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Triad-Orbit IO-W Wall Plate
IO-Equipped Wallplate / Desktop Mount with iO Quick-Change Coupler iO-W Wallplate provides a stable platform for mounting Triad'Orbit iO'equipped microphone adapters, boom arms, tablet holders and... View more


Save 9.1%, MSRP $110.00
Triad-Orbit IO-RCK
IO-Equipped Rack Mount iO-RCK is an iO-Equipped mount for connections to professional 19" equipment rack spaces. Mount devices directly between two adjacent rack spaces. Works great to add a Tablet,... View more


Save 7.9%, MSRP $76.00
Triad-Orbit OM Orbit Mini
Standard Single Arm, 22.5 in. Orbital Boom The little brother of Orbit 1 and the companion boom arm for the Triad Mini Stand. Awesome in tight spaces and backline applications. Also great for vocals... View more


Save 7.3%, MSRP $262.00
Triad-Orbit IO-A1A
IO-Equipped Short Telescopic Arm, Aluminum iO-A1A / Aluminum iO Equipped Short Telescopic Boom Arm. Couple with iO-Vector to quickly assemble innovative left / right stereo imaging, Decca trees and... View more


Save 10.4%, MSRP $96.00
Triad-Orbit IO-RA
IO Retrofit Quick-Change Coupler iO-RA (Retrofit) couplers are designed to add iO quick-change innovation to your existing stands. With iO-RA, "on the fly" hardware swaps are now a reality, replacing... View more


Save 17.6%, MSRP $34.00
Triad-Orbit IO-EXT8
IO-Equipped 8? Extension iO-EXT8 is a 8" rigid extension for applications that require extra reach to provide the user more flexibility to place the audio/video/lighting device in the desired... View more


Save 5.4%, MSRP $74.00
Triad-Orbit IO-GCM
Synergy Series IO-Equipped Mini Grip Clamp Synergy Series? I/O-Equipped Mini Grip Clamp is Capable of exerting very strong clamping force, iO-GCM has jaws that open up to 1.18? to hold gear weighing... View more


Save 14.6%, MSRP $151.00
Triad-Orbit SM-UB1
Precision universal Bracket Slider range ID 24.2cm to 44.7cm The SM-UB1 is designed to fit as many bracket mounting ready speakers as possible. The center slots allow for "single center hole" speaker... View more
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Save 2.6%, MSRP $234.00
Triad-Orbit IO-Desk
Secure support platform for creative and industrial devices, including laptops, tablets, projectors, media players, hard drives and more iO-Desk is a secure support platform for laptops and power... View more
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Save 5.6%, MSRP $303.00
Triad-Orbit O2
Dual Arm Orbital Boom Dual boom arms are only part of the ORBIT 2 story. Anchoring ORBIT 2 is a novel center swivel that provides an additional 145° of left-right motion to the boom arms. The COMPASS... View more
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Save 5.3%, MSRP $454.00
Triad-Orbit T-ES
Elevator Shaft Extension for Triad Stands T-ES is a 33-in. extension for TRIAD stands. Equipped with iO Quick-change Couplers, the T-ES is designed to elevate microphones for choral and orchestral... View more


Save 6.6%, MSRP $76.00
Triad-Orbit Triad T1
Short Tripod Stand - Perfect for floor toms, orchestral setups, seated musicians and all limited height microphone positions. Designed to be used where low-profile and small-footprint stands are... View more
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Save 7.8%, MSRP $358.00
Triad-Orbit T1/OM/M2
Short Tripod Stand System including (1) T1, (1) OM, and (1) M2 Stand Systems Builder's GuideTriad-Orbit is the most comprehensive and versatile stand system ever made. The modular design of... View more
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Save 5.6%, MSRP $592.00
Triad-Orbit iO-C2
IO-Equipped Mini Clam iO-C2 iO-Equipped Mini Clamp is a different take on our iO-C clamp. Unlike the iO-C, the iO-C2 has two possible points of connections; a larger opening for securing to stands,... View more


Save 12.7%, MSRP $110.00
Triad-Orbit M3-R
Retrofittable Long Stem Adapter Micro Orbital adapters are miniature versions of Orbit orbital booms, exhibiting the same enhanced range of motion for mics, cameras and lights.. Micro Orbital... View more


