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VOLTAiR stereo power amp with output of 2 x 370 W (4 ohms) [2 x 420 W (2 ohms); 2 x 200 W (8 ohms)]

The SPL Performer s900 stereo power amplifier marks the middle of the line and is based on the big SPL Performer s1200 stereo power amp in terms of the selection of components and conceptual design.

This is where sonic greatness meets performance specs that perfectly match high-resolution but not overly power-hungry speakers of any size. With an amplifier output of 2 x 370 W (4 ohms) [2 x 420 W (2 ohms); 2 x 200 W (8 ohms)], it truly has enough reserves to powerfully drive any loudspeaker.

Despite its compact height, the Performer s900 stereo power amplifier offers exceptional headroom sourcing in the SPL VOLTAiR technology and impresses with a detail-rich, vivid, honest and musically outstanding sound.
The design: a matter of great taste
With its appearance, the SPL Performer s900 stereo power amplifier fits perfectly into the SPL "Professional Fidelity" HiFi product line " and is of course available in the three basic colors black, red or silver.

A class of its own
Conventional solid-state power amplifiers tend to operate in a critical range of the built-in components " this results in unpleasant harmonical artifacts. Tube power amplifiers also distort at their limit but their characteristical behaviour softens this roughness and harshness.
Non the less this is a falsified representation of the sound image. Thanks to VOLTAiR Technology, the Performer s900 can process much higher levels without even coming near to a critical range. All components constantly operate in the optimal range. The result is a very pleasant, natural and relaxed sound experience. Enjoy your music in every detail and without any listening fatigue.

Full power
The Performer s900 features individual amplification stages for voltage and power amplification, which ensures a perfect operating of the class-AB amplifier circuit.
Thanks to each stage's own negative feed- back path, it is ruled out that feedbacks from the loudspeaker are interacting with the input stage " this way the SPL VOLTAiR Technology can play out its full performance.

Freedom of choice
The Performer s900 features a stereo pair of XLR and RCA inputs. This makes it compatible with all preamps on the market without the use of adapters. The ste- reo input can be selected via the Input Select switch on the rear panel.

Trim to fit
With reference to the Performer s900, "fit" means adapted. You can adapt the input sensitivity in 0.5 dB steps from 0 dB to -5.5 dB. In contrast to a panorama potentiometer in a preamplifier, this trim switch is the more audiophile solution. The optimal operating range of the loudspeakers and preamplifier can be perfectly adjusted this way.

Power to the speakers
The loudspeaker binding posts can accommodate banana plugs as well as a stranded wire with a diameter of up to 4 mm. Thus, any common type of speaker cable can be used. However, we do not recommend connecting a speaker with less than 2 ohms impedance.

The standby mode of the power amplifier can be switched on and off using the AMP CTL connection between a preamplifier such as the Director Mk2, Elector, Phonitor x or Crossover. To do this, connect the 3.5 mm phone jacks with a cable with 3.5 mm mono or stereo jack plugs.
Thanks to its 12 V trigger input, third party preamps can also switch the Performer s900's

Better safe than sorry
The Performer s900 has a protection circuit against DC voltage and against overheating.
If direct current (DC) is detected, the output stage switches off automatically and the Protect LED lights up red. To protect the s900 against the unlikely event of overheating, a temperature sensor at the heatsinks continously monitors the temperature of the device. The TEMP LED lights up yellow when the Perfor- mer s900 is getting too hot. As a result of this the output stage is switched off and the fans run on high-speed until the device has cooled down.

VOLTAiR " 120V Rail Technology
VOLTAiR is the synonym for our 120 V Rail Technology within the Professional Fidelity series. The audio signals are processed with an unequalled +/- 60 V DC, which corresponds to twice that of discrete operational amplifiers and four-times that of semiconductor operational amplifiers.
VOLTAiR Technology reaches outstanding technical and sonic performances. Technically especially in terms of dynamic range and headroom and sonically especially in reproducing the finest details and delivering a totally relaxed sounding audio experience. Music sounds absolutely natural.
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