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Sound Devices SAM-32SD
The SAM-32SD is a 32GB SD/SDHC card that is rated at 90 MB/s for read and write speeds (620x) The SAM-32SD has been optimized and extensively tested to ensure fast and flawless performance when used... View more


Sound Devices SAM-32CF
The SAM-32CF is a 32GB approved Compact Flash card for use with Sound Devices audio recorders The UDMA-7 media card provides data rates of up to 160MB/s read & 120MB/s write speeds (1050x). Not for... View more


SanDisk Ultra 16 GB SDHC UHS-I Memory Card
Store lots of photos and Full HD videos-and transfer them quickly to your computer-using SanDisk Ultra 16 GB SDXC and SDHC UHS-I Memory Card Great for compact-to-midrange point-and-shoot digital... View more


Sound Devices SL-6
The SL-6 powering and wireless system simplifies interconnection between the 688 and multiple channels of wireless by accepting three dual-channel slot-in receivers. The SL-6 offers all powering and... View more
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Sound Devices XL-WPH3
Universal, 45 W in-line AC-to-DC power supply Hirose 4-pin DC plug. With detachable IEC power cord for the 7-Series recorders, 552, 633 , 664, 688, MixPre-D, PIX 220(i) and PIX 240(i) video recorder.... View more


Sound Devices SD-CHARGE
Charger for Sony compatible L Series batteries. Charges one battery. Includes wall and car charger, Euro adapter. Input voltage 110v-240v.


Sound Devices WM-Connect
The WM-Connect is a required for the 6-Series mixer/recorder line that enables control of the mixers from the Sound Devices Wingman wireless interface app on iOS mobile devices WM-Connect uses... View more


Zoom SSH-6 Capsule
The SSH-6 is a stereo shotgun microphone capsule for H5, H6, Q8, U-44, F4, and F8 The SSH-6 mid-side stereo shotgun capsule includes a super-directional microphone for picking up sound in the center,... View more


Sound Devices XL-2
TA3-F to XLR-M (male) cable; 25-inch; connects balanced TA3 to XLR inputs; package of two cables.


Sound Devices PIX-CADDY 2
2.5" SSD caddy for the 970,PIX 240i, PIX 250i, PIX 260i and the PIX 270i. Firewire 800, USB 3.0 and eSATAp connections for data transfer.


Zoom PCF-8
The PCF-8 is a protective case for the ZOOM F8. The lightweight and versatile bag offers top, side, and bottom access, is water-resistant and has a removable clear-windowed cover Drawstring sleeves... View more


Sound Devices XL-LB2
LEMO-5 to BNC input and BNC output cable for timecode jamming of audio and video equipment with BNC connectors, for SMTPE timecode; 31-inch.


Sound Devices XL-3
3.5 mm to TA3-F link cable for 552, 664, MixPre, MixPre-D or MP-2 Tape Output to 442/302 Mix In; 12-inch.


Sound Devices XL-H
Bare Hirose HR10-7P-4P connector to mate with all Sound Devices mixer and recorder models.


Zoom SGH-6 Capsule
The SGH-6 is a shotgun microphone capsule for H5, H6, Q8, U-44, F4, and F8 Our optional SGH-6 Shotgun capsule adds a professional-quality hyperdirectional (that is, highly directional) microphone to... View more


Zoom APH-4nPro
The APH-4nPro is a pro accessory pack for DSLR The APH-4nPro Accessory Pack is the perfect companion for your Zoom H4n Pro Handy Recorder


Zoom MA-2
The MA-2 is a tripod to mic stand adapter for handy recorders The MA-2 allows you to mount your handy recorder or handy video recorder to a mic stand or boom with a standard mic clip-especially... View more


Sound Devices XL-2F
TA3-F to XLR-F (female) cable; 25-inch; connects balanced TA3 to XLR inputs; package of two cables.


Zoom EXH-6 Capsule
If you need more inputs, simply plug in the optional EXH-6 Dual XLR/TRS Combo capsule It allows you to connect two additional discrete signals from external microphones, instruments, mixers, or... View more


Sound Devices PIX-RACK
Rack-Mount kit for PIX Rack-Mount Video Recorders and 970 Audio Recorders. Accommodates up to two 970, PIX 250i, PIX 260i and PIX 270i Recorders. Includes a blank panel for mounting a single unit. 2... View more


The PIXI Tripod by Manfrotto is specially designed to work with Zoom Handy Recorders Whether you're recording video with the Q2n or mounting an H4n Pro during a film shoot, the PIXI provides the... View more


Sound Devices XL-NPH
NP-type battery cup with 12-inch cable terminated in Hirose 4-pin locking DC connector (HR10-7P-4P) at equipment end. For use with MixPre-D, 302, 442, 552, 633, 664, 688, 7-Series, PIX 220(i) and PIX... View more


Zoom BCF-8
The BCF-8 is a battery case for the ZOOM F8 MultiTrack Field Recorder Don't let your recording session stop in between Hirose battery pack swaps or away from AC power. The BCF-8 battery case has been... View more


Sound Devices PIX-SSD6
2.5" SSD (SATA III) approved for use with the 970, PIX 220(i), PIX 240(i), PIX 250i, PIX 260i and PIX 270i Video Recorders. 240 GB capacity. Pre-formatted exFAT.
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Zoom BTA-1
BTA-1 is a bluetooth adapter for ARQ AR-48 / LiveTrak L-20 / H3-VR An optional BTA-1 Bluetooth adapter lets you use the AR-48c Ring Controller wirelessly during live performances. Use the Ring for... View more


Zoom MSH-6 Capsule
The MSH-6 comes standard with the H6 and can be used with the H5 MS ("Mid-Side") recording: an incredible technique that allows you to actually adjust the width of the stereo image after it has been... View more


K-Tek KGBM1 - Medium Gizmo Bag
The KGBM1 is a multi-purpose bag that provides compact organization of cables, adapters, wireless audio transmitters, batteries, lavaliere accessories, tape rolls and more With a clear, see-through... View more


Zoom PCH-6
The PCH-6 is a protective case for ZOOM H6 Handy Recorder Keep your ZOOM H6 safe with the PCH-6 Protective Case. Custom fitted for your H6 Handy Recorder, the PCH-6 will keep your Handy Recorder... View more


Zoom APH-6
The APH-6 is the perfect companion for your Zoom H6 Handy Recorder


Zoom APH-2n
The APH-2n is a H2n handy recorder accessory package The APH-2n is the perfect companion for your Zoom H2n Handy Recorder


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