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10 in / 10 out USB audio interface with dual transformer-balanced 88RS preamps and mastering-grade AD/DA conversion

Legendary Sound for your Desktop
Designed and manufactured in England by Neve engineersm the Neve 88M dual mic preamp and USB audio interface brings the sound of iconic studios, such as Abbey Road, Air, and Capitol Studios, into your home studio setup. This robust front-end recording system uses the same transformer-balanced technology found in Neve's flagship large-format 88RS console. It is complemented with mastering-grade AD/DA conversion, producing world-class fidelity and premier studio musicality throughout.

Built to Last
Housed in a premium yet tough casing, the USB-powered 88M is the perfect recording solution for premium home studio environments and artists recording on location. As with all Neve equipment, sound quality takes ultimate priority, and the 88M is no exception. Premium analogue and digital components are utilised at every stage, ensuring maximum quality throughout the entire signal path.

Join the Elite
Serious artists can spend a small fortune on musical instruments and microphones, only to record them through low-quality audio interfaces; the 88M is designed to remedy this problem. Integrating the 88M audio interface into you home studio places you amongst an elite group of audio professionals.
  • Dual microphone/line/instrument preamplifier powered by 88RS console technology
  • 10in/10out audio interface
  • Big Neve iron - exclusive Marinair transformer balanced
  • Reference grade 24-bit/192kHz ESS ADC/DAC Chip Set
  • Heavy duty Neve 88R monitor controler
  • Independent high-headroom headphone amplifier
  • ADAT I/O - expandable digital connectivity for additional inputs and outputs
  • Balanced Inserts - expandable connectivity to a host of outboard gear
  • Built to last - rugged design featuring Neutrik connectors Neve console pots
  • Futureproof - USB3.0 connectivity
  • Bus powered - ideal for recording on the move
  • Plug & Play - class-compliant (Core Audio/ASIO)
  • General Specifications
    Headroom : +18dBu @ 1kHz (<0.5% THD+N)
    Distortion (THD+N) : Typically 0.008% @ 1kHz (measured at +18dBu, 10Hz to 80kHz filter)
    General Noise : <-85dBu (A-wtg)

    Microphone Inputs
    Frequency Response 20Hz to 20kHz : +/- 0.1dB
    Frequency Response 10Hz to 35kHz : +/- 0.5dB
    Dynamic Range : >110dB
    Distortion (THD+N) : <0.004%
    Noise EIN : -125dBA
    Gain Range : +21dB to +68dB
    Maximum Input Level (Max Gain @ 68dB) : -50dBu
    Maximum Input Level (Min Gain @ 21dB) : -3dBu
    Input Impedance : ?1.5k?

    Line Inputs
    Frequency Response 20Hz to 20kHz : +/- 0.1dB
    Frequency Response 10Hz to 35kHz : +/- 0.5dB
    Dynamic Range : >111dB
    Distortion (THD+N) : <0.006%
    Gain Range : -12dB to +35dB
    Maximum Input Level (Max Gain @ 35dB) : -17dBu
    Maximum Input Level (Min Gain @ -12dB) : +30dBu
    Input Impedance : ?20k?18

    DI Inputs
    Frequency Response 20Hz to 20kHz : +/- 0.1dB
    Frequency Response 10Hz to 35kHz : +/- 0.5dB
    Dynamic Range : >100dB
    Distortion (THD+N) : <0.006%
    Gain Range : +13 to +60dB
    Maximum Input Level (Max Gain @ 60dB) : -42dBu
    Maximum Input Level (Min Gain @ 13dB) : +5dBu
    Input Impedance : ?900k?

    Insert Sends
    Maximum Output Level : 18dBu (Balanced TRS)
    Dynamic Range : >112dB

    Mon Outputs
    Maximum Output Level : 18dBu (Balanced TRS)
    Dynamic Range : >113dB

    Headphone output (150 Ohm load)
    Maximum Output Level : 10dBu
    Frequency Response : 20-20kHz +/- 0.3dB
    Distortion (THD +N) : <0.007% @10dBu 1kHz
    Noise floor : -96dBA

    Signal : -43dBFS
    Clip : -3dBFS

    Inter-channel crosstalk : <-60dBr @ 10kHz

    Height : 76mm/3 inches
    Width : 182mm/7.2 inches
    Depth : 203mm/8 inches
    Weight : 1.675Kg/3.7Lbs
    Heat Dissipation : <5 watts
    Power factor : N/A
    Voltage : USB3
    Current : <900mA
    Alan Maxwell
    Montreal, Quebec
    January 1, 2023
    Stepping Up...
    I held off writing a review for some time now so I could feel completely familiar with this new piece of gear, and just not rush into praise. First thing is I am using Sennheiser 650's and the sound and drive from the headphone amp impressed me immediately.The unit should be close by, I have it on my standing desk infront of me between the monitors. Read more
    Gatineau, Qc
    September 17, 2022
    Sounds great
    Really great sounding unit - the preamps are great, converters sound amazing. I have issues with USB stability. Studio Economik contacted Neve and gave me access to the firmware update. I had to mess with the file to get it to run on my Mac using a few commands on the console. Read more
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