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Triad-Orbit CCM
CableControl 2-Pack, Medium Cable Control is a PET braid wrap and is lightweight, quiet and flexible, and doesn't require any additional fasteners (velcro, tape, etc.).


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Triad-Orbit SB1-BB
Starbird SB-1 Ballast Bag (6lb) Hanging heavy loads or devices from the Starbird SB-1 with it's long wingspan extended may call for more weight than it's 10 lb counterweight can balance. For those... View more
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Save 6.6%, MSRP $61.00
Triad-Orbit MLVL
Micro-Level, Camera Leveling Bubble Micro Level - Fits on an M2 allowing for precise leveling of 360 cameras, DSLR, GoPro or any video camera. Can be installed on an M2 between the locking ring and... View more


Save 5.9%, MSRP $34.00
Triad-Orbit IO-SPKR
Universal Speaker Plate This universal speaker plate allows for speaker mounting via iO quick change coupler.. The iO-SPKR is designed to accommodate a range of smaller speakers. As Immersive sound... View more


Save 6.6%, MSRP $76.00
Triad-Orbit IO-S6
AVID S6 Console IO Quick-Change Couple iO-S6 is an accessory specifically designed to add I/O connectivity to the rear of AVID S6 consoles, allowing the addition of monitors, microphones, or other... View more


Save 6.5%, MSRP $138.00
Triad-Orbit Precision PR-ST-BM2/IO-RA
Short Mic Stand with Telescoping Boom Arm with IO-RA Quick Release and 22" Base The Precision PR-TT-BM2/IO-RA is engineered with durability in mind. These stands are built from high-quality metal,... View more


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