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The perfect audio toolbox for music creation and sound for picture, Clarity M helps you make those crucial mix and mastering decisions.

Meter with Precision
Naturally no piece of equipment can replace your ears, but precise metering allows you to visually confirm specific details about your mix, making the process of setting optimum signal levels both quicker and easier.

With the Clarity M you get a wealth of dedicated meters, that can greatly help you improve your mix - and with the 7" high-resolution screen, you are sure to always get maximum precision and definition in the readouts.

By providing you with both that quick overview and the ever-important fine points at a glance, the precision meters of the Clarity M is perfectly suited for any mixing or mastering job - whether it's for music, picture or drama.

Free Your DAW
Most plug-ins, like reverbs and compressors, you only fire up a few times during a session; you adjust the appropriate parameters and close the plug-in once you're done in order to save precious screen real-estate.

Your metering tools, however, need to be in plain sight at all times. The Clarity M connects seamlessly with your DAW workflow via a USB connection and allows you to get precise readouts from any output, you need.

With the visual feedback of your mix pushed to a permanent screen, you no longer need to move plug-in windows around to have both your sequencer, effects and meters visible. Clarity M is quite simply the perfect integration of two worlds.


  • Stereo and 5.1 Audio Meter for Mixing, Mastering and Post Production
  • 7" High Resolution Display for Precision Metering
  • USB Connection for Seamless Plug-In Metering
  • Reviews

    Matt Stephanson
    February 27, 2017
    I can see clearly now
    Seriously accurate metering and RTA! This thing is also very solid and the metal build instead of plastic is a welcome bonus. The screen is so bright I turned it down to 50% and it's still clear. Loaded my custom logo into the screen as well and my client yesterday was watching the meter all afternoon! Running perfectly as a USB plugin at the moment, but will try with AES soon. Read more
    Matt Stephanson
    North Vancouver
    February 25, 2017
    Why buy a Plugin?
    I was surprised at the weight of the thing! I t is made of metal, not plastic and the build quality is above what I was expecting. Plugged in, downloaded the software, and was running in Pro Tools in minutes. Works like a charm and sits perfectly beside my control surface. Read more


    Free shipping in Canada. Conditions
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