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Marantz PMD661 - MKIII
The PMD-661 MKIII is a 2-channel handheld solid-state audio recorder giving a variety of industries a professional device producing accurate, detailed in-field recordings. Industries: News... View more
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Marantz PMD-706
Designed for the advanced DSLR professional, this 6-channel recorder excels attached to a camera, camera rig, or while used in a bag as a field recorder. Featuring (4) XLR combo jacks for MIC & LINE... View more
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Marantz PMD-602A
The PMD-602A is a two-channel battery-operated interface which enables the use of microphones or line-level audio devices with DSLR cameras or field recording equipment. Professional features incude... View more


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Marantz AV8802A
Experience the ultimate in home theater enjoyment with the Marantz AV8802A Network A/V surround processor/pre-amp/tuner. With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Which combines advanced DSP and DAC technologies... View more
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Marantz PRC660
Reporter-Style Carry Case for PMD660


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