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A kit composed by 8 Wavewood Ultra Lite + 2 Multifuser DC2 + 2 Flexi Glue Ultra

Combining some of our most popular products in an easy to use and install package, a home studio owner can get everything required to have a treated studio that will sound great and look even better. Depending on the goals or the available budget for the room you may acquire one or several boxes. Read more on the VicStudio Box Presentation Flyer.

Consisting of one single box containing 8 units Wavewood Ultra Lite, 2 units Multifuser DC2 and 2 tubes of Glue to install it all, VicStudio Box is an acoustic kit appropriated to treat your Project Studio.

Acoustic solutions will always have a visual impact. The VicStudio Box can be acquired in three different finishes, so that you have more options available when it comes to deciding the look you want for your room.


Main Info
Dimensions: Wavewood Ultra Lite: 595 x 595 x 45 mm / 23.4?? x 23.4?? x 1.8?? Multifuser DC2: 595 x 595 x 147mm / 23.4?? x 23.4?? x 5.8?? Flexi Glue Ultra: 2 Tubes x 310ml
Raw Material: Standard MDF, Polyurethane foam and Melamine, Expanded Polystyrene.
Scratch Resistance: No
Washable: No

Functionality: Absorption and Diffusion
Absorption Frequency Range: Medium frequencies

Packaging Information
Units/Box: 8 Wavewood, 2 Multifuser DC2, 2 Glue
Box Dimensions: 1260x675x355 mm
Box Gross Weight: TBA

Fixation: Glue
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