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Tentacle Sync C06
You need this straight BNC cable if you want to connect Tentacle to devices that accept and send timecode over BNC like the Panasonic GH5s, Canon C300 / C500, Sony FS7 with XDCA-FS7, PDW 700 / EX3 /... View more


Rycote NANO Shield Kit NS5-DC 086305
Windshield Kit for microphones up to 11.2" Long (270-285mm) The Nano Shield is Rycote?s lightest, smallest and most advanced windshield kit yet. The Nano Shield has been designed to provide excellent... View more
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Stingray Audio harness with real back support ExoSpine with removable inner belt, adjustable to most body sizes The harness' Rigid Spine transfers the load from the wearer's shoulders and spine... View more
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Ursa Straps Ankle Strap (Black)
The Ursa Body Ankle straps with a big pouch that fits all industry standard transmitters. For sizes: 20-40cm (8-16) In order to make the most comfortable low-profile straps we developed a brand new... View more


Rycote InVision INV-7 HG mkIII 041118
Suitable for Microphones from 19 to 34mm in diameter. Ideal for front-heavy microphones, or microphones used with a Softie or Baby Ballgag windshield. Part of the larger InVision range of... View more


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Sound Devices MX-LM1
L-Mount Battery Sled. Holds one L-Mount battery (not included). Powers MixPre Original Series, MixPre-M Series, and MixPre II Series recorders. To remove the MX-LM1 from the MixPre, press in the... View more
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Denecke TS-3
The Denecke TS-3 reads and displays SMPTE/EBU Time Code. Internally mounted Syncbox Time Code Generator Jams to all standard frame rates, including 23.976 fps. User bits jam automatically when... View more
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Zoom H3-VR
The ZOOM H3-VR is an all-in-one virtual reality audio recorder, featuring an Ambisonic mic and onboard decoder. The H3-VR's 4-capsule Ambisonic mic captures 4 channels of 360-degree audio up to 24... View more
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Sound Devices XL-B3
Spare battery pack for the 7-Series Recorders, 633, PIX 220(i) and PIX 240(i) video recorders. Compatible with Sony L-type camcorder mount. 7.2 V, 6600 mAh.


Sound Devices MM-1
Highly versatile and portable, Sound Devices' MM-1 is a single-channel, portable microphone preamplifier with a powerful headphone monitoring function. Proven in mission-critical applications, the... View more
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Cinela COSI-M-19
Cinela COSI windshield, medium cage, for 19mm diameter microphones, with short cable The Cinela COSI is a compact and lightweight windshield, specially designed for smaller microphones. This system... View more
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The eSMART BG-DH MKII is an ultra-small, DC power distribution box with 4 fused outputs, 2 non fused auxiliary outputs and a colorful fuel gauge designed for ENG sound bags All cables enter and exit... View more
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Tentacle Sync TE1-Mk2 - Sync E Single Set
Timecode Generator with Bluetooth 5.0 (Single Set) IT'S A TENTACLE JIM, BUT NOT AS WE KNOW IT.. . THE NEW WAY OF SYNC. Tentacle SYNC E is built on the idea of providing you with an easy to operate... View more
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Orca Bags OR-40
The ORCA OR-40 Audio Bags Harness The lightweight and ventilated Orca Harness can be connected to any Orca Audio Bag to help distribute the weight better and relieve the weight while shooting.
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Lectrosonics LB-50
The Lectrosonics LB-50 is a 3.7V, 1000mAh lithium-ion battery pack for the SSM micro transmitter. This rechargeable battery offers a 6-hour runtime


Aquapac Waterproof Case For Wire-Out Electronics - Medium
The Aquapac Waterproof Case For Wire-Out Electronics allows you to stay plugged in whilst protecting your equipment from immersion. Medium size This case is designed for electronics which require a... View more


Tentacle Sync C08
Bidirectional cable for transmitting timecode between any Tentacle Sync Box and a device that uses a BNC timecode in/out connector and vice versa. This cable features a 90° right-angle BNC connector.... View more


Rycote Stickies Squared Advanced Adhesive Pads - 100 Pack 066329
Double-sided, hypoallergenic, adhesive pads used to affix lavalier microphones directly onto skin or on top of clothing The soft fabric sandwiched between the two adhesive pads prevents the adhered... View more


Zoom H8
The Zoom H8's ingenious color touchscreen interface presents a radical, yet intuitive "3-way" app workflow navigation; the Most Adaptable Handy Recorder Ever Made! So, whether you're recording music,... View more
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MAHA Energy Powerex AA MH8AAP-BH 2600 mAh 8-Pack Precharged Batterie
Rechargeable AA NiMH Batteries (1.2V, 2600mAh) - 8-Pack of 8 AA nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries They have a voltage of 1.2V and a capacity of 2600mAh, with a minimum capacity of 2450mAh. The... View more


Ambient QP 5100
QP5 Series QuickPole Microphone Boom, 5 Segments, HM Carbon Fiber, 3.3' to 12.8', 1.6 lbs The Ambient QP5 Series was specifically designed for documentary and ENG boom work. Built with five segments,... View more
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Sound Guys Solutions NP50 DUAL USB
USB powered Dual NP-50 battery charger. Simultaneously chargesboth batteries. Includes 3' USB Micro charging cable. Does NOT include USB power supply or batteries.


K-Tek KE144CCR - Avalon Aluminum Boom Pole
This KE144CCR has a collapsed length of 3'3 | 99cm and an extended length of 12'0 | 366cm and only weighs 2.24lbs | 1016g. internal coiled cable side exit This 5-section Aluminum Boompole features an... View more
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Viviana Straps Pads - White (Pack of 12 Pads)
Multi purpose soft foam with medical tape on one side to be used as a concealer or foamie The Viviana pad is a multi purpose soft foam with a medical tape on one side that will help you to find quick... View more


Zoom H1n
Handy recorder X/Y microphones capture high-quality stereo sound, supporting up to 24-bit audio at sampling rates of 44.1, 48, or 96 kHz in WAV and various MP3 formats With the H1n, we've redesigned... View more


ON RITE Fantastik 3M Transpore Rolls
3M transpore is a one-sided medical grade tape. Use to repair unit or a base tape. This tape can be used between the base and the more aggressive two-sided tape for easier removal.


DPA 4017C
Compact shotgun microphone: 15.4cm, XLR-3 connector. Includes foam windscreen and Mic clip. At just 154 mm (6.1 in) and 70 g (2.5 oz), the 4017C sets new standards for compactness within shotgun... View more
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Orca Bags OR-30
The Orca Bags OR-30 is a wearable audio bag providing maximum protection for sensitive gear The Orca Bags OR-30 is the first audio bag in the world to offer maximum protection for the sensitive gear... View more
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Ursa Straps Tape Soft Strips - Roll (Black)
URSA Tape - 1 roll of stetchy moleskin applied to hypoallergenic tape Great for reducing clothing rustle and camouflaging microphones.


Remote Audio MEON LiFe
The Meon LiFe provides 12VDC power to ten 4-pin XLR outputs. Three outputs are rated to 9A and the remaining seven are rated to 5A. Each output has built-in overload and short-circuit protection..... View more
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