Save 10.4%, MSRP $96.00
Triad-Orbit TM
Mini Tripod Stand - Perfect for kick drums, combo amps and where ultra-low-profile and small-footprint stands are needed TM is designed to be used where ultra-low-profile and small-footprint stands... View more


Save 5.6%, MSRP $303.00
Triad-Orbit IO-VM
IO-Equipped VESA Mount iO-VM is a MIS Class D VESA mount optimized for securing, supporting and positioning 12? to 32? video displays. The iO-VM mount works hand-in-hand with Triad-Orbit's innovative... View more


Save 7.3%, MSRP $55.00
Triad-Orbit SM-KP8
Precision Kali Audio IN-8 Adapter Bracket SM-KP8 is an adapter plate for Kali Audio and IN-8 speakers. Easily installed by removing the 4 side screws from the back panel of the IN-8 and attaching the... View more
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Save 6.5%, MSRP $138.00
Triad-Orbit O2XY
Dual Arm Orbital Boom (Body only) Orbit Series O2XY dual orbital boom system with two connections via iO Quick'Change Couplers.. Perfect the if you already own an O2x or have extra iO-A1A or iO-A2A... View more
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Save 7.8%, MSRP $372.00
Triad-Orbit IO-EXT4
IO-Equipped 4? Extension iO-EXT4 is a 4" rigid extension for applications that require extra reach to provide the user more flexibility to place the audio/video/lighting device in the desired... View more


Save 7.1%, MSRP $70.00
Triad-Orbit IO-R38
IO Retrofit Quick-Change Coupler, 3/8? Male to IO Female IO-R38 adds additional device mounting points to IO-Desk and IO-Vector for cameras, lights, and microphones. Every IO-R38 is loaded with an... View more


Save 7.9%, MSRP $63.00
Triad-Orbit T3C
Tall Tripod Stand with Casters Triad Series T3C is a surprisingly stable rolling support platform for music, A/V, photography, lighting, computing, industrial and medical applications.. Triad Series... View more
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Save 8.7%, MSRP $565.00
Triad-Orbit TC - Casters
Triad TC casters are designed to thread into Triad tripod stand stands: T1, T2, T3 Triad TC Casters are industrial grade dual-locking studio casters. Available as a set of three and compatible with... View more


Save 9.1%, MSRP $110.00
Triad-Orbit IO-H2
IO Quick-Change Coupler Head The iO-H2 is built with the industry-standard 5/8-inch male mounting thread and a notched stainless steel hex for added weight handling capability. iO-H2 is the optimal... View more


Save 14.3%, MSRP $21.00
Triad-Orbit TDS
Triad Desktop Stand Triad Desk Stand small portable desk stand with iO connectivity. TDS has a small footprint (10.25?) with a surprisingly low center of gravity, and weighs in at 1.4 lbs. With a max... View more


Save 7.9%, MSRP $151.00
Triad-Orbit IO-EXT2S
IO-Equipped 2? Rotaring Extension Bar IO-EXT2S is a 360 degree rotational IO connector that can be added to existing stationary IO-connections, allowing for precise rotational adjustments as needed..... View more


Save 7.9%, MSRP $63.00
Triad-Orbit ISO12
Silicone Isolation Rings - 12 Pack ISO Rings " New silicon isolation washers for use between I/O joints to minimize floor vibrations, vibration between adapters, or gap-rocking between male I/O hex... View more


Save 14.3%, MSRP $21.00
Triad-Orbit IO-SS1-G
String swing guitar hanger for Triad-Orbit stands or wall mounts - Long size Designed for deeper body acoustic instruments when mounted on stands*, or when extra reach is needed such as mounting on... View more


Save 5.9%, MSRP $34.00
Triad-Orbit IO-H4
1/4?-20 Quick-Change Coupler Head iO-H4 has 1/4?-20 male mounting thread and a brass hex especially for consumer and prosumer photo and video cameras. The brass hex operates smoothly and reliably... View more


Save 14.3%, MSRP $21.00
Triad-Orbit 1/4ADA
5/8? Female to 1/4? Male Threaded Adapter 1/4ADA, 5/8" Female to 1/4" Male Camera Adapter quantity" adaptor for Prosumer photo/video cameras.


Save 15.2%, MSRP $8.25
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