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A Wisycom MCR42 ENG PROMO1 bundle containing an MCR42S dual-channel receiver, 2 transmitters with Lemo connectors and antannae and accessories.

MCR42 ENG Promo Package: B7 (470-663MHz)


  • Qty 1 - MCR42S, Titanuim Grey, B7, DIGCOM42 option pre-installed (BPA42HPN), AWN42 Rx antennas
  • Qty 2 - MTP41S Pocket Transmitter, small, 100mW, Black, Lemo Connector, B7 [470-663MHz] AWF30 Tx Antennas (507 center and 590 center) AA batteries included.
  • Qty 1 - BAGPL2 Equipment Storage Bag
  • Qty 1 - Extended warranty registration card (1 year + 1 extra year of factory warranty from Wisycom USA for registering)
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