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The Wisycom Kit 1 is including 1x MCR54-B2 quad channel receiver + 4x MTP40s bodypack transmitters (Black) and 1x BPA54 stand alone adaptor

With eight internal receiver boards, the MCR54 boasts an unprecedented capacity for range and reliability.

Wideband just isn't enough anymore!

Upgrade to a dual band system of 470-663 MHz & 940-960MHz to find your frequency, anywhere in the United States.

With the combination of Narrowband Modulation and Linear transmitters, set your channels every 200kHz without intermodulation distortion and get an extra 3dB sensitivity.

. 1x MCR54 receiver with stand-alone or slot-in or adapter
. 4x transmitters: MTP40s (2x AA), black color
. 1x BPA54, adaptor plate

MCR54 is a quadruple true diversity wireless microphone receiver system in a modular stand-alone or slot-in configuration. It's compatible with most camera's slots and multi-slot mixer accessories.

MTP40s is a small and light pocket transmitter especially designed for professional wireless microphone applications. Very easy and quick to use thanks to OLED display, dedicated buttons and a joggle selector. It benefits from the linear feature @L20 power setting: allows evenly spaced, intermodulation free, frequency allocation.

BPA54 is a stand alone rear panel for the MCR54.


MCR54 Features:
. Four channel true diversity receiver (8 receiver boards)
. Exceptional compactness and high robustness
. DSP analogue & digital audio output (AES3)
. Up to 790 MHz bandwidth in 470/1260 MHz range
. Multiband front-end filtering, high Q electronically tunable filter in 470-800 MHz, 1st narrowband filter 823-832 MHz, 2nd narrowband filter 940-960 MHz
. Sofware selectable wideband and narrowband DSP-FM operation
. Narrowband allows more 50% band efficiency
. Narrowband allows about 3dB extra sensitivity and noise immunity
. Extreme low noise VCO with ultrafast spectrum scan for optimal quick & easy setup
. High contrast OLED display
. Automatic scan & transmitter programming through infrared and Bluetooth 5 long range
. DSP based for extreme flexibility and multi-companding operations
. Monitor & control through USB C or Bluetooth 5 (long range) on Wisycom Manager 2.0 (computer SW)
. Rear audio and power adapter

MTP40 Features:
. Frequency range: 470-663 MHz
. Battery: MTP40 2x AA, MTP41 1x AA
. Input dynamic extension with an integrated HW limiter (30 dB above peak)
. Enhanced robustness against self-interferences and antenna performances thru a proprietary "intermodulation cancellation" circuit
. Linear feature @L20 power setting: allows evenly spaced, intermodulation free, frequency allocation
. User selectable multi-companding systems, ENR (noise optimized) and ENC (voice optimized)
. Infrared interface for management and firmware update
. Easy and quick to setup thru an Oled display gain/freq button and a joggle selector
. Miniature design with flexible pcb (no connectors) for extended reliability
. Ultra-light metal alloy body (80g without batteries)


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