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Lectrosonics SRSUPER
DB25 bottom plate adapter for SR receivers used in SuperSlot docks
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Lectrosonics HMCVR
The Lectrosonics HMCVR is a Silicone Cover for HM Plug-On Transmitter.


Lectrosonics PALP600
The PALP600 is a zippered Cordura pouch for Lectrosonics ALP antennas


Lectrosonics SSMCVR
This tough silicone cover protects the SSM transmitter from moisture and dust. The pliable material and the two-part design make it easy to install and remove. Cutouts for the antenna and input jack... View more


Lectrosonics SRDB25
Unislot adapter for Duopack, Quadpack & Octopack


Lectrosonics PSLZRDUAL
The Lectrosonics PSLZRDUAL is a LZR style plug to LZR style plug cable. 6ft. long


Lectrosonics ARG25
The ARG25 from Lectrosonics is a 25 foot antenna cable of Belden 9913F low-loss coax cable with BNC connectors at each end Double shielded, flexible, 50 Ohms, with a foamed polyethylene dielectric.... View more
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Lectrosonics DPR-A
The Lectrosonics DPR-A is a digital plug-on transmitter with on-board recording (either transmit or record) The DPR is the same size and shape as the previous generation HM and HMa, but now is a... View more
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Lectrosonics HH2SEN
This adapter allows mounting microphone capsules designed for G2, G3 and 2000 Series Sennheiser®* wireless transmitters on the Lectrosonics HH transmitter.
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