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Lectrosonics AMM-O
The Lectrosonics AMM-O is a color coded transmitter antenna caps


Lectrosonics CHSIFBR 1B
The CHSIFBR 1B is a battery charging station providing a convenient and organized means of recharging any combination of up to 4 LB-50 batteries or IFBR1B receivers Each charging module may be... View more
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Lectrosonics DCR822 (A1/B1: 470.100 - 614.375 MHz)
The Lectrosonics DCR822 portable, 2-channel digital receiver - this is the true successor to the venerable UCR411a but with twice the channels in the same physical size along with a host of new,... View more
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Lectrosonics DCHT
The Digital Camera Hop Transmitter is designed for use in film and television production The transmitter can tune in coarse or fine steps across the UHF television band from 470.100 to 607.950 MHz,... View more
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