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LFA is a directional antenna with a unique design to achieve an ultra-wideband of 410-1300 MHz, a compact and rugged form factor and a reduce wind resistance.

LFA integrate a unique bank of filters along with a low noise amplifier. Filters and gain can be easily setup locally thru a 4 key navigation buttons and a TFT display or remotely with a data connection on the same RF coaxial cable.
Using the latest Wisycom filter technology, LFA gives a full control of RF zones and allows to build flexible and remote controllable antenna systems.


  • Huge reception band: 410-1300 MHz
  • Remote controllable thru coax cable
  • RF gain from -12 to +27 dBu (1 dB step)
  • Easy configuration thru a TFT display
  • Tunable filter for interference control
  • Antenna off for RF zone disabling
  • Fixed band saw filter
  • Skeletal design for low wind loading
  • 3 High Pass & 3 Low Pass filters
  • Waterproof with gasket sealing
  • Specifications

    Frequency ranges: 410 ÷ 1300 MHz
    Filter range: Tunable: 410 ÷ 730 MHz (UHF), 40MHz of BW
    Fixed: 940 ÷ 960 MHz or 1240 ÷ 1260MHz
    Selectable band pass filter: HP 410/470/510 MHz, LP 600/700/810 MHz (other see filter option)
    Polarization: Vertical
    Radiation: Directional
    Connector: N or BNC
    Impedance: 50
    Booster Gain: -12 ÷ 27 dB typical (1 dB step selection)
    0.8 dB attenuation (bypassed)
    Booster Gain flatness: ± 1 dB, in the whole working window
    Display: TFT - transflective (176 x 176 pixels, RGB)
    Power supply: +12 V, 100mA
    Material: epoxy fiberglass with skeletal design
    Finishing: black matte textured weather resistance coating
    Mounting: 5/8" with worth or 3/8" with adapter
    Dimensions: 276 x 336 x 61 mm (HxWxD)
    Weight: 550 g
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