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Soundcraft FX16ii
The FX16ii offers a combination live and recording features; each channel has a Direct Output individually switch-able pre or post fader to enable use of 16-track recorders. In 1997 Soundcraft... View more
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Phoenix Audio N90-DRC/500
The N90-DRC/500 compressor also known as the David Rees Compressor is an API 500 format series compressor & gate. This product was originally conceived 20 years ago by David Rees but was never fully... View more
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Sennheiser MKH 816
The Sennheiser MKH 816 directional studio microphone is a transistorized RF condensor microphone. It features high directionality, low equivalent sound pressure level, rugged and extremely resistant... View more

$795.00 (Used)

Gefell KEM970
The Cardioid Plane Microphone is a multi-capsule microphone system with unique directional characteristics that are largely independent of frequency. On the horizontal axis the KEM 970 has the... View more
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DPA 4011-TL
DPA Microphones has been granted Music Engineering & Technology Alliance certification for the DPA 4011 cardioid condenser microphone.. DPA Microphones, manufacturer of a wide range of products for... View more
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$1895.00 (Used)

TC Electronic Reverb 6000 Mainframe w/ Digital I/O + TC ICON
Multi-channel reverb processor. TC Electronic's Reverb 6000 uses the dedicated DSP processing power of TC Electronic's flagship System 6000 MKII hardware to run dozens of reverb and other spatial... View more
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$8995.00 (Used)

Lectrosonics HHa
The HHa Digital Hybrid Wireless handheld transmitter represents an elegant solution for a variety of wireless microphone applications including live performance & broadcast. The HHa incorporates many... View more
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$1295.00 (Used)

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TC Electronic Mastering 6000 Mainframe w/Dig I/O+TC ICON
Mastering 6000 is a legacy product, having served in thousands of high-profiled mastering studios since 1999. Over the years, new mastering algorithms have been introduced, but with the latest... View more
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$6900.00 (Used)

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AKG C 422
A compact and highly refined microphone system for the most critical single-point stereo recording applications... Two gold-sputtered dual-diaphragms are arranged in a coincident pair. The microphone... View more
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$1700.00 (Used)

Shure UR24S+/SM58
Shure UHF-R Wireless Microphone Systems master the high pressure and extreme conditions of large-scale touring or installations environments while delivering uncompromising sound. Rock-solid... View more
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$1495.00 (Used)

Telex BTR-80N Bundle
The Telex BTR-80N used bundle includes 1 BTR-80N station, 4 beltpack TR-80N (Frequency E88 ) and 4 headsets Beyerdynamics DT280 Providing an unprecedented 25 kHz of modulated band width, the BTR-80N... View more
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$2495.00 (Used)

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AKG C 451 & CK8
The AKG C451 with the CK8 has a narrow acceptance angle making it suitable for 'float' use or for medium distance recording. Short shotgun of highly stable performance. As a result of combining the... View more

$395.00 (Used)

The HPR122i offers performers and audio professionals the power, technology and legendary reliability of QSC amplification combined with the simplicity and convenience of a multipurpose powered... View more
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$775.00 (Used)

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