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61? inches Wide- Pro studio desk with three 4RU racks & pull-out tray for keyboards up to 56¼ inches wide and 88lbs

More room for the big ones! While the Miza 88 FLEX is certainly spacious enough for most master keyboards, some larger varieties might exceed the spatial limitations of the desk. The Miza 88 XL FLEX adds those extra inches to perfectly fit more extensive instruments and uses the extra space to enhance the desk in general. The desk offers a larger surface area in both width and depth, making room for controllers and other desktop accessories. This extension also leads to a wider top shelf that is perfectly suited to support nearfield monitors, computer screens and accessories like external drives. In consequence of the expanded width, the central drawer from the original Miza 88 has been replaced with an additional rack bay, increasing the total amount of rack spaces to twelve. The pull-out keyboard tray offers even more room now. It can be height-adjusted to tailor to specific preferences and features its own wheeled floor support to hold heavier keyboards and synthesizers. Considering all the extra space for gear, the overhauled cable management becomes even more important to keep the workplace neat and tidy. The high-quality materials with solid wood applications and the classy design achieve that magic combination of sturdy, long-lasting working environment and stylish furniture.
  • Even more tray width for large controllers
  • Eight-step height adjustment for optimal playing position and legroom
  • Redesigned cable management for maximum efficiency and convenience
  • Optimized construction saves weight and packaging
  • Finish: Wengé Grey
  • Dimensions: Height - 1020 mm, Width - 1560 mm, Depth - 985 mm / 1385 mm (max.)
  • Package Weight: Packed in Box - 40 kg (box 1), Packed in Box - 75 kg (box 2)
  • Box Size: 115 x 115 x 21 cm (box 1), 167 x 63 x 28 cm (box 2)
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