.25" x 4.25" x 2"... View more


Hawk-Woods SD-2
The SD-2C allows users to use MDV (Sony NPF series) on the Sound Devices Mix-Pre 3 and 6 mixers. The adaptor slots onto the rear of the mixer just like the battery compartment, this will click into... View more


K-Tek ABP1 - Airo Boom Pole 1
4-section, uncabled, anodized aluminum, non-rotational Boompole; extends from 3'2.5" to 10'10" (98 cm - 330 cm)


Remote Audio CALEPWRBS
The CALEPWRBS is a Hirose 4-pin DC power cables for use with cameras or third party battery distribution systems


Betso Hot Shoe Holder
The Betso HOT SHOE HOLDER is a removable accessory for mounting SBOX-1N, SBOX-2RF or TCX-2 on your camcorder or camera. Locking screw mechanism ensures safety position in a hot shoe. The holder is... View more


K-Tek KE79CCR - Avalon Aluminium Boom Pole
The KE79CCR Traveler Boom Pole has a collapsed length of 1'8 | 51cm and an extended length of 6'7 | 201cm and only weighs 1.45lbs | 658g. Internal coiled cable side exit This KE79CCR Avalon Aluminum... View more
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Save 4.8%, MSRP $355.00
Sound Devices HX-3
The HX-3 Headphone Distribution Amplifier is the perfect accessory to provide three high-performance stereo headphone feeds with individual level controls from line-level sources. The HX-3 can... View more
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iPowerUS AA 8 Battery Smart Charger
AA8 Battery Fast Smart Charger for Li-ion (Li-Polymer) Battery and Ni-MH /Ni-CD Battery Smart Thermal Guard. Charger discontinues charging when batteries overheat to prevent danger and damage..... View more


Zoom P4
The Zoom PodTrak P4 is the Ultimate Recorder for Podcasting with four mic inputs with XLR connectors Compact, affordable, and loaded with features, the PodTrak P4 makes it easy to capture... View more


Bubblebee Industries The Twin Windbubbles - LAV Size 2 (Black)
The Twin Windbubbles - LAV Size 2 consists of two miniature imitation-fur windscreens of one size The Bubblebee Windbubbles consist of an outer shell of the finest imitation fur (we do like them... View more


Bubblebee Industries The Lav Mic Pouch
3 x small and 3 x large transparent ziplock Lav mic pouches The Lav Mic Pouch pack contains 3 x small and 3 x large durable transparent ziplock pouches to store and isolate your lavalier microphones... View more


Tentacle Sync C04
Standard XLR input connector for transmitting timecode from any Tentacle Sync Box to devices that don't have built in timecode-capabilities. Utilizing the XLR input, the timecode signal will be... View more


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