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Crane Song Solaris
The Solaris Quantum DAC is the 5th generation design from Crane Song. It is a solid very high quality converter with USB, AES, S/PDIF and Optical capabilities. Inputs: AES, SPDIF, Optical, USB sample... View more
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Focusrite Rednet A16R
The Focusrite A16R is a 16 channels of Dante-networked A-D and D-A conversion, with network and PSU redundancy. 16x16 Analogue I/O With Dual PSUs. RedNet A16R is a 1U, 16x16 analogue line-level I/O... View more
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Antelope Audio 10MX
The 10MX features the atomic precision of 10M and Trinity's groundbreaking jitter management algorithm As digital devices continue to proliferate the audio signal chain, high quality clocking... View more
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Metric Halo 2882 3d
The perfect tool for capturing audio wherever inspiration hits, in the studio or on the road. Well suited to any recording situation, you can record and edit wherever you want. The Original and Still... View more
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Merging Technologies Anubis Premium SPS
The Merging Technologies Anubis Premium SPS (Seamless Protection Switching) version includes DXD, 384 kHz and DSD64/128/256 Anubis SPS Seamless Protection Switching, has been developed specifically... View more
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24bit / 192kHz, 128 channel mobile MADI USB 2.0 audio interface Both inputs can be used for full redundancy operation. Optionally both MADI I/Os can be operated simultaneously for full 128 channel... View more
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32 channel, high-end analog to MADI & AVB/TSN converter The unit's unique set of features includes analog limiters, three hardware reference levels up to +24 dBu, MADI and ADAT I/O up to 192 kHz, 6.3... View more
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Lynx Studio Technology Aurora (n) 16 USB
16-channel 24-bit/192kHz A/D-D/A converter with preinstalled LT-USB option card The Aurora (n) 16-USB with preinstalled LT-USB option provides you with pro-quality digital conversion and... View more
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Apogee Element 88
Element 88 offers the best sound quality of any 8 IN x 8 OUT interface. Producer, engineer or musician, Element 88 gives you all the I/O you need to record drums or a full band Apogee's Element 24,... View more
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WesAudio _calypso
NG500/500 Series ADAT audio interface _CALYPSO is an audio interface designed to work in 500 series enclosure. It features state of art 8 channels of AD/DA conversion and perfectly integrates with... View more
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Tascam DA-3000
The Tascam DA-3000 is combining a High-Quality Master Recorder and a High-Quality ADDA Converter. Stereo Recording at High Sampling Frequencies Up to 192kHz PCM and 5.6MHz DSD. The DA-3000 is... View more
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Universal Audio Apollo X4 | Heritage Edition
A Special Edition of UA's Acclaimed Desktop 12 x 18 Thunderbolt 3 Audio Interface w/ Realtime UAD QUAD Core Processing and Four Unison? Mic Preamps - for Mac and Windows. A Special Edition of... View more
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RME ADI-2 Pro FS R Black Edition
24bit / 768kHz, 2 in / 4 out hi-performance AD/DA converter with USB, black edition w/ remote RME's reference AD/DA converter is a host of devices all put together into one unit, with a simple and... View more
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Apogee Symphony I/O Mk II 2x6 SE Thunderbolt
The Symphony I/O Mk II comes with direct connectivity to one of three different platforms - Thunderbolt?, Pro Tools HD or Waves SoundGrid network. 2x6 I/O via Thunderbolt. outboard gear or any line... View more
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Focusrite Red 8Line
The Red 8Line is 58-In, 64-Out Thunderbolt 3 Audio Interface With Two Red Evolution Mic Pres, Analogue Line-Level, DigiLink, Dante, ADAT & S/PDIF Connectivity Red 8Line is a 58-input, 64-output,... View more
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Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 3rd Gen
The third-generation Scarlett 18i8 is the perfect audio interface for recording engineers and producers who need to adapt to their recording environment, wherever they are. It offers eight analogue... View more
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SPL Crimson 3 (Black)
The Crimson 3 is an USB 2.0 audio interface with 6-in/6-out, with 2 Mic/Instrument Preamplifiers, 24-bit/192kHz, 2 Headphone Amplifiers, MIDI I/O, Monitor Controller and Talkback
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Presonus Quantum 4848
The Quantum 4848 is a 24-bit 192 kHz Thunderbolt Audio Interface with Studio One Professional Designed for the needs of the recording professional, the Quantum 4848 is the perfect solution to take... View more
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Apogee Ensemble - Thunderbolt Audio Interface
Apogee Ensemble is a 30x34 Thunderbolt 2 Audio Interface for Mac Apogee Ensemble is the first Thunderbolt 2 audio interface to offer superior sound quality, the lowest latency performance and the... View more
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Save 23.1%, MSRP $4159.00
Avid Upgrade, Legacy I/O to HD I/O 16X16 Exchange
Trade in your Legacy HD hardware for Pro tools HD Native 16x16 I/O unit. Includes Heat options. Why upgrade to Pro Tools | HD Native. Attain the highest performance and lowest latency of any... View more
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Zoom H3-VR
The ZOOM H3-VR is an all-in-one virtual reality audio recorder, featuring an Ambisonic mic and onboard decoder. The H3-VR's 4-capsule Ambisonic mic captures 4 channels of 360-degree audio up to 24... View more
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Lynx Studio Technology Hilo w/ USB - Silver
Lynx Reengineers the two-channel converter format with innovative features and control. Silver color with USB card. Lynx Studio Technology is proud to present the Hilo Reference A/D D/A Converter... View more
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Burl Audio BAD4
The Burl BAD4 is a 4 channel ADC card for B80 Mothership
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Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio 3rd Gen
Featuring a mic, headphones and all the cables, Scarlett 2i2 Studio is everything you need to create studio-quality recordings at home. EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO RECORD. Sitting on the desks of a huge... View more
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Antelope Audio Goliath HD | Gen 3
Goliath HD | Gen is a 364-channel Thunderbolt/USB3/HDX-ready Audio Interface with 136dB DNR AD/DA conversion and integrated FPGA FX The most powerful audio interface in the world evolved. Goliath HD... View more
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Arturia AudioFuse - Studio
The ultimate desktop audio interface, AudioFuse Studio gives you 4 world-class preamps, incredible connectivity, a versatile feature set, and a host of clever design features. A future-proof... View more
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Focusrite Rednet X2P
The Rednet X2P is a 2x2 analogue I/O with 2x mic pres, headphone and line output, PoE supplied RedNet X2P is a compact, portable and robust 2x2 Dante audio interface featuring two Red Evolution mic... View more
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Allen & Heath Dante Virtual Soundcard
Dante Virtual Soundcard is software from Audinate that lets you connect up to 64 channels of iLive audio directly to your PC or Mac via its Ethernet port Ideal for multitrack recording and playback,... View more
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The Complete Studio Kit comes with the AI-1, RØDE's peerless NT1 large diaphragm condenser microphone, a shock mount and all cables RØDE's AI-1 Audio Interface is stacked with incredible technology... View more
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Audient ID4
The iD4 delivers the audio performance of a large format console in a portable desktop package enabling you to simultaneously record your vocals and guitar. Providing one renowned Audient console mic... View more
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