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Measuring just 55mm x 44mm x 17mm, UltraSync ONE is the smallest generators and transceivers on the market to provide timecode, genlock for camera sync and word clock for sound

All synchronised wirelessly and with sub-line sync accuracy over bi-directional BLINK RF. This combines to provide synchronisation to such a high degree of accuracy that it's suitable for even genlock-synchronised 360-degree VR arrays. And even with every UltraSync ONE feature turned on and an OLED display set to maximum brightness, 25 hours of battery life is the minimum that can be expected from a single charge through its USB C port, providing the added reassurance that UltraSync ONE has the power to keep going throughout the filming day, whatever twists and turns a shoot takes.
  • The only product of this size and price point to have a genlock and word clock sync output, in addition to timecode
  • 25 hours+ battery life from a single charge
  • Measures just 55mm x 44mm x 17mm
  • Weighs 39g (1.38oz)
  • All sync modes - timecode, genlock & word clock
  • Generator and transceiver: generate master timecode or configure as a slave
  • Jam or slave to an external LTC source
  • Sync over long range, bi-directional BLINK RF
  • Connect to BLINK Hub via a :pulse or :wave
  • Perfect for multicamera sync, professional VR rigs & DSLR shoots
  • There is no comparable product on the market that can compete with this value for money.
  • Everything you need to start using UltraSync ONE fresh out of the box.
  • UltraSync ONE unit
  • USB C charging lead (also for firmware updates)
  • Mini COAX to RA BNC (blue) for LTC
  • Mini COAX to RA BNC (red) for genlock
  • 4.0
    February 23, 2019
    Great value, functionality and accessories from Timecode Systems
    I have a handful of these and they're working great for me. Battery life is as advertised, they affix nicely to rigs (especially if you have the silicone case which have a velcro and magnetic back!) And have word clock at a pretty good price! TS have a plethora of accessory cables for these and they're super well made. Read more
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