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Multichannel monitoring optimizer with 12-channel optimizer license for up to 7.1.6 surround sound systems, upgradable to 16-channel, and analog I/O via DB25

Multichannel Processors 12-channel Optimizer for a wide range of surround sound and immersive audio applications including post-production, broadcast and music monitoring. The MC12 meets requirements of surround sound systems to handle up to 7.1.4 immersive monitoring systems.

Customizable Profiles
Trinnov combines automatic processes with flexible fine-tuning tools that allow the sound system designer and the engineer to reach the best results while making the whole process easier and faster. 8 Customizable Profiles allow mixing different parameters independently of the 29 existing user presets.

Precise Monitoring
Monitoring relies on both consistent measuring and the best possible listening conditions. The industry is guided by many monitoring standards such as SMPTE / ITU / AES for sound systems, and that's where Trinnov brings a new level of expertise.

A unique way to align crossovers
Individual driver and system measurements are acquired and analyzed, including the impulse response, delays, and gains. Trinnov's unique crossover calibration engine computes the ideal filters, finding the best compromise to improve flatness, directivity, and attack in the overlapping frequency region.

Comprehensive Processing
Comprehensive 64-bit floating-point processing tools are included on each processor platform: routing and mixing matrixes, manual FIR filters, parametric EQs, graphic EQs, gains, trims, peak and RMS meters, manual delays, bass management, 4-way active crossovers, inputs formats, noise generators, polarity control, editable Submix matrixes, monitor controller, dynamic range controller.

For Dolby Atmos Mixing rooms, the MC Dante can be easily integrated. The MC Pro Dante can meet the requirements of Dolby Atmos Home studios up to 9.1.6 speaker configuration whilst the MC-HCC is suitable for Dolby Atmos theatrical systems with up to 64 speakers. Soft keys allow you to add more control (bypass, bass management, presets & profiles selection...)

Audio signal goes from Protools to the RMU via the MTRX, gets back to the MTRX and is routed to the MC as an insert, then goes to the loudspeakers using MTRX DA converters.

The Trinnov App acts as a gateway between EUCON and Trinnov protocols, letting you control all parameters of your processor from your AVID control surface. Any EUCON enabled product is compatible.

The MC-Pro offers extensive EUCON compatibility and full integration with AVID control surfaces: S6, S5, S3, Dock as well as Icon D-Command & D-Control.

Simply called Trinnov App this new free application for all our users will become a staple in your dock and facilitates set-up and use of all Trinnov processors.

This new macOS App lets you discover all Trinnov machines currently on your network. From it, you can execute basic essential functions from saving and loading presets to control volume or dim and mute. As well no more need of VNC you can now directly launch the web application of your machine(s) to perform a new set-up or calibration.


  • 16x AES/EBU i/o via DB25
  • 12x balanced in via DB25
  • 12x balanced out via DB25 and/or 8x XLR
  • Includes 12-channel Optimizer License
  • Specifications

    AES3 Inputs (DB25):Up to 16
    AES3 Outputs (DB25):Up to 16
    Wordclock (BNC):x1 Input, x1 Output

    Balanced inputs (DB25):Up to 16
    Balanced outputs (DB25):Up to 16
    Balanced outputs (XLR):x8

    Per channel:31 band EQ, FIR EQ, gain, polarity and delay
    Per channel delay setting:Meters / Milliseconds / Frames
    Global delay setting:Meters / Milliseconds / Frames

    ADC Resolution / Sampling Rate:24 Bits/96Khz
    DAC Resolution / Sampling Rate:24 Bits/192Khz
    A/D Signal-To-Noise Ratio:119 dB (A-Weighted)
    D/A Signal-To-Noise Ratio:118 Db (A-Weighted)
    Reference Level:+18dBu @ 0dBfs (Balanced)
    Processing Sampling Rate:Native, up to 192kHz
    Processing Resolution:64 bits floating point
    Clock / Jitter:attenuation > 50 dB Above 100Hz

    Power requirement:240V / 110V - 50 / 60Hz (Manual Switch)
    Power consumption:90W
    Mains fuse:1A slow blow
    Analogue section PSU:Dedicated linear PSU with toroidal transformer
    Digital section PSU:Switch-mode PSU

    Dimensions (W x H x D) mm:444 x 89 x 405
    Dimensions (W x H x D) inches:17 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 16"
    Shipping box dimensions (W x H x D) cm:68 x 56 x 21
    Shipping weight / volume:12.60kg / 0.08 M3
    Installation en rack:2U - Fixed Rack Ears
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