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The Telefunken TF11 Stereo Set provides a beautifully open and realistic stereo image due to the TF11's blend of classic Austrian inspired voicing and modern FET high performance

Blending an Austrian-inspired voicing similar to the legendary C12 with modern FET high performance, the Cardioid-only TF11 features a beautifully open and detailed frequency response with exceptionally fast transient response, high SPL handling, and low self-noise. When used as a stereo pair, the TF11 provides a very realistic sound stage with impressive depth and clarity. The compact, phantom-powered TF11 is versatile, portable, and dependable for all recording environments from home to studio to stage. Hand-assembled and precision matched in the USA, the TF11 Stereo Set features matched CK12-style edge terminated capsules, premium through-hole components, discrete JFET amplifier hand tuned for matched gain and noise, and custom UK-made OEP/Carnhill output transformers.


  • Open and detailed tone with fast transient response
  • High SPL handling, low noise phantom-powered FET amplifier
  • CK12-style capsule and OEP/Carnhill transformer deliver C12-like tone
  • Designed and assembled by hand in the USA
  • Specifications

    Female vocals, pop vocals
    Acoustic guitar
    Drum overheads
    Live sound

    TF11 Stereo Set
    2x TF11 Microphones, frequency and gain matched
    2x M 703 Elastic Shock Mount
    2x M 782 Stand Mount
    2x MS01 Microphone Sleeve
    ZC11S Zipper Carrying Case



    Free shipping in Canada. Conditions
